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Rose’s MVP Case Closed

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — What else do you need to see from Derrick Rose to believe that if nothing else, his name should be the first one out of your mouth when we start the MVP conversation?

We understand that the analytical crowd has presented a very impressive case as to why Rose should not take home that trophy. But we watched him shred the Celtics last night on TNT, doing the same thing to one of the NBA’s best defensive teams that he has done to basically every team (and everyone) in the league all season.

And we just can’t escape the fact that our eyes keep seeing something that the stat crowd apparently is missing. If you’re the best player on the floor every night and your team continues to beat back the competition and is a strong candidate to be the league’s best, then shouldn’t Rose’s MVP case be closed by now? The Bulls are 58-20 and barring a catastrophe, they’ll finish atop the Eastern Conference standings.

At least TNT’s Kevin McHale and Steve Smith (above) agree with us about Rose.

Celtics star Kevin Garnett seemed to agree with us about Rose, “They’re not chanting MVP for nothing, his play is doing all the talking,” and the Bulls, “We got our [behind] kicked. I haven’t recalled that in a while,” after last night’s 97-81 thumping at the United Center.