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Shaq Aging With Grace

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Aging gracefully in professional sports is an art few superstars can master.

Evander Holyfield is still boxing, hockey legend Gordie Howe played one shift at 69 and Satchel Paige threw his last pitch at 59. We still don’t know if Brett Favre is really done or not. They are just some of the glaring examples of a long and storied list of superstars that did not — and do not — know when to say when.

But there is a way to go out gracefully. You can be ushered out of the game without someone’s boot in your back.

Future Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal is rewriting the book this season in Boston, showing that it’s possible to age with grace and do it in style. He’s even doing it in a city that loathed him for years when he was starring for the rival Los Angeles Lakers.

Shaq is still the most robust and magnetic personality the NBA has to offer. He’s light years away from being the MDE (Most Dominant Ever), yet he’s not bitter about it. He will step aside for Kendrick Perkins in the Celtics’ starting lineup without any fussing.


Iverson’s Done, Again?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Is it time for Allen Iverson to hang that Besiktas jersey next to the rest of those he’s worn throughout his illustrious basketball career?

That would appear to be the case, if the reports from Turkey are correct and Iverson is on his way back to the states for surgery on an his left calf and ankle. The translated info from Ajansspor, via our friends at HoopsWorld:

“Turkish Besiktas famous import, Allen Iverson, appears close to end his career in basketball. The former Philadelphia Sixers’ guard injured his left ankle recently and can’t stand the pain anymore. Later today, he will do a press conference to announce that he is going to have surgery in the United States and will be treated here. ‘Leaving the basketball world makes me sad but, sometimes, we have to accept things like they are. I can say goodbye to basketball,’ he revealed yesterday.”

This is what, the third time we’ve said goodbye to Iverson in the past couple of years? He’s entering Brett Favre territory here. At some point you have to know when to say when. Now is the time A.I.

And just like we suggested last year, A.I. doesn’t owe any of us anything. He’s milked every ounce of juice out of his tiny body. And no one can dispute his Hall of Fame status.

A six to eight week recovery time after a potential surgical procedure doesn’t bode well for Iverson’s chances of restarting his career at this advanced stage of the game. So why not just hang it up and ride off into the sunset.