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Jordan’s Still Got It: Dunks At 50!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s got to be the shoes, right?

Maybe not.

But Michael Jordan can still fly … at 50. He showed off his legendary hops for participants in his annual Flight School camp at the University of California at Santa Barbara Saturday, making believers out of all in attendance and beyond:

Maybe that comeback he spoke of during his Hall of Fame induction speech was more than just MJ’s equally legendary competitive streak talking. Perhaps he’s really … nah! He wouldn’t.

Or would he?

And I know this summer has been all about the Draft, free agency, summer league’s and basically the future of the game. But it’s nice to take a moment to appreciate the history of the game. For those of us old and lucky enough to have seen MJ operate in the flesh during his prime, that photo is a reminder of the one-of-a-kind talent he really was.

Even if you didn’t appreciate it at the time, it’s hard to ignore in hindsight.

Taj Goes Boom, Part I & II

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Taj Gibson introduced himself to the Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals Sunday night.

The rest of the world got to know the Bulls’ power forward a little better as well after his early entry for Dunk of the Conference Finals:


We See You Willie Green

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Look at Willie Green showing off the hops from last night’s Hornets-Trail Blazers game:

The Dunk of The Year (That Wasn’t)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Your legend is safe Timofey Mozgov.

Thanks to the offensive foul called on Clippers All-Star Blake Griffin on this dunk over Suns center Marcin Gortat last night, you can rest easy knowing that you remain Griffin’s most famous victim this season.

Despite Griffin’s protestation to the contrary, Steve Javie felt that Gortat was in place before Griffin elevated over him for the Dunk of the Year (that wasn’t).

For the record, Griffin did take off a good foot and a half from the circle underneath the basket. Gortat was just happy to come away without any cuts or bruises.

“I was just standing there, and I hoped he wasn’t going to crush my face,” he said. “I think it was a good charge. I think it was the right call.”

Suns coach Alvin Gentry didn’t care that the dunk was wiped out by the charge. He also didn’t complain much about Griffin fouling out on the play, with more than four minutes to play in a tight game. But he knows a monster dunk when he sees one.

“That might be as impressive of a dunk as I have seen in the NBA in 23 years,” Gentry said. “I don’t care if it was a charge. … That might be the best dunk he’s had since he was in the league.”

We will have to defer to our main man LeMont Calloway over at the Dunk Ladder and see what he thinks about, coach Gentry. But it was wicked, even if it didn’t count.

Paul George Monster Jam

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We are loving Pacers rookie Paul George‘s dunk over 7-foot-2 teammate Roy Hibbert:

but, uh, what’s up with the throwback short shorts young fella?

Up, Up And Away!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — J.R. Smith is the latest member of the Hang Time Dunk Club. All you need to get in is something funky like this:

McGee throws down in Vegas

By Drew Packham

LAS VEGAS — Washington’s Lester Hudson hit the game-winner, but JaVale McGee brought down the house with the best dunk yet in Vegas.

With the Wizards rallying in the fourth quarter, McGee got into the lane and rose up over New Orleans’ Kyle Hines, posterizing the rookie with a one-handed, Statue of Liberty dunk. Hines was called for the foul as McGee and his teammates whooped it up, bumping chests as the crowd roared.
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“I surprised myself to tell you the truth,” said McGee, who finished with 29 points and eight rebounds in the Wizards’ 90-89 win. “I felt like the rim was at my waist. I just went up there and dunked it and I was just really excited. I feel like it was a momentum changer.”

McGee called it his best posterization of his young career.

“Even though it’s Summer League, I’ll take it. No. 1, no doubt,” McGee said.

Another Amar’e Poster Victim

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Hey James Johnson, do you not watch NBA TV?

Have you not visited Hang Time before?

Don’t you know what Amar’e Stoudemire does to those foolish enough to challenge him at the rim?

Well, you do now:

This one wasn’t nearly as vicious as some of the other gems Amar’e has bestowed upon (and his victims) this season. But it’ll do on a slow night.

Come on rook, you’ve got to do your homework. Or at least stay up on the latest highlights.

Air Livingston?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Admit it, you did a double take when Wizards guard Shaun Livingston went baseline, double-pumped and smashed on the Lakers.

It’s not that you didn’t believe he was capable.

It was a surprise, here at the hideout.

Livingston is still working his way back to the form he showed before a serious knee injury (Feb. 26, 2007) derailed his breakout season and his career.

We’re glad to see him on the way back, because he’s long been a HT favorite.