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Hang Time Podcast (Episode 210) Featuring Matt D’Agostino

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Comparing players and eras is always a risky proposition, given that everyone comes to the debate with their own perspective.

That’s why we’re extremely careful around here when it comes to connecting the dots between players with similar profiles but wildly different bodies of work. So just because Larry Johnson and Anthony Bennett were No. 1 overall Draft picks (generations apart, mind you) as undersized power forwards from UNLV, does not make them comparable on any level as NBA players.

Phil Jackson compared prized Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis to Shawn Bradley, a rather unfair comparison in the eyes of many. Time will tell if Porzingis is ready to assist Carmelo Anthony in the resurrection of the Knicks or if he’ll struggle as a rookie in the same ways that Bennett did in Cleveland.

But it’s another situation that requires time to resolve, time that Bennett will attest few players have in today’s NBA. We talk all of this and much more on Episode 210 of The Hang Time Podcast featuring’s FanDuel guru Matt D’Agostino ...


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VIDEO: Will Kristaps Porzingis go the way of Anthony Bennett and struggle in his adjustment to the NBA or be an impact rookie for the New York Knicks this season?

Karma? The Man Responsible For Kobe Bryant’s 81-point Outburst … (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You can decide for yourself if Jalen Rose is working the microphone and camera (and us, his listeners and viewers) when he claims to have intentionally slid his foot under Kobe Bryant‘s foot in Game 2 of The Finals way back in 2000.

We should note that Rose, a noted member of the Fab Five and a man reared in a Detroit basketball tradition known for utilizing every craft tactic known to human kind when it comes to trying to gain a competitive advantage on the court, is universally regarded as a man of his word. So when he makes any claim on “The Jalen Rose Show” on the new Grantland channel, no matter how outrageous it seems on the surface, it should be taken seriously.

What’s not up for debate is whether or not Bryant’s memory of a slight years earlier, even one as seemingly innocent as a foot slid underneath his on the sly, would be cause for revenge on a wicked night in Los Angeles some five-plus years later (when the Black Mamba showed off his bite and destroyed Rose and the Toronto Raptors):

The Lost Member Of The Fab Five?


It almost happened, if you let my main man Brent Barry of NBA TV and The Jump tell the story:

Hang Time Podcast: March Madness Special

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The college folks aren’t the only people who get to enjoy March Madness.

Hoops lovers worldwide get to revel in the madness that encompasses this time of year, a stretch of non-stop college games laced with the win-or-go-home premise that captivates us all. Toss in the NBA’s version of March Madness, the playoff chase intensifies over the next month for any team dreaming of postseason berths and championship chases, and you have a festival of hoops that satisfies the most voracious of appetites.

The complaint box at the hideout doesn’t even have any entries these days, the clearest indication of all that the next month represents a sort of basketball nirvana that we have come cherish.

That’s why we outdid ourselves on Episode 48 of the Hang Time Podcast, the March Madness Special.

We went into the vault to chat with former Georgia Tech and NBA star Kenny Anderson about his experiences in the NCAA Tournament as well as his impressions of the current game. If you’ve still got time to fill out your bracket, you need to listen to our chat with Chris Dortch, editor the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook, the bible of college hoops. He broke things down for us and gave us a region by region report on the draft prospects to watch, including HT fave Kemba Walker of Connecticut. Dortch also serves as the college hoops/draft guru for and NBA TV, so you can expect to see him around these parts much more often in the coming weeks.


In an effort to make sure we captured the whole experience we dug a little bit deeper this week, snagging a little time with recent NCAA Tournament stars who have graduated to the pro game.

Evan Turner of the 76ers, and formerly of Ohio State. A year ago Turner was in the midst of the college madness and now he’s locked in with his 76ers teammates as they attempt to crash the NBA’s big dance. Turner speaks candidly about the ups and down of his rookie season in addition to giving his take on this year’s NCAA field. Take a wild guess about his pick to win it all:


We wrapped things up with a man whose connections to the college game run deep. Pacers power forward and former North Carolina star Tyler Hansbrough won a title as a Tar Heel in 2009 and now he’ll watch his baby brother, Big East Player of the Year and Notre Dame star Ben Hansbrough, try to do the same with with the Fighting Irish. Big brother didn’t hold back in his assessment of his season, to this point, which includes his career-high 29-point outburst on the Knicks Sunday:


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