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24-Second Thoughts On Game 3

24 — Well, the Spurs didn’t waste any time throwing down the gauntlet with their entry in The Finals National Anthem Battle. I see your 12-year-old future American Idol winner (Julia Dale) Miami and raise you a dapper Sebastien De La Cruz. Let’s get it on!

23 — Props to ABC for having Tony Parker impersonator Jesse Williams in one of the pregame promos to hype the game. With the sound down a little bit and one eye on the computer and the other on the TV, what else do you learn while half-paying attention during pregame show? Dwyane Wade and Manu Ginobili might need to ride some pine during crunch time of a close game if they don’t get it together. I swear the dudes in suits (Mike Wilbon, Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose and Magic Johnson) said it. Overreact much fellas? Seriously, these cats are future Hall of Famers. They need to play better no doubt. But benching ’em in The Finals? C’mon man!

22 — Spurs spoon-feeding the ball to Tim Duncan in the post early on here. Duncan with the dunk off the sweet feed from Parker for an 11-4 Spurs lead with 6:29 to play. I see you Pop!

21 — The Spurs hadn’t played a home game since May 21st? Crazy. Sweeping my Hang Time Grizzlies forced them into that long layoff at home. No wonder San Antonio was so fired up to see them after all this time.

20 — Jamie Foxx as the President wearing Jordans, huh? Never thought I’d see it in my lifetime. White House Down has to be on the must-see list if for no other reason than to see what kind of kicks POTUS will be rocking.

19 — Is there anyone on the Heat roster Kawhi Leonard can’t guard or get a rebound over? The Heat are doing for him what they did for the Pacers’ Paul George. Holding your own in a matchup against LeBron James can do wonders for your profile. Speaking of LeBron, he looks a little scattered here early.

18 — My man Dancing Danny Green is still feeling it. How Wade loses track of him is beyond me. Green is a ridiculous 10-for-16 and counting in his first appearance in The Finals. #Dancin’DannyGreen

17 Ray Allen giving up a 3-point look in transition for a Norris Cole corner 3 that goes bottoms. The Heat showing off some of that ball movement that they used during that 27-game win streak during the regular season.

16 — Spurs lead is up to 36-28 the moment after Game 2 hero Mario Chalmers heads to the bench with his third foul with five-plus minutes to play before halftime. Heat are going to do have to do this without ‘Rio for at least a little while.

15 — Spurs take their first double-digit lead, 40-30, of The Finals with 4:35 to play on a Leonard dunk on a break (via a great outlet pass from Duncan). Spurs are perfectly content with LeBron and Wade jacking jumpers from the perimeter.

14 — Gary Neal (knocks down a 3-pointer) meet Mike Miller (knocks down an answer 3-pointer) meet Green meet Chalmers meet … whoever the next role player from the Spurs who is ready for his turn in this series. We forget that while the stars occupy so much of our time during these things that we forget how grand a stage this is for the other guys. And since these are the teams with the deepest and most well-rounded supporting casts, we should have expected nothing less.

13 — Spurs with a crazy 6-0 run to finish the half to hold of the charging heat and head to halftime leading 50-44. Parker knocks down the first 3 from the corner and Neal finishes it off with a pull-up 3 at the buzzer. His 14 points leads the Spurs at the break.

12 — Say the Spurs win this series and keep playing the way they have, is it totally inconceivable for either Green or Leonard to be the frontrunner for Finals MVP? They’ve been the most consistently outstanding players for the Spurs to this point. I know it sounds crazy, but crazy lives here, always has. The work they are doing on both ends (specifically the defense on LeBron and the rebounding) is beyond outstanding.

11 — Miller is the only thing keeping the Heat in this game late in the third quarter. He’s 5-for-5 from deep. He’s also the Heat’s weakest link on defense. Spurs are taking advantage of him non-stop on pick-and-rolls and just shredding the middle of the Heat’s defense. Did I mention that LeBron and Wade are scoreless in the third with just 3:36 to play?

10 — These facial expressions from Heat coach Erik Spoelstra are the same ones many of his playoff colleagues have worn in trying to figure out how to deal with the Spurs. There is no easy way to solve what the Spurs do. This isn’t a part of the “process” he was expecting to deal with.

