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What’s Next For The Heat?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With The Finals in the books (and in case you missed anything, check out our nifty recap above), it’s never too soon to start analyzing the participants. We’re not ones to wait, so here’s our quick post-Finals take on the state of the Heat and Mavs and what’s next for each of them. Up first are the Eastern Conference champs and Finals runner-up.


A quick look back: The most anticipated combination since beer and pizza, the debut of the Dwyane Wade-LeBron James-Chris Bosh Era left a bad taste in the mouth when the Heat lost at Boston on opening night and delivered the message that this was going to be a process.

After Udonis Haslem was lost to a torn ligament in his foot on Nov. 20, things hit rock bottom on Nov. 27. A 106-95 loss at Dallas dropped the Heat to 9-8 and was marked by the episode of James bumping into coach Erik Spoelstra. The loss precipitated a postgame, players-only meeting that cleared the air and set things straight.

The meeting led to sizzling stretch of 21-1 from Nov. 29 through Jan. 9 where the only loss was — in perhaps another hint at the future — at home to Dallas.

A four-game losing streak in January and a five-game losing streak in early March set the alarm bells ringing again. But the Heat closed the regular season on a run of 14-3 to complete a 58-24 record that was good enough for the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference and they cruised through the playoffs with a swagger that never stopped until they ran into the Mavs again.


Game 3 Sights and Sounds

DALLAS — Sights and sounds from the American Airlines Center in the hours leading up to Game 3 of the 2011 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks…

  • Blue “The Time is Now” t-shirts on the back of every seat, along with gold posters across every other seat in the lower level. Shown on the posters: Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki and Tyson Chandler. No love for DeShawn Stevenson.
  • Mario Chalmers missing three straight shots from the same corner spot where he hit a clutch three to tie Game 2 with 24.5 seconds left on Thursday.
  • One of the most enjoyable players to watch shoot pre-game: Eddie House, with his pre-catch bounce and the quickest release in the league.
  • A private conversation between Mark Jackson and Pat Riley.
  • Another between Magic Johnson and Jimmy Goldstein.
  • Heat coach Erik Spoelstra on the stat that says the team that wins Game 3 in this situation (2-3-2 Finals tied at 1-1) is 11-0: “The game is not played in a statistical world. It is played between those four lines and 94 feet. Whoever plays the best and more consistent to their identity likely has the best chance to win.”


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The Journeyman Finals

MIAMI — Trivia: Name the two NBA teams that no current Heat or Mavs player has ever played for.

Answer below…

If you’re not a fan of the Miami Heat or the Dallas Mavericks, you probably still have an interest in the outcome of the 2011 NBA Finals.

There’s plenty of anti-Heat sentiment among fans of the league’s 28 other teams, of course. But there’s also plenty of former-player sentiment as well. There are likely Nets fans out there hoping to see Jason Kidd get a ring or Hornets fans who’d like to see Tyson Chandler win a title.

These are two veteran squads, with a total of seven guys who have played for at least five different franchises in their careers …


StatsCube: Heat Go Cold in the Clutch

For the Orlando Magic, Thursday’s comeback from 24 points down in Miami was huge. For the Miami Heat, it was epic. And not in a good way.

With the 99-96 loss to the Magic, the Heat are now 2-12 in games decided by five points or less. And like with many of their other close losses, what we’ll probably remember from this one was a failed offensive possession at the end.

In general, the Heat are a very good offensive team, and they weren’t all that bad down the stretch on Thursday. But when they absolutely needed a bucket on the final possession, they came up empty.

Miami Heat offensive efficiency

Situation Off. Eff. Rank FG%
Overall 108.4 4 0.475
Last 5 min. of 4th or OT, 5 pt. game or closer 117.7 5 0.403
Last 3 min. of 4th or OT, 3 pt. game or closer 107.1 18 0.329
Last 30 sec. of 4th or OT, Tied or down 1-3 95.0 13 0.174

Off. Eff. = Points scored per 100 possessions

Miami’s efficiency isn’t terrible because the Heat are one of the best teams in the league in getting to the free-throw line. But when it comes to actually making a shot from the field, they’ve been awful, connecting on just 4 of their 23 shots with a tie game or when they’re down 1-3 points in the final 30 seconds of the fourth quarter or OT.

They’re 2-for-13 from 3-point range in that situation and 2-for-8 inside the arc. Six different Heat players have taken a shot when they absolutely needed a bucket, and none of them can really say they’ve come through in the clutch.

Heat shooting, last 30 seconds, tied or down 1-3

Chris Bosh 0 2 0 2 1 2 0 1
Mario Chalmers 0 2 0 2 0 0 0 0
Eddie House 1 3 1 3 2 2 1 5
LeBron James 2 8 0 5 3 4 2 7
Mike Miller 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0
Dwyane Wade 1 7 1 2 4 4 0 7

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