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Rick’s Tips: Top Guards For 2012-13

Welcome back for another season of fantasy hoops on I’m psyched to have the full 82 games to talk about and stoked to be back in the saddle, as we enter our 11th season of bringing you the fantasy goodies on NBA TV and I want to give a special shout-out to all of you who have been down from the start. I hear you on Twitter, I see you on the street and I love you all.

So let’s get back to work on winning a(nother) fantasy hoops championship.

If you won last year and you think you know everything, listen up because the fantasy landscape has changed with monsters like Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard limping in. If you didn’t win last year, then there’s even more work to do. So pull up a chair as we tip off our preseason fantasy coverage with my top 10 guards, based on 8-categories (points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, field-goal percentage, free-throw percentage, and threes made). (more…)

Rick’s Tips: Five Fantasy Takes

As David Lee Roth once sang in Mean Streets, “I’m searching for the latest thing, a break in this routine.” I’m pretty sure he was fantasizing about something other than basketball when he wrote that, but nevertheless, we break from the waiver-watching routine to survey the NBA fantasy landscape times 5.

Kevin Love

Love was suspended for two games by the league for stepping on Luis Scola last week. If you’ve seen the video, you fully understand the ruling. The league’s best power forward apologized to Scola and the Rockets, displaying his typical class and dignity through a regrettable situation.

It’s a four-game week for My Wolves, who are going to struggle to win without Love on Tuesday against Sacramento and Wednesday in Memphis. It will be interesting to see if Ricky Rubio flirts with triple doubles in Love’s stead.

Looking to put embarrassment behind him, and feeling fresh after several days off, Love is going to be a handful Friday and Saturday in home games against the Mavericks and Knicks, respectively. I say you START Love in this personal two-game week, as you just might get 60 points and 40 rebounds for your trouble.

Paul George

In the last four games, George has been the reincarnation of the Phoenix Matrix (remember how NICE Shawn Marion was with the Suns, four All-Stars!). George hits threes, blocks shots, and steals the ball, which is all I need to know. If you deliver Matrix-style goodies like that, you can play for my fantasy team.

That said, when you look beyond the fantasy gold you see 47-47-86 on the shooting percentages, up significantly from 45-30-76 last season. To see a young player so strong across the board without slippage tells me he’s legit.

The George Hill injury has opened up roughly 10 more minutes per game for George, who has averaged 38 minutes the last two games. As long as Hill is on the shelf, George will be a top-shelf fantasy player. And when Hill comes back, George may have played his way onto the floor for at least 35 minutes a night, which would keep him startable for the duration.

Jeremy Lin

Lin stole the hearts of Knicks’ fans on Saturday night by dropping 25-5-7 in a win against the Nets in the Hudson River Rivalry. Toney Douglas and Iman Shumpert have gotten extended looks at PG for the Knicks this season, and then Lin got his turn on Saturday. The Harvard-grad energized the crowd and his team, and now the fantasy world is buzzing about the latest PG to run Mike D’Antoni’s point-guard-friendly system.

Lin will start tonight’s game and if he can play half as well as Saturday, the Knicks appear to have found their point guard of the present. Pick up Lin, get him in your lineup, and ride the wave as long as it’s bringing goodies to shore. And remember, reports of Baron Davis being out even longer only sweeten Lin’s fantasy prospects.