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White Fires Back At Rockets

HOUSTON — While the ongoing spat between the Rockets and Royce White shows no sign of ending, neither does the rookie’s inclination to keep digging the hole deeper.

After an insider told Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle that White was being fined for every day he remains away from the team or chooses not to attend sessions with a therapist the Rockets have arranged for him, the 21-year-old forward fired back with a barrage on Twitter:

— My #anxiety is fine, besides being disappointed in the communication, and worried about consistency and the effect that has on my health.

— I’m not saying anything inappropriate or anything thats wasn’t said or OMITTED by the organization, they have their media, this is mine.

— It’s NOT unprofessional to respond to misleading media provided by your employer, setting the record straight should be EXPECTED.

— I’m not saying anything negative about @HoustonRockets Im saying what I will and won’t stand for. Last Thing: #Mentalillness look it up.

The Rockets have hinted that White’s dissatisfaction stemmed from lack of playing time.

White, who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder, has not played at all this season and has been on the inactive list for the past four games. He did not attend practices Sunday or Tuesday, and did not show at the Toyota Center for Monday’s game against Miami or Wednesday against New Orleans.

General manager Daryl Morey reportedly told White in meetings last week that other players had earned playing time before him. White maintains that he has not been given a chance to show what he can do, and has claimed the Rockets are holding his anxiety disorder against him.

White has not attended sessions with Dr. Aaron Fink of the Baylor College of Medicine that have been set up by the Rockets.

About one hour before tipoff against the Hornets on Wednesday night, White seemed to raise the level of his social media vitriol by tweeting:

— “@HoustonRockets Fining me for saying I’m more COMFORTABLE with my own Doc. vs yours is for sure showing “support” to my health. That’s low!”

That tweet was later deleted from his Twitter timeline.