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Curry Set To Make 3-Point History

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY – Three is greater than two.

It’s simple math, and the NBA is realizing it more and more each year.

This season, the league has made and attempted more 3s than it ever has. Both the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets have passed the previous single-season, team highs for 3-point makes and attempts. And now, with one game left in the regular season, Stephen Curry is just two 3-pointers away from setting the all-time record for most 3-pointers made in one season by an individual.

Most 3-pointers, single season

Player Team Season GP 3PM 3PA 3PT% 3PA%
Ray Allen Seattle 2005-06 78 269 653 41.2% 43.5%
Stephen Curry Golden State 2012-13 77 268 589 45.5% 42.9%
Dennis Scott Orlando 1995-96* 82 267 628 42.5% 56.2%
George McCloud Dallas 1995-96* 79 257 678 37.9% 52.9%
Jason Richardson Charlotte 2007-08 82 243 599 40.6% 40.8%
Peja Stojakovic Sacramento 2003-04 81 240 554 43.3% 40.0%
Mookie Blaylock Atlanta 1995-96* 81 231 623 37.1% 55.5%
Peja Stojakovic New Orleans 2007-08 77 231 524 44.1% 51.1%
Ray Allen Milwaukee 2001-02 69 229 528 43.4% 46.0%
Reggie Miller Indiana 1996-97* 81 229 536 42.7% 43.1%

* The 3-point line was shorter (22 feet all around) in 1994-95, 1995-96 & 1996-97
3PA% = Percentage of total shots from 3-point range

Curry put himself in this position after hitting nine 3s in L.A. on Friday and another seven against the Spurs on Monday, the 19th and 20th times he’s hit at least five 3s in a game this season.

In only 12 of his 77 games has Curry hit fewer than two 3s, so the odds are good that he’ll get the two he needs in Portland on Wednesday. The Blazers have the fourth-best 3-point defense in the league, but Curry hit seven treys against them less than three weeks ago.

Curry is the Warriors’ point guard, so most of his 3s have come from above the break. Only 46 of his 268 3s have come from the corners, but Curry has shot the worst from the top of the key. And he’s clearly more comfortable from the right side of the floor…

Stephen Curry's 3-point shot chart

Stephen Curry’s 3-point shot chart

Curry leads the league with 103 unassisted 3-pointers, but 165 (62 percent) of Curry’s 3s have been assisted, by nine different teammates.

Assists on Stephen Curry’s 3-pointers

Player Assists %
Jarrett Jack 62 23%
David Lee 41 15%
Klay Thompson 24 9%
Harrison Barnes 16 6%
Andrew Bogut 10 4%
Carl Landry 5 2%
Festus Ezeli 3 1%
Draymond Green 2 1%
Kent Bazemore 1 0%
Andris Biedrins 1 0%
Unassisted 103 38%

Only 39 percent of his 3s from the top of the key have been assisted, vs. 67 percent from the wings and corners. Combine that with his shooting percentage numbers (worse at the top) and it’s clear that he’s a better shooter off the pass than off the dribble.

The way things are going, we may see somebody top 300 3-pointers in a season sometime soon. And it may be Curry. For now, he’ll have to settle for this place in the NBA record book.

Shaqtin’ A Fool: Episode 11

Some folks near and dear to our own hearts get the treatment this week in Shaq’s latest batch of foolish plays. NBA TV’s Dennis Scott and Greg Anthony are in the mix along with Steve Blake, A.J. Price and Iman Shumpert for this week’s Shaqtin’ A Fool play. Vote now!

Say Goodbye To The House Shaq Built

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – We thought it only right that we all take a moment to say goodbye to the house Shaquille O’Neal, Penny Hardaway, Lil’ Penny, our main man Dennis Scott, Nick Anderson and the rest of the old school Orlando Magic built.

