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Hang Time Podcast (Episode 47)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — While everyone else spends all their time discussing all of the problems our friends in Miami are dealing with these days, here at the hideout we’re all about solutions.

We don’t like seeing Chris Bosh in pain. We don’t like hearing Erik Spoelstra clarify his comments from the day before because whatever he said was misinterpreted or blown completely out of context. And we certainly don’t want to pile on the Heat while they’re down, that five-game losing streak is nothing to play with these days.

So we’ve gathered an expert crew to help us sort through the issues facing the Heat, including top professionals in their respective fields that have the knowledge and experience that make Episode 47 of the Hang Time Podcast one of our most diabolical efforts to date.

TNT’s Mike Fratello, the Czar himself, stops by to talk share his perspective as a former coach, noted sports psychologist Dr. Rick Van Haveren also lends his expertise and we wrap up with the analytical perspective from our main man and’s numbers guru John Schuhmann. In addition to that star-studded crew, both NBA TV and TNT’s Chris Webber and Lakers star Ron Artest make special guest appearances (you have to listen to fully comprehend) to discuss the Heat’s current state of affairs.

With the Lakers and Heat set to get busy tonight on TNT, you don’t want to miss this one.


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