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The Flagrant Foul Mix (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This is not a celebration, we repeat, NOT a celebration of flagrant fouls. We abhor them and believe they are an absolutely unnecessary evil that the powers that be must find a way to get rid of … somehow.

But as students of the game and keen observers of all things basketball, we couldn’t stop watching this mashup of flagrant fouls (courtesy of DOPESIKCEO on YouTube) from over the years.

Notice the startling consistency in how they are perpetrated (from Rick Mahorn and Bill Laimbeer from a yesteryear to Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum these days) and how often they involve someone assuming that they can sneak a cheap shot in despite the thousands of folks watching in the arena (guys in striped shirts with whistles included), not to mention the millions viewing from home:

The Reason For Bynum’s Time Off

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The headline alone should have been enough to get your interest.

“NBA Suspends Lakers Andrew Bynum for two games.”

But did you actually see the play that earned the Lakers’ center his two-game, unpaid vacation? (We understand if you did not. It happened on Friday night and unlike those of us here at the hideout, you get out and socialize on Friday nights.)

Several of you did not, the hideout email inbox with the nasty messages as our witness. For the record, there is no conspiracy here. The lick he put on Minnesota’s Michael Beasley is on film and you have to get about 98 seconds into it to (below) see it and the subsequent slow-motion replay:

So for anyone that thinks we were trying to hide the footage, there you go. And from all the indications we’ve received, Bynum is handling his time off like a trooper, per the Los Angeles Times:

Displaying the same aggressiveness he uses when fighting through double teams and grabbing rebounds, Lakers center Andrew Bynum rushed past the assembled media Monday after the Lakers’ practice.

That left everyone else on the team to explain how Bynum’s handled his two-game suspension for getting a flagrant foul, type 2, after throwing Minnesota forward Michael Beasley with his right forearm. The assessment sounded fairly mixed.

“He was frustrated,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said.

“He’s been chilling. His mood was good,” Lakers forward Pau Gasol said. “I know it hurts him not to be able to play. But it sounded like he’s holding up pretty well. I’d be really upset if I got suspended and I would have to pay that kind of money. But for the most part he’s handled it pretty well.”