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Time To Stop Playing The Victim, Miami

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — I’m still waiting for one member of the Heat organization to say: “We brought most of this onto ourselves.”

Not the loss, but the derision.

Not the Mavs’ happy celebration on their home court, but the global victory party that seemed to break out in every place but South Florida.

They still don’t get it.

Not coach Erik Spoelstra, who sat at the microphone in the interview room and talked about how all season long his team had to overcome “the noise.”

Who was it that threw the lavish and presumptuous bash on the same AmericanAirlines Arena floor last summer? Who was it that made entitlement a part of their uniform and locker room ethos?

LeBron James’ comment about the rest of the world going back to its pedestrian problems and lifestyle now earn him a place in privileged history next to Marie Antoinette .

But the biggest question is: How did Dwyane Wade let himself get roped into this Gordian Knot of a dilemma?