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Trade Chatter: Groundhog Day!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Welcome to the end of the trade deadline days, where every deal is imminent until it’s not, where two sides are talking until they are aren’t and where everyday is basically Groundhog Day.

That is until someone does what the Warriors and Bucks did last night, and that’s make an actual deal.

Trade deadline rumors are often the figment of someone’s imagination (owners, executives, agents, players, members of the media and fans are all guilty as charged), but the fatigue that accompanies the rumors is real.

Portland guard Jamal Crawford, a trade rumor mill staple the past three years, offered up a fantastic take on the state of affairs in a radio interview with the Oregonian‘s John Canzano on 750 The Game In Portland:

“I think it’s a combination of everything, honestly. It used to be a time — especially when I first came in the league — that that you could kind of shut out from reading the papers or reading the internet, but now it’s everywhere. It’s on TV, it’s in the papers, fans are shouting it out to you at games, it’s on the Internet, it’s on Twitter. So it’s kind of hard to be oblivious to the whole thing. So you just try to do your best to stay professional and worry about the things you can control.


Oh Jamal, you should know by now that no one has control during a wild time like this. Everything and everyone is in play, theoretically, until 3 p.m. ET Thursday!

Same as it is every day this time of year …


You knew the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors would start at some point. We’re honestly surprised it’s taken this long to gain steam, given the awful state of affairs in Manhattan.

Anthony has been the object of scorn since Linsanity began (and ended). Howard Beck of The New York Times discusses the great divide between Anthony and … everyone else: