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Morrow About to Make History

NBA All-Time Leaders: 3-Point Percentage
  Player G 3PM 3PA 3P%
1 Steve Kerr 910 726 1599 0.454
N/A Anthony Morrow 147 246 546 0.451
2 Hubert Davis 685 728 1651 0.441
3 Jason Kapono 467 448 1020 0.439
4 Drazen Petrovic 290 255 583 0.437
5 Steve Nash 1026 1498 3472 0.431
6 Tim Legler 310 260 603 0.431
7 B.J. Armstrong 747 436 1026 0.425
8 Daniel Gibson 259 367 868 0.423
9 Wesley Person 733 1150 2754 0.418
10 Anthony Parker 381 472 1133 0.417
Bold: Active

On media day this September, Nets head coach Avery Johnson was asked about the shooting stroke of his new guard, Anthony Morrow.

“It’s effortless,” Johnson said. “He makes threes in his sleep.”

Morrow doesn’t have the prettiest form or the quickest release, but it’s the results that count. And Morrow’s jumper gets results.

As an undrafted rookie playing Nellie-ball two seasons ago, Morrow led the league by hitting 46.7 percent of his threes. Last season, he increased the volume (from 184 to 307), but kept shooting at an efficient rate, ranking fifth at 45.6 percent.

The best 3-point shooter over a two-year span, Morrow earned a three-year contract with the New Jersey Nets, where he has been asked to spread the floor for Devin Harris and Brook Lopez. He made an immediate impact, nailing a game-winning three in the Nets’ opener against the Pistons.

And now with 246 threes made in his career, Morrow is about to earn his place among the greatest shooters of all-time.

To qualify for the all-time 3-point shooting list, you need to make 250 threes. So Morrow is four bombs away. As he stands, at 45.1 percent, he would rank second all-time, but if he were to go 4-for-4, he would be shooting 45.45 percent and rank No. 1, ahead of Steve Kerr.

That may be tough to pull off, but as long as Morrow hits four threes in his next 20 attempts, he’ll rank ahead of Hubert Davis and qualify as the second best 3-point shooter in NBA history.


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