The Amway Center, the house Dwight Howard built, is fully operational and one of the finest basketball buildings on the planet. But we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for the old place:

Orlando’s Original Big 3 (Shaq, Penny And 3D) Reunited At The Barbershop

ORLANDO – It’s probably a painful thought for longtime fans in this city, but what if Shaquille O’Neal never left?

What if the Orlando Magic’s Big 3 of Shaquille O’Neal, Penny Hardaway and Dennis Scott had stuck together throughout the primes of their respective careers? What might they have been able to accomplish? How many more NBA Finals might they have reached?

Sure, it’s a dangerous game to play, even now after all of these years have passed. But you have to wonder …

#TeamShaq Rules Rising Stars Draft

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – With the 11th hour additions of both Jeremy Lin and Norris Cole, the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge draft got an extra dose of last-minute drama from the game’s honorary commissioner, TNT’s Kenny Smith.

By snagging both of the late additions to go along with No. 1 overall pick Blake Griffin and rookie point guard sensation Ricky Rubio, Shaquille O’Neal nailed his first ever draft (he showed up wearing the “Black Pat Riley” t-shirt) and Team Shaq goes into All-Star Weekend with the clear advantage over Team Chuck (Barkley).

Team Chuck has the sort of balance you strive for when putting together a team for the grind of an 82-game (or 66-game) regular season. But Team Shaq has the star power at guard, point guard especially, that you need to win games like the one we’ll see on All-Star Friday night in Orlando.

That didn’t stop Barkley from talking smack after he passed over Lin for a rookie point guard sensation of his own in Kyrie Irving with his first pick.

“It wasn’t very difficult [to pass on Jeremy Lin] to be honest because [Lin’s] only been playing for a week and it’s been a fantastic week,” Barkley said. “But Kyrie Irving is terrific and he’s going to hand it to [Lin] and if Ricky Rubio wants some…he can come get some too.”

You’ve got to ride the hot hand Chuck. And no one in basketball is hotter right now than Lin.

Team Shaq didn’t even get the endorsement of NBA TV’s Dennis Scott, Shaq’s best friend and former Orlando Magic teammate. “As I go through the [rosters], at first I thought Shaq had the upper hand but he has too many point guards,” Scott said. “Shaq has more playmakers but Charles has more finishers…I think Charles may have the upper hand.”

Et tu 3D?

Being the long-range bomber that he was (and remains, to this day) 3D should know better than to bet against the guys who will have control of the ball throughout the game. Team Chuck’s bigs will need someone to get them the ball. All of the best playmakers other than Irving and John Wall will be working for Team Shaq that night.

Mark it down, we’re predicting a big win for Team Shaq that night!

Full rosters & a poll after the jump: (more…)

Barbershops And Basketball

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – The Jump crew took the show on the road to yap about all things NBA and we wound up at Goodfellas in nearby Smyrna, GA — just a short ride from the hideout here.

And if you think we talk a lot of smack around here, wait until you see these cats from Goodfellas get going (with Dennis Scott, Brent Barry and yours truly along for the ride):

Lakers Back On Track

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – When the Lakers take the measure of their season, the entire season, those ugly losses to Charlotte and Cleveland before the All-Star break will barely register, if at all.

The Lakers we all expected to see this season have been on display since the All-Star break. The 8-0 record since then helps. But it’s the way they’ve been dismantling teams that really sticks out.

Andrew Bynum, the same one that folks were ready to ship out of town for Carmelo Anthony a couple of weeks ago, is playing inspired basketball these days. The Lakers are doing the same, no doubt a result of the beating they took from all angles — including the fans, competitors and former Lakers legends like Magic Johnson and Jerry West.

Those critics have retreated as the Lakers have emerged since All-Star Weekend, reestablishing themselves as the matchup nightmare that they’ve been for almost every team in the league during their last two title runs. Bynum is a dominant force rebounding the basketball lately, with 16-plus in three straight games.

If Bynum’s healthy March — 10.8 points, 14.3 rebounds and 3.5 blocks — is any indication of what’s to come in the postseason, teams hoping the Lakers were finally vulnerable might have to do some recalculating. Not only will Bynum, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest and Lamar Odom make it nearly impossible to operate in the paint (as the Hawks found out last night), Kobe Bryant seems to have playoff focus locked in already as well.