9 — NBA TV’s Steve Smith called this on the real pregame show. He tabbed Neal to have the big night and boom!

8 — Parker has an injury issue (calf) that would normally be a big deal after this game. But the way the role players have stepped up pushes this story to the background. The Spurs are going to need him to win two more games in this series, though. No way you want to finish this series without TP.

7 — The questioning of the Heat’s Big 3 will crank up again after an effort like this. No fire, no energy and no chance.

6 — Old man Duncan, Leonard and Tiago Splitter have dominated the glass tonight and that has in-turn allowed the Spurs to abuse the Heat around the rim. The Heat’s fatal flaw this season (they were dead last in the league in rebounding) could very well be their undoing in these Finals.

5 — Gregg Popovich is a master because of performances like this. The defense designed to lock down on LeBron and Wade has been masterful.

4 — This is the second straight 2-for-12 shooting start for LeBron. He’s hearing footsteps from The Finals of 2011 and another matchup against a Texas powerhouse (the Mavericks) that dared him to beat them with his jumper. That team had Shawn Marion serving as the primary defender on him. LeBron is stuck in the Matrix again this time, courtesy of young Mr. Leonard. Last time he went three straight playoff games without scoring 20 points in a game was against the Mavericks in 2011.

3 — Complete pandemonium to star the fourth. Spurs role players have officially taken this game (and perhaps the series) over. Neal, Green, Leonard wouldn’t normally constitute a “Big 3” in practice. But they are the only “Big 3” playing tonight. Finals record 16 made 3-pointers for the Spurs as the lead continues to balloon.

2 — What he said about #Dancin’DannyGreen …

1 — Fully expecting Neal, Green and Leonard to announce to the world that they are really mutants during the on-court interview at the end of the game.

Big Game Hunting: 2011-12 NBA Schedule

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Now that the 2011-12 NBA schedule has been officially unveiled, it’s time to dive in and see where your favorite team(s) will spend their most important days.

We’re Big Game Hunters around here. We love the biggest games on the biggest days. That’s usually where the true superstars separate themselves from the pack.

Just look at some of the biggies, and there are plenty of them:

— The Champion Dallas Mavericks begin their title defense on opening night, Nov. 1 at home against the Bulls (TNT), followed by Thunder vs. Lakers (TNT).

— The Mavericks and Thunder get it on in a Western Conference finals rematch Nov. 5 (NBA TV).

— The future stars game between the Thunder and Bulls is Nov. 10 (TNT).

— The West Coast/East Coast showdowns, Lakers at Heat on Dec. 8 (TNT) and Heat at Lakers are on March 4 (ABC).

— The Christmas Day triple-header … Celtics at. Knicks (ESPN), Heat at Mavericks (ABC) and Bulls at Lakers (ABC) … is always a hideout favorite and goes great with whatever you’ve got going on during the holiday season.

— MLK Jr. Days is absolutely loaded with games starting with the Bulls at the Hang Time Grizzlies (ESPN), including the Raptors at the Hawks (NBA TV) and finishing up with the double-shot power of the Thunder at the Celtics (TNT) and the Mavericks at the Lakers (TNT).

— The Bulls travel to Miami on Jan. 19 for a belated Eastern Conference finals rematch (TNT).

— And since we love LA, the Jan. 20 Battle  of Los Angeles takes place between the Lakers and Clippers (ESPN).

That should get us through to All-Star Weekend … and that’s when things really kick into high gear.

Scan the complete schedule here and share your favorites!

Hang Time Podcast (Episode 52)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We had to call in some serious favors and promise to sell super producer Micah Hart’s phone contact list to the Smithsonian one day, but we finally landed the one guest we’ve been waiting on since the Hang Time Podcast first hit the airwaves.

Basketball legend and Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar graced us with a visit on Episode 52. We talked about his documentary, “On the Shoulders of Giants,” detailing the history of the Harlem Rens basketball team – the story of the greatest basketball team you never heard of.

