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Hang Time Podcast (Episode 83) With Darnell Mayberry And John Schuhmann

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — LeBron James and the Miami Heat versus Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder in The Finals is a matchup made in basketball heaven.

Too bad neither one of these superstars is interested in that narrative, because as far as drama goes, we could ask for much more in a postseason no one was sure would happen in November.

Whether they like it or not, the three-time MVP and the three-time scoring champ will be center stage for the next four to seven games. And they are front and center on Episode 83 of the Hang Time Podcast, as well, as we preview The Finals with Oklahoman Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry and’s numbers guru John Schuhmann.

That’s not all we’ve got going on, though. In addition to examining the The Finals, we also spent a little time reflecting on the Dream Team and the impact they have on the global game born out of their Olympic experience 20 years ago. (Our very own Lang Whitaker, whose oral history of the Dream Team is in the July edition of GQ Magazine, spent months digging into the details about the greatest team ever assembled.)

Check out Episode 83 of the Hang Time Podcast with special guests, Darnell Mayberry and John Schuhmann. And don’t forget to tune into NBA TV’s “The Dream Team,” presented by Right Guard, Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET.


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Love’s 30 For 30: Video Evidence

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Since there was no local television for his historic performance we thought it would be wise to make sure and share this with all the people who had heard about Kevin Love‘s 30-for-30 exhibit Friday night but hadn’t actually seen any of it.

When you join an elite club that claims Moses Malone (in 1982) as its last member, you’ve earned the right to a little showcase of your own here at the hideout.

But Love is more than just a tenacious rebounder, personal whipping boy of Minnesota Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis and the object of the affection for so many of our colleagues. Love’s a writer/blogger as well.

You want to know how a man goes out and grabs 31 rebounds on the same night he scores 31 points? Get into the mind of that man. Here’s Love in his own words from his brilliantly titled blog for GQ, Love Will Tear Us Apart:

Anyway, when I’m grabbing a lot of rebounds, I’m definitely aware of it, but mostly what I’m thinking to myself is, “Keep going to the glass, keep going to the glass.” Because one thing you can always do is rebound. If you aren’t getting your shots, or you’re not working your way into the offense, you can always go to the glass. We have some pretty good shooters on this team but even the best players only shoot 50 percent, so you have to go for every rebound. 

These aren’t just the musings of some basketball zealot. Love’s studied his craft. He treats rebounding like the art form that most of us know it is:
For me, rebounding is all a mindset. My dad told me back in the day that there is no such thing as a selfish rebound because it’s a team stat. If you have to fight one of your own teammates for a rebound, do it—as long as you get it. Also, I studied the greats. Dennis Rodman had it figured out: he knew that most shots are going to come to the other side of the rim. So that’s how I position myself. And Bill Russell always used to say that 80 percent of rebounds are below the rim. I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to jump and touch the top of the square every time. I use my body for positioning, and I work relentlessly underneath the rim. You don’t have to be the most athletic guy in the world to get a bunch of rebounds, so I just try and take what my dad said to heart, what Rodman said to heart, and most importantly what Bill Russell said to heart. He’s got 11 championship rings so I think he knows what he’s talking about.

Anytime you invoke the names Rodman and Russell, people should already know that you get it.

Kevin Love gets it folks!