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Duncan And Garnett Twin Towers?

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Talk about an odd couple.

Stoic Spurs superstar Tim Duncan and live-wire Celtics superstar Kevin Garnett have lived at opposite ends of basketball’s emotional spectrum for their entire careers.

But could they be on the verge of joining forces in silver and black?

If we are to believe the rumblings coming from San Antonio, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. The two veteran, free agents to be are both on the Spurs’ radar, per the great Buck Harvey of the Express News:

Now they are unrestricted free agents, and, as always, contrasts. While Duncan is expected to quietly re-sign this summer with the Spurs, no one is sure what happens next in Boston. Garnett added to the uncertainty Saturday night, leaving the locker room without talking to reporters.

Garnett could retire. He could sign another contract with the Celtics. Or the Celtics might not want to sign him so they can begin rebuilding.

“Hopefully management can do something to bring [Garnett] back, maybe add some pieces to this team that we need to get over the top,” Paul Pierce told reporters Saturday night. “If not, it’s been a tremendous run.”

The Celtics reacted after the loss Saturday night as if they knew the run is over. And if that is true, and if Garnett wants to continue playing, teams will line up to sign him. He can still defend, and he averaged more than 19 points, 10 rebounds and 36 minutes in the playoffs.

Some will have more money to offer than the Spurs will. Some might have more young talent to put around him. All the Spurs could give Garnett is the closest thing to what he had in Boston, a veteran core with a chance to contend.

But it’s the pairing of Garnett with Duncan that would make this free-agency signing a stunning story. While they would fit together on the court, they never have as people. They are similar in size, ability and birth (one month apart), yet have been opposites.


Spurs Still Facing Size Issue Vs Lakers

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Few teams understand their deficiencies the way the San Antonio Spurs do.

When the man in charge, Gregg Popovich, is the commander of the real straight-talk express, that’s just the way it has to be. So we’re sure that Popovich didn’t spare anyone’s feelings after Andrew Bynum worked the Spurs for a career-high 30 rebounds in the Lakers’ win over the Spurs last night in San Antonio.

What had to be clear to Pop (and his team as well) is the fact that even in a lockout-shortened season that saw them make all the necessary tweaks to their own roster, the Lakers’ length and athleticism in the paint remains an issue for them.

Depending on how things break down in the playoffs, it might not matter much. But if these two powerhouse franchises do get together in the postseason, the Spurs will have some things to resolve against Bynum and Pau Gasol.


Hand Surgery For Ginobili, Out 6-8 Weeks


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You can add Spurs swingman Manu Ginobili to the list of All-Stars that will be missing from action for the foreseeable future.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich confirmed the news today to the Express News that Ginobili will undergo surgery Thursday on his broken hand and will miss the next 6-8 weeks:

“They’ll put it out later in more detail, but he’s going in the morning,” Popovich said. “They are going to do what they do.”

Ginobili tweeted that the surgery will include a plate and screws being inserted on his “beloved left hand.”

Popovich said that Ginobili likely would be idled for six to eight weeks.

“They have to put it back together again,” Popovich said. “I don’t know what they are going to do, but he’s going to have surgery.”

Popovich said that Ginobili’s injury, which occurred in the second quarter of the Spurs’ loss at Minnesota Monday night, caused Gary Neal to be activated quicker than normal.

“If Manu was healthy, Gary would have played a couple of games in Austin without a doubt,” Popovich said. “With Manu’s injury since he has been cleared to go five-on-five, we figured we might just go ahead and throw him in the fire with that situation.”

Grizzlies big man Zach Randolph will miss up to eight weeks after tearing the medial collateral ligament in his right knee Sunday in a loss to the Bulls in Chicago.

Spurs’ Parker On Trading Block …

NEW YORK — Go ahead and add Tony Parker‘s name to the growing list of veteran stars being rumored to be on the trading block.

Never mind that Parker recently professed his eternal love for the organization, Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich and all things Spurs (check the video above). The Spurs haven’t even dignified the rumor, first reported by Yahoo! Sports, with a response.

But as we’ve learned, where the 2011 (or any other) Draft is concerned, basically nothing and no one is sacred. Parker’s name has been mentioned previously, but this latest chatter is particularly intriguing because of the teams rumored to be involved. More from the Express-News:

Yahoo! reports that the Spurs have talked to Toronto, which is picking fifth, and Sacramento, which is picking seventh, about their first-round draft picks.

Parker, who turned 29 last month, is considered to be the most marketable of the Spurs’ “Big Three” because of his age and potential replacements at the position in George Hill and Gary Neal.

But still, it’s a shocker the Spurs would want to trade into the upper part of what most observers believe is a shallow, weak pool of talent.


Duncan’s Lakers Troubles

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We were worried the Lakers and Spurs might be “resting” guys tonight when they meet tonight at Staples Center (TNT at 10:30 p.m. ET).

The Lakers eliminated that prospect by showing up for this game on an ugly five-game losing streak. The Spurs don’t have much incentive to extend themselves. They don’t need to send any messages or make any statements.

But they do need to make sure Tim Duncan can find his groove against the Lakers’ bigs, just in case they meet up again down the road.

Jeff McDonald of the Express-News explains:

If anyone in silver and black could use a positive outcome against the two-time defending champions, however, it is Duncan.

Repeatedly flummoxed by the Lakers’ twin 7-footers, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, Duncan has scored a total of just 12 points on 5-of-26 shooting in three games against the Lakers this season.

“They clog it up inside,” Duncan said. “They do a good job challenging shots. With their length, they can do that.”


Spurs Go Gaga Over Gaga

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Who says the San Antonio Spurs are a crusty old bunch?

Not us. Not when it becomes clear that the NBA’s best team is filled with guys that are on the cutting edge of fashion, pop culture, music and entertainment.

You don’t believe it?

Fine. Show us another crew that turns a Lady Gaga concert into a team outing … as the Spurs did the other night.

Tim Griffin of the Spurs Nation blog of the Express News explains:

Several Spurs forgot about their disappointing performance in Miami with a respite from basketball after returning back to San Antonio the following night.

Spurs guard Tony Parker said about half of his team attended the Lady Gaga concert Tuesday night at the AT&T Center. Parker posted several pictures of the concert at his Facebook account. And Manu Ginobili uploaded several pictures on his Plixi account of the headliner.

“It was great. She’s a great performer,” Parker said of the concert. “She did great. I like her stuff.”

Ginobili didn’t talk to the media Wednesday as he recovered from a sore throat that was noticeable after the Miami game. But Parker said he couldn’t tell if Ginobili was screaming during the show.

“I don’t know,” Parker said. “He was sitting in front of me. I don’t know if he was screaming. But he was moving his head. I could see that.”

Eldest Spur Antonio McDyess was one of those who didn’t attend.

“Maybe the young guys were there, but not me,” McDyess said, chuckling. “I don’t know one of her songs.”

We didn’t say they were all cool!