The film is available on is available now on Comcast Video on Demand and will be available on Netflix on May 15th. You can pre-order the DVD at

We didn’t let the NBA’s all-time leading scorer make his Hang Time Podcast debut without getting his thoughts on a wild opening weekend of the NBA playoffs.

And we also enlisted the services, live from the golf course, of NBA TV’s Brent “Bones” Barry and his brother Jon Barry, a scratch golfer and NBA analyst himself for ABC and ESPN. They weighed in on the shocking Game 1 defeats in Los Angeles and San Antonio, while also sharing their insights on what’s to come in all of these first round series — in between a little brotherly trash talking on the links, of course.

Trust us when we tell you that you don’t want to miss this:


As always, we welcome your feedback. You can follow the entire crew, including the Hang Time Podcast, co-hosts Lang Whitaker of SLAM Magazine and Sekou Smith of, as well as our super producer Micah Hart of’s All Ball Blog.

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CP3: Hornets getting national TV shaft

New Orleans point guard Chris Paul had this to say last night after learning he was starting for the Western Conference All-Star team:

“This is an unbelievable feeling for me as a player. What makes it even more special is that it is due to the fans, who I am extremely grateful towards. I am honored to be representing the Hornets and the city of New Orleans.”

Today, he expounded a bit:

“I think it’s big, and I’m unbelievably grateful for the fans for it, because I’ve probably got to be the only All-Star who hadn’t played yet on national TV.”

The lack of exposure didn’t hurt Paul in the fan vote, but he’s obviously not happy with the lack of national coverage given his team. The Hornets have been through some trying times this season already — from being sold to the league to having to make an attendance quota to keep their arena lease — only to emerge as one of the season’s true feel-good stories under Paul and rookie coach Monty Williams.

Paul will get his TV spotlight on the grandest stage in about three weeks, just without his Hornets teammates, when TNT televises the 60th All-Star Game from Los Angeles on Feb. 20.

As for Paul’s television blackout declaration, he’s right that the Hornets have yet to appear on TNT, ESPN or ABC. New Orleans, Minnesota, Detroit, Toronto and New Jersey are the only teams that haven’t been on those national networks. The Hornets have made several appearances on NBA TV.

As for the TNT-ESPN-ABC triumvirate, the Hornets are the only team with a winning record/or currently in playoff contention not to be on their airwaves. New Orleans happens to be 30-16 and riding a league-high nine-game winning streak.

Paul’s surprising squad is does have an ESPN date coming March 6 at Cleveland.

Jackson: “They know how to lose”

Posted by Art Garcia

As if the Celtics needed any extra motivation, Phil Jackson supplied a quote for the Bulletin Board Hall of Fame late in the fourth quarter of tonight’s Boston win.

The mic’d-up Zen Master told the Lakers the following in the huddle as the champs were trying to mount a late comeback:  

“They know how to lose in the fourth and they are showing us that right now.”

Frittered-away fourth-quarter leads were an issue for Boston all season and the playoffs, and that’s of course what Jackson was alluding to, but such biting words seldom make the otherwise innocent pep talks that make up such TV segments.

Kudos to ABC for showing a clip that truly portrays what’s going on in the heat of the game, much less The Finals, but Jackson’s words can’t help the Lakers’ cause going into Game 6 Tuesday. Already one victory away from snatching the title back from the Lakers, the Celtics will have now heard Phil essentially calling them “chokers” on international TV.

The task for the Lakers is already tough enough. Now they need to win two straight against a rival that’s already won in Staples and was insulted. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett brushed off Jackson’s comments in the postgame presser, but privately this is something the Celts can use.

And if any team has shown a tendency of how to lose in the final period , it’s the Lakers in the last two games. Kobe Bryant and Co. were in striking distance in each fourth — the Lakers actually led in Game 4 — only to falter down the stretch.

As for the Celtics’ fourth-quarter woes, Boston has been outscored by 17 points (498-481) in postseason thus far. The Eastern Conference champs have been outscored in the fourth in 13 of their 22 games. Of course, they’re also 15-7 in the playoffs and one victory away from a title.

 These Finals have been chock-full of drama, 180s and plot twists. ABC may have inadvertently added another delicious turn.