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Magic-al Message In L.A.?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — A little bird thinks it’s time the Lakers stopped kidding themselves and made a run at Dwight Howard if they’re going to jump right back into the business of collecting Larry O’Brien trophies.

Tweet, tweet.

Well, a big bird actually. One with five championship rings.

In the aftermath of the Mavericks’ Finals win over the Heat, Hall of Famer Magic Johnson tweeted: “Lakers should think about calling the Orlando Magic.”

It should be noted that @MagicJohnson quickly deleted the tweet, but the message was delivered by the living legend and Lakers’ ambassador, even if he sold his ownership slice and is no longer officially connected with the team.

We’ll call the episode: “Magic & Magic” or “Making Dwight Disappear.”

After all, for what other reason would Johnson suggest the Lakers place a phone call to central Florida – Disney World tickets or to enroll in the Stan Van Gundy Charm School?