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Boozer:’Stay Tuned’ For The Playoffs

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Carlos Boozer‘s fade this season is not a figment of your imagination.

The Chicago Bulls’ power forward is experiencing a very real power drain that has Bulls fans a little nervous, even with as well as they have played down the stretch of this season.

My main man K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune provides the data:

Boozer shot 55.1 percent in December, 53.9 percent in January, 50.3 percent in February and is at 45.1 percent this month. His scoring average has dropped from 20.6 points in December to 19 points in January to 16.5 points in February down to 12.7 points this month. Boozer is playing slightly less this month at 29.8 minutes per game, down from a monthly high of 33 minutes in February.

Boozer is handing out assurances that this too shall pass, and that he will rebound in plenty of time for the playoffs. The Bulls’ performance in spite of Boozer’s power outage is equally impressive, and they are 18-5 with Boozer and Joakim Noah in the lineup together.


This Is How You Do It

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If honesty counts for anything these days, you have to love watching and listening to Bulls big man Joakim Noah.

He never minces his words. But his honesty in this BullsTV exclusive interview with Chuck Swirsky is just another reminder why Noah’s gets preferential treatment here at the hideout.

If someone hands you a check for $60 million and tells you they love what you do and all they want is for you to keep on doing it, you should be smiling the way Noah is here: