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DeRozan Puts History Behind Him


NEW YORK — There was no worse 3-point shooter in the league last season than DeMar DeRozan. Of the 200 players who attempted at least 50 threes, DeRozan shot them at, by far, the worst percentage. In fact, nobody in NBA history has shot threes worse than DeRozan did last season.

Lowest season 3-point percentage, minimum 50 attempts, NBA history

Player Season Team 3PM 3PA 3P%
DeMar DeRozan 2010-11 TOR 5 52 9.6%
Dennis Johnson 1986-87 BOS 7 62 11.3%
Michael Jordan 1987-88 CHI 7 53 13.2%
Dennis Johnson 1988-89 BOS 7 50 14.0%
Greg Anthony 1991-92 NYK 8 55 14.5%

But DeRozan put in his work in the extended postseason, and through five games, he’s already hit as many threes as he did last year. DeRozan hit both of his threes Monday night in New York, putting him at 5-for-8 on the season. And unless he misses his next 44 attempts, that 5-for-52 season will be a distant memory.

“I think last year, I wasn’t comfortable with it,” DeRozan said after his Raptors held off the Knicks for their second win of the season. “I was timid about shooting it. When I shoot it now, I shoot it with confidence, like I know it’s going in.”

That confidence is the result of a ton of work in Los Angeles this summer. DeRozan said that, five or six days a week in the offseason, he’d follow up his weight and skill work with a night session where he’d make 250 mid-range jumpers and 250 threes.