The most refreshing thing about the way the Lakers have responded to their pre-All-Star Weekend case of the hiccups is the fact that they not only acknowledge their own missteps, but they understand them as well as what lies ahead, as T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times details:

“Our cockiness got in the way early in the season,” said Lamar Odom. “Now we go into every game knowing if we do the right things as a team, we’re going to win.”

Hang Time Podcast (Episode 41)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – When then Minnesota Timberwolves GM Kevin McHale put the finishing touches on the eight-player deal that brought Kevin Love to Minnesota for O.J. Mayo on draft night 2008, folks from Minneapolis to Memphis and back went (for lack of a better word) crazy.

Someone even created a “McHale Must Go” facebook page to make their point.

Well, guess what? Our main man McHale got it right after all.

Love is having an All-Star season and should be days away from being selected as a reserve for the Western Conference contingent that will represent in Los Angeles next month. Mayo’s days appear to be numbered in Memphis, where he simply does not fit into the team’s long-term plans.

McHale, now a NBA TV and TNT analyst, is the featured guest on Episode 41 of the Hang Time Podcast. The Minnesota native and former Golden Gophers All-American and Celtics legend is the linchpin in what will go down as our Great Lakes Edition, the celebration of one man’s hunch paying off and another man’s Super Bowl dream coming to an abrupt end.

The other big shot Kevin on campus here at the hideout joined us as well. Chicago’s very own Kevin Cottrell Jr., NBA TV’s researcher extraordinaire and one of the Windy City’s finest NBA exports not named (Derrick) Rose, also stopped by the studio for a little therapy after his Bears fell in the NFC Championship game (yes, we went off base and discussed Jay Cutler just a little bit).

McHale didn’t even get a chance to revel in Cottrell’s misery. Not with his Vikings standing on the sideline while their two biggest rivals fought it out to see who would represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. “For Vikings fans, watching the Bears and Packers play to go to the Super Bowl is like asking a condemned man if he’d rather be hung or shot,” McHale said. “It’s bad news either way.”

Wait until you hear the rest of what was said on Episode 41, which included a special guest appearance from our roving co-host “3D” Dennis Scott of NBA TV.


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Hang Time Podcast (Episode 38)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – Is the Rookie of the Year race over already?

Are the Dallas Mavericks’ title hopes in trouble now that Caron Butler could be lost for the season?

Like always, when there are pressing questions about anything dealing with the NBA, we have your answers here on Episode 38 of the Hang Time Podcast, which includes an appearance from our special guest co-host “3D” Dennis Scott of NBA TV.

(Sorry. The entire HTP crew is recovering from strep throat or some other holiday virus that causes all of our voices to sound stopped up, stuffed up or just plain messed up. We apologize in advance for sounding like Storm Troopers.)


We touched base with’s rookie guru Drew Packham, author of the T-Mobile Rookie Ladder, to talk about Griffin, John Wall and all the other players vying for All-Rookie honors.

We also caught up with our main man Earl K. Sneed of to talk about Butler, Dirk Nowitzki, Rick Carlisle, Mark Cuban and all things Mavericks.

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Hang Time Podcast (Episode 36)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – When you want answers, real answers, to those burning questions that make the basketball world go ’round, you have to go to the best.

And in the event that you can’t do that, we’ll do that for you here as we did on Episode 36 of the Hang Time Podcast. Yahoo! Sports NBA columnist and best-selling author Adrian Wojnarowski joined us on an action-packed show where we tackled the Mavericks, Heat, Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Knicks, the ongoing saga that is Carmelo Anthony‘s season in Denver, Donald Sterling‘s courtside demeanor and so much more.


We also had another special guest, our main man and NBA TV’s very own “3D” Dennis Scott, who made his way to the studio this week, adding his signature flavor to the show.

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