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NBA D-League Showcase Opens

HANG TIME WEST COAST BUREAU – An NBA D-League Showcase unlike any other begins today with NBA scouts and executives descending on Reno, Nev., to watch prospects from the 16 National Basketball Development League teams in one building, including several minor leaguers stretching the definition of “prospect.”

The eighth annual Showcase has suddenly become the place to rediscover talent. Ex-NBA veteran big men Greg Ostertag and Mikki Moore are scheduled to be there, hoping to show the NBA they still belong, as will former NBA frontcourt players Ricky Davis, Mike James, Willie Warren, Mardy Collins and others.

Yi Jianlian, the former No. 6 pick of the 2006 Draft and a recent addition to the Texas Legends’ roster, is also expected to play. He’s trying to get in shape to — as Yi and the Mavericks hope — make a contribution to Dallas’ title defense.

(Not up on your D-League know-how? You’re not the only one. Thankfully, our friends over at the D-League website have everything you need to know, from a cheat sheet to a list of the 15 best NBA prospects to the 10 things to know about Reno. Thanks, fellas.) (more…)

Kobe’s Greatest Hits, IV

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Guess who’s back?

That’s right, Afro-Kobe returns in our look back at Kobe Bryant‘s long and storied NBA history. It doesn’t matter how many times we see him at this stage of his career, it’s worth a shake of the head to remember just how ridiculously athletic he was as a youngster. He had serious Hang Time!

Look for yourself here in Kobe’s Top 10 Plays from the 1998-99 season. And yes, there is a Greg Ostertag sighting in there:

Remember, this is just the fourth installment of our look back at the Top 1o Plays from the Black Mamba‘s career. Every day between now and the All-Star Game (Feb. 20) we’ll be posting a new season top 10.

Just remember, if you see that wrist band on his left arm above his elbow, our main man Afro-Kobe is probably in the building!