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They’re Not Here to Screw Around

OAKLAND – The latest was announcing Tuesday they had purchased control of basketball operations of the NBA Development League team in Bismarck, N.D., which came after they spent $2 million during the draft to acquire the second-round pick that became Jeremy Tyler, which came after foiled attempts to spend $3 million to get an additional first-rounder, which came after all the spending of the previous months. Paying David Lee some $80 million to come, paying Don Nelson another $6 million to stay away, giving up an unknown ownership share to get Jerry West to join the front office, and – oh, yeah – heading the group that paid a league-record $450 million to get the Warriors in the first place.

Joe Lacob and Peter Guber promised a serious financial commitment upon taking control last November, and they have delivered. In a time of economic hardship for many around them, the Warriors have signed huge contracts, fired a high-paid coach with a year left on his contract, handed over a portion of the team to land West, and made a bold strike in the draft. All in less than a year, with the understanding that Lacob and Guber were far enough along in buying the franchise last summer that they probably could have scuttled the Lee sign-and-trade that officially went down on the watch of predecessor Chris Cohan.

Golden State was in such buyer’s mode Thursday that the $2 million sent to the Bobcats for Tyler as the No. 39 pick was actually the fallback. The Warriors, Lacob said, had tried to get another pick in the second half of the first round, likely at the going-rate cost of $3 million, which would have meant a second guaranteed contract after drafting Klay Thompson at 11. Nothing materialized, Lacob told, because potential trade partners wanted players in return, not money.


Howard & Foyle team for Haiti

Dwight Howard and Adonal Foyle took a trip to Haiti not so long ago as part of the Dwight Howard Fund, which is aimed at helping children in the country. The visit is profiled on the official website for the Dwight Howard Fund:  

NBA All-Star Dwight Howard has returned to the United States after a life-changing trip to Haiti from September 17-19. Moved by reports coming out of Haiti since the earthquake and wanting to assess the situation for himself, Dwight ventured to Haiti to support educational and recreational programs that aid the youngest survivors of the massive January earthquake that left 250,000 dead. 

In April 2010, Dwight developed the Dwight Howard Fund (DHF) that specifically supports programs that address educational and recreational needs of youth in Haiti. “My main goal was to go to Haiti and put a smile on the kids’ faces. “Visiting Haiti has definitely changed my life. The people there still very much need our help; today, tomorrow and for many years to come,” states Dwight. 

Check out the DHF site for video of the visit. You can also read more about the trip and watch video of Howard taken by Foyle at TrueHoop.

Hang Time Podcast (Episode 23)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — How many times have you taken a moment to sit back and really soak up the moment?

When is the last time you paused to examine your next step and where it is you plan to go after living a dream, in this case playing basketball at the highest level?

Both Adonal Foyle and Kenny Anderson have done exactly that. With a combined 27 seasons of playing experience in the NBA (13 seasons for Foyle and 14 for Anderson) the guests on Episode 23 of the Hang Time Podcast bring a perspective as retired players that you simply cannot afford to miss.


There are plenty of laughs — Foyle insists Dwight Howard does the best Stan Van Gundy impersonation, but Van Gundy isn’t the best “shouter” Foyle has ever played for and Anderson doesn’t hesitate to tell you exactly how he feels about everything.

But there are also plenty of important words of wisdom being shared by both players, each bringing their own unique perspective to basketball careers that began early, for Anderson, and a little later, for Foyle.

They both began their NBA careers as top 10 picks, Anderson was the 2nd pick overall in 1991 and Foyle was the 8th pick overall in the 1997. Yet they both finished as seldom-used veterans. Anderson’s last game was with in 2005 with the Los Angeles Clippers, the 10th team he suited up for. Foyle, who finished his career with Howard and Van Gundy in Orlando, announced his retirement last week and went out in his trademark, “Renaissance Man” style — including a farewell poem dedicated to the game.

Foyle’s Love Song to a Game:

How should I tell thee goodbye?

What can you say about a love affair to rival that of Romeo & Juliet? This is not just some melancholy ode to a hackneyed love of mortals.

I found our love deep in the entrails of the Caribbean Sea. Love that swept me to a land where our embrace became mythical.

You showed me a world that few have dreamt of.

Colgate’s golden steeple, a sojourn where ancient teachings flooded my mind. There in the Chenango Valley where 13 sang my soul to flight, basketball laid siege to my soul.

I do not cry for the passing of our love for it stands radiant while my brittle bones crumble through swift time.

I have known you by so many faces; I will spend my end of days recalling.

You have infected so many with the allure of riches and black gold. But I am not angry with you my love. For to a boy who was lost in the bosom of nothing you gave hope and home.

Like the flickering of a light we come and go without much fuss. So I leave you to fend off seekers, hoping they too will cherish your unyielding countenance.

As for me, I will forever live in the glare of your loving embrace. From time to time I hope you will look in on this pitiful fool.

I will miss brothers of a quilt struggling with burning lights. If I offer advice, pierce beyond the glaring lights and see the faces behind the wall. Don’t be fooled by the magicians’ nibble fingers. For this is a life with mirrors and screens. Its only truth lies in the understanding it will all end.

The sound I will take home is the symphony of thousands of screaming friends.

Warriors, Magic and yes, Memphis too, I sing you praise, hope, blessings, Flowing from a boy’s songs of thanks to you and you and you, to all I knew.

Please stay my “immortal love.”

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