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LeBron On The Run, Too!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kobe Bryant isn’t the only NBA superstar getting his work done on the anti-gravity treadmill this summer.

In a classic nod to his U.S. Men’s National Team teammate and NBA rival, Miami Heat star LeBron James showed off his anti-gravity track speed via Instagram, same as Kobe did earlier this week:

If this is LeBron’s way of showing Kobe some comedic love on his 35th birthday, I dig it.

I’m taking this as a sign of respect from LeBron to one of the few players in the game who is truly on his level and not a dig at Kobe’s recovery from Achilles surgery. (And the argument could be made that LeBron is still trying to reach Kobe’s level since the Los Angeles Lakers’ star is  a five-time champion, 11-time All-NBA First Teamer, nine-time All-Defensive First Teamer and 15-time All-Star.)

A true competitor wants Kobe back and healthy as soon as humanly possible. The best want to beat the best. And LeBron might be the four-time MVP, the reigning two-time regular season and Finals MVP and NBA champ, too. But he knows Kobe is still ahead of him on the career titles list by a hat trick.

So poking the Mamba is surely his way of acknowledging the fact that he knows Kobe is coming back with a vengeance.

Well played, LeBron. Well played, sir.

Kobe’s Recovery: Mamba On The Run!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The debate will last until Kobe Bryant, in full uniform and cleared to resume his duties as the face of and force behind the Los Angeles Lakers, sets foot on an NBA court in a regular-season game.

Then and only then will we know for sure how long it took to return from the Achilles injury that didn’t allow him to finish the Lakers’ tumultuous 2012-13 season.

All the folks who have weighed in up to this point, however, have to be as shocked as I was to see the Mamba running in that anti-gravity treadmill (he posted a video of himself getting it in on Instagram):

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I said it when he went down in that game against the Warriors, that whatever the supposed recovery time was for his injury, Kobe would beat it. Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak and just about everyone else affiliated with the Lakers have weighed in with their own predictions of when Kobe would make it back. But this is the best piece of evidence I have seen.

I’m upgrading my prediction to sooner rather than later and requesting to alter that to training camp if he keeps progressing at this rate.

When I told someone last week that Kobe was moving pretty well in the videos we saw of him on the Nike Basketball tour in Asia, he suggested I was making too much out of it. I then phoned a friend who tore his Achilles and needed 15 months to get back to feeling comfortable on his surgically repaired leg. He said that what he saw on those videos was nothing short of remarkable.

Kobe is just five months removed from his injury and he’s already running, albeit in an anti-gravity treadmill. It’s still pretty remarkable. And the best part is, the NBA’s resident social media king will keep us all informed of his progress.