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Budenholzer Says No To Twitter

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer is admittedly an old school sort when it comes to many things. And that definitely includes all forms of social media.

He doesn’t do Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the other forms of instant interaction with friends, family or strangers. So there won’t be any updates from training camp, late-night rants after tough losses or inspirational messages for the masses. Budenholzer learned a lot as an assistant to San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich in nearly two decades, plenty of dos and don’ts that will aid a first-time coach.

Avoiding the social-media craze was clearly near the top of the do list. When asked about his bypassing of the social-media frenzy that has spread throughout the league, Budenholzer smiled as he explained his absence.

“I definitely don’t have a Twitter account. I actually have a nephew who works for Twitter and he’s always on me about getting it done,” Budenholzer said. “But I’m definitely going old school with that one. The Twitter account is somewhere … maybe never to be found, and certainly not this season.”

With a new program to put in place and a completely revamped roster to work with, Budenholzer doesn’t really have time to explore his social media options anyway.

Budenholzer got his first taste of being in the eye of the social-media storm after an August DUI arrest, a case that has yet to be settled. He’s well aware of the pitfalls that come with his new position and is wise not to bring any extra attention to himself before the Hawks actually start playing games.

“I never want to bring any negative attention to our organization or our players,” Budenholzer said. “Having said that, there’s a legal process that’s playing out. I think it’s important for me to respect that process. I can’t say a whole lot more than that.”

His players understand and respect his position, knowing that any one of them could slip down the same rabbit hole with one mistake.

“I think that’s a setback but I think he’ll be fine,” Al Horford said. “He’s a good guy. I support him. We believe in him. And everybody makes mistakes. I told him straight up, ‘listen man,  I still have respect for you. I know you are a hard worker and I’m looking forward to us working together.’ And that’s all I said to him.”

Kobe On Retirement Rumors … Not Yet!


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kobe Bryant‘s embrace of social media this year was one of the most interesting developments of the season. From the Facebook rant he posted after tearing his Achilles to his live-Tweeting extravaganza during the Los Angeles Lakers’ short-lived playoff run, Kobe has made his presence felt in the social media realm.

He’s been about good about setting the record straight on certain things as well. And this morning’s Twitter response to weekend rumors that a retirement announcement was imminent on Facebook should calm Kobe’s legion of fans:

Thanks for clearing that up Kobe!

Sixers Giving Chase In East Race

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When someone made a cruel joke about Elton Brand last year, something about him being the “MySpace” of power forwards in a Facebook world, everybody here at hideout got a good chuckle out of it.

Well, guess who’s laughing now?

Much like the 76ers team he anchors, Brand is experiencing a bit of a renaissance these days. Not only have the Sixers reshaped the race for slots six through eight in the Eastern Conference playoff chase, they’re making things extremely tough on a certain team in New York. That’s the crew many observers assumed would separate itself from the bottom of the Eastern Conference playoff pack after that blockbuster Carmelo Anthony trade.

Yet it’s been the Sixers’ steady burn — they are 22-13 since Jan. 3 — that seems to be winning this race.

This is a team that is definitely on the rise, and at just the right time. The Sixers are locked in with the Knicks for that sixth spot — although Philly owns the tie-breaker on New York by winning the season series 3-1 — and that means a potential date with Miami in the first round of the playoffs. Brand proved last night that he still has a little something left in his tank when he blew out the candles on Blake Griffin‘s 22nd birthday cake at Staples Center.

Griffin was attempting to tie Brand’s 2001-02 single-season record of 55 double-doubles in a Clippers uniform. He fouled out for just the third time this season and fell short of the record, finishing with 14 points and eight rebounds.

Brand’s reaction, after being informed that Griffin was on the verge of tying his record, was priceless.

“I was not aware of that, but I’m glad I stopped him,” Brand told reporters after the game. “He’s so athletic. He gets to the rim with ease and he can finish over anybody, so we just tried to keep him out of that paint. I’m sure he’ll get one the next game and tie it, then break it — but not on my watch.”


The Dating Game

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Shawn Marion needs help getting a date?


According to his fan page on Facebook, Marion is playing the dating game … well, sort of:

Dallas Mavericks Shawn Marion is giving you ladies a chance to win a date with him here on Facebook and Twitter. All you have to do is record a 30 second video telling Matrix why you should be chosen. Then post your YouTube link here on Facebook.

We realize this is something of a trend, pro athletes looking for love on reality shows and on social networks. But it all seems a bit sad to us here a the hideout.

If this cat has to turn to Facebook and Twitter to find a date, what does that mean for the rest of us?

Oh, and be careful what you wish for Shawn!