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Mavs Way Never Goes Out Of Style

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That’s the thing about shortcuts.

Sometimes they can get you to the destination faster. Other times they can drop you off the freeway ramp into the wrong kind of neighborhood.

The Mavericks are celebrating the first NBA championship in franchise history because they stuck with perseverance over panic, prudence over haste.

No one in the free agent class of 2010 – LeBron James included – had more reason to fly the coop than Dirk Nowitzki. Not after all the years, all the frustration, all the derision that had been heaped upon him.

James and Chris Bosh bolted to beaches of Miami. Carlos Boozer headed off to the Windy City. Amar’e Stoudemire fled to the bright lights of New York.

Yet Nowitzki never really considered setting one foot outside of Dallas.

Longevity and loyalty, it turns out, are a difficult combination to beat.

So, too, it turns out, is the process of building a champion brick by brick.