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Ancient Knicks Oldest Team In NBA History?

If veterans and the experience they bring is truly the key to championship basketball in the NBA, someone in New York needs to start mapping out a parade route.

Of course, we all know it’s not that simple.

But there is no denying the fact that the New York Knicks have cornered the market on seasoned veterans’ help this season. While other teams around the NBA are hitting the court for training camp with rosters filled with young stars, the Knicks have done the exact opposite, piling a crew of relative silver foxes into their locker room for Mike Woodson‘s first full season as coach.

TNT’s Charles Barkley is going to have a field day with his Father Time jokes this season, what with the crew of 30-somethings — Pablo Prigioni (35), Marcus Camby (38), Jason Kidd (39) and Kurt Thomas (40 this week) and potentially Rasheed Wallace (38), who is expected to sign this week — on the Knicks’ roster.

And they’re not just the oldest team in the league this season, they could end up being  the oldest team in NBA history, according to the Wall Street Journal‘s Chris Herring:

General manager Glen Grunwald said the transactions undoubtedly improved the team. “We don’t think we got older. We feel we got more experienced and better,” he said, adding that these are “some hungry veterans that know how to win and are still very good players.” He cited Kidd and Wallace winning titles elsewhere, and Camby having previously won the defensive-player-of-the-year award.

“We can play,” Camby said, bristling at the notion that he and other players might need days off during the season to stay fresh. “Otherwise the organization wouldn’t have brought us in here.”

Still, it is fair to question whether the signings will help the Knicks close the gap between them and faster-paced teams like the defending champion Miami Heat. Kidd and Thomas in particular are coming off of the least productive seasons of their careers, and Grunwald acknowledged he wasn’t sure how Wallace would respond after having taken two seasons off.


Lin: Knicks Need To Do The Right Thing

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Outside of maybe Jeremy Lin‘s immediate family and the most die-hard of New York Knicks fans, you couldn’t find anyone that one loved Linsanity more than we did.

It’s not often in this day and age that we get handed pre-packaged story like the one Lin starred in during his 25-game Broadway debut last season, complete with the global pandemonium it sparked above and beyond the walls of just our relentless basketball culture.

The Knicks’ point guard was GREAT for business and challenged all of our beliefs about what makes a player and whether or not a star can really be born if we didn’t see him coming.

We’ll know in another day whether Lin is coming back to New York or going to Houston, to a Rockets team that gambled and lost the first time they had Lin in their grasp but don’t plan on doing it twice (now that Lin has signed that loaded, three-year, $25 million offer sheet).

The Knicks have until that 11:59 p.m. deadline Tuesday to make a decision about Lin, who was going to cash in this summer one way or another. However “ridiculous” Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith or anyone else thinks the offer is, there is no such thing in the NBA as a “bad contract.” That’s because said contract can always be moved before you get to the rotten part (ask the Hawks, now that they’ve been freed from remaining $90 million owed now Brooklyn Nets All-Star Joe Johnson).

That’s why the Knicks need to do the right thing by Lin and free him from the outlandish expectations he’d never be able to live up to in New York and let him walk. Let someone else worry about that massive, $14.8 million he’ll be owed in his third season.

Let the Rockets worry about the inevitable dissension in the locker room, as Smith put it,  that is bound to bubble up during Lin’s third season wherever he is:

“Without a doubt,” he said. “I think some guys take it personal, because they’ve been doing it longer and haven’t received any reward for it yet. I think it’s a tough subject to touch on for a lot of guys.”


Woodson Sheds Interim Tag, Signs Extension With Knicks

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Someone can go ahead and print up those new business cards for Mike Woodson, who shed the interim tag and officially became the head coach of the New York Knicks today after signing a multi-year extension.

Retaining the coach that led the Knicks out of their midseason mess and into the playoffs promises to be just the first of what should be many important steps for the franchise this summer. They have free agents to deal with, namely a guy named Jeremy Lin, and other matters to sort out after winning their first playoff game since 2001 on Woodson’s watch.

The former Hawks coach and former Knicks draft pick replaced Mike D’Antoni in March and guided to the Knicks to an 18-6 finish to the regular season, earning the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race and a date with the Miami Heat in the first round. They only lasted five games against LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the Heat. But they played without Lin and with an ailing Tyson Chandler, the KIA Defensive Player of the Year, not to mention Amar’e Stoudemire playing with an injured hand to finish the series.

Woodson was rewarded as much for the work he did getting to the Knicks to the playoffs as he was anything else. They were headed for next week’s lottery before he took over for D’Antoni, who resigned March 14.

“Mike has the respect of every person in this organization,” Knicks general manager Glen Grunwald said in a statement. “He and his staff led the team in an impressive push into the playoffs over the last 24 games and we believe he is the right man to lead the franchise as we move forward.”