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Rondo On The Trading Block … Again!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Welcome back to the swirl and twirl of the trade rumor mill Rajon Rondo. We missed you!

What’s it been, four months?

After seeing his name mentioned prominently in trade speculation at the start of this season, the Celtics’ point guard is making a return trip with the March 15 trade deadline looming and the team needing to do something to shake things up.

Rondo, according to the Boston Globe, is in the crosshairs once more as the Celtics are reportedly, “listening” to offers for the man who has become their best player:

An report said the Celtics have decided to trade Rondo after his attitude and personality have become too burdensome for the organization. An NBA source told the Globe the Celtics aren’t trying to dump Rondo but his name is being mentioned in deals, similar to the way it was when the team made a play for Chris Paul in December.

Rondo collected his 16th career triple-double and third this season in last night’s 102-96 victory over the Bucks. He has endured a difficult season with the trade rumors, an eight-game absence because of a sprained right wrist, and two because of a NBA suspension for throwing the ball at official Sean Wright.

Rondo also was upset at originally being left off the All-Star team and responded with one of his worst games of the season Feb. 10 against the Raptors in Toronto. On Tuesday in Cleveland he missed all six shots from the field and dished out 11 assists but committed five turnovers.

Last night he bounced back with 15 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. Coach Doc Rivers lauded Rondo for his orchestration of the offense and pushing the pace. While he has shown flashes of brilliance, it’s uncertain if the organization feels it can begin the post-Big Three era around Rondo.

He has three years and $36 million left on his contract after this season.

If the Celtics listen long and hard enough, they’ll find a suitor for one of the best point guards in the game. But good luck getting back a player of comparable talent.

Then again, if these reports are true, a comparable talent doesn’t matter as much as someone whose “attitude and personality” is compatible with what the organization is looking for while they rebuild for the future.

One thing is clear, though. If Rondo is moved, it’s time to blow taps on the Big 3 era!

Heat-Knicks Series? Wade Can’t Wait!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If form holds and the Heat and the Knicks meet up in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, Heat star Dwyane Wade can’t wait.

You know Knicks fans and Heat fans alike will be licking their chops at the prospect of their respective “Big 3s” having the chance to match wits in the postseason.

“It would be great for the game of basketball if Miami and New York play,” Wade told Newsday. “The story lines, the history, the players. There can be a lot talked about. It really brings a lot of excitement to the first round of the playoffs. Both teams would love it.”

But beyond those with a clear rooting interest, the series holds all sorts of interesting subplots that could make for entertaining fare beyond those intimately involved.


About Last Night: Perspective People

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Leave it up to one of our favorite coaches to remind us all of where we are right now.

Alvin Gentry‘s Phoenix Suns are as far removed from the direct light sizzling the Miami Heat these days as anyone can be. But after his Suns lit up the Lakers Sunday night for a jaw-dropping 22 makes from beyond the 3-point line (that’s one fewer made than the Lakers attempted) in an upset win over the two-time world champs, he reminded us all of the need for a little perspective, courtesy of Los Angeles Times Hall of Famer Mark Heisler:

“You guys kill me,” a laughing Gentry said after the game, incredulous at being asked about the Lakers’ attitude and defense.

“Like the season is over for them now? C’mon, give me a break. It’s one game!

“You guys going to analyze this team? Let’s see what happens at the end of June, OK?

“You guys kill me, though. It’s one game, We made 22 threes and we had to hold on to beat them. I think they’re OK, OK?”

Shouldn’t the same sort of perspective be applied to the early season start of other contenders, namely our friends in Miami? Many of you that have weighed in on the Heat around here in the past three weeks believe so, while plenty of others disagree.

Maybe you were one of the thousands that weighed in here on Facebook when our friends at the home office asked,”After starting the season 5-4 (they’re 6-4 now), the Miami Heat need to improve _____________ the most?”


Is This It For The OG Big 3?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You do realize that this “Big 3” formula used first in Boston and now in Miami isn’t some groundbreaking concept, despite the way it’s being touted (and trashed, depending on your whereabouts) throughout the basketball universe.

The San Antonio Spurs’ “Big 3” of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker have been rolling together for nearly a decade, and they have the titles to back up all the hype, not that they ever generate any.

But is this is it for the original Big 3? On the eve of their ninth season together Jeff McDonald and my main man Mike Monroe of the Express News dove into that and much more with the aging Spurs’ icons:

Where do you think the three of you should be regarded among the great trios in NBA history?

TP: “Yeah, that’s a GREAT question, because I’m watching the game last night (Miami’s Big Three had played its preseason opener the night before) and it shows all the best Big Threes — Chicago, Boston, the Lakers. After that, there’s a hole and it goes straight to Miami. I don’t know why they never put us on that list. It’s not like it’s gonna bother me, because I have the rings and I’ll sleep well at night. But they just don’t want to put us up there.”

TD: “That’s how it always is. Even in the midst of us winning championships every other year, every year we started we’d be like the No. 5 team on the list to win it. That’s the way it is in San Antonio, for whatever reason. We don’t get that respect.”

TP: “I always say if we did what we did in New York, we’d be gods right now.”

TD: “It would be crazy.”

TP: “I think the fact that me and Manu are international players, I don’t think we get the same respect. Because we’re not from America, I think that’s why we’re not considered up there with the Bostons, or the Lakers or Chicago.”

TD: “It’s a conspiracy theory.”

None of the Big 3s currently in operation (not in Boston, Miami or even LA’s version — and you can pick three any of the Lakers’ top four five players to comprise their Big 3) can boast of the same success the Spurs have experienced together.

We’re talking about 16 combined All-Star appearances and three NBA titles won during their eight seasons sharing space in Gregg Popovich‘s outfit. That’s an eternity in this day and age.

We realize LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have plenty of people coming at them with advice about how to handle themselves this season. But if they want some quality advice on how to navigate the minefield that will be this season, placing a call to one of the Spurs’ Big 3 might make a lot of sense.