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Ring Night In Dallas

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The wait is finally over.

It’s jewelry time in Dallas.

Exactly one month after they raised their 2011 championship banner to the rafters, the Mavericks are getting their championship rings tonight (LIVE, 8 ET on And if there is any truth to the rumors, you better wear sunglasses if you’re going to be at American Airlines Center for the Mavericks-Timberwolves game.

As Jeff Caplan of reports, “The Time is Now” for ring night:

Jason Terry said the thrill of this final championship celebration probably won’t hit until he holds the estimated $40,000 piece of jewelry in his hands.

“We’ve only seen a brief design of it,” Terry said. “Once you get it and see and hold it and touch it, it’s probably like a baby — you know I got four of those — so that’s probably what it’s like.”

Mavs owner Mark Cuban said he paid a total of $1.4 million for the rings for the 15 players and the entire coaching staff. The design is similar to the one chosen by the 2009-10 Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks.

One side of the ring will include the player’s name engraved above the team logo with the player’s jersey number. Terry said he also believes the team’s postseason motto, “The Time is Now,” is engraved on the ring.

Having witnessed the Mavericks’ run to The Finals from start to finish last season, it’ll be an interesting night to see how the players and fans react to the rings being passed out.

It should be interesting …