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24-second thoughts: A ‘Super’ fade?

As another week in the NBA gets rolling, here are 24 thoughts to ponder and discuss:

24 – Coincidence? The NBA and Marvel Comics – Spider-Man,The  Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, etc – announce a new joint line of clothing at just the time when Superman & his friends are fading in Orlando.

23 – Based on the All-Star rosters, Dirk Nowitzki should be leading the MVP race by a landslide. Of the teams with the four best records in the league, the Celtics have four stars, the Spurs two and the Lakers two. So doesn’t Lone Star Dirk get credit for doing all of the heavy lifting by himself?

22 – Using the Kepler telescope to probe Milky Way galaxy, astronomers are now speculating that conditions might be right for the existence of life on 54 new planets  … and in Indianapolis.

21Aaron Brooks goes from Most Improved to Most Impudent in the space of 10 months, literally walking out on his Rockets teammates in the middle of the fourth quarter against Memphis. Way to make the case that you deserve a big contract extension when you can’t handle the heat of competition from Kyle Lowry.

20 – Forget the Alamo if you’re the Lakers. That horse is likely out of the barn. The real challenge over the final 2 ½ months of the regular is to finish ahead of Dallas for the No. 2 spot in the West and home court in a potential second-round series. The last time the Lakers won a playoff series without home court advantage was the 2004 Western Conference finals against Minnesota.

19 – Who’s going to beat out Tom Thibodeau for Coach of the Year? He started the season without Carlos Boozer. Now the Bulls are minus Joakim Noah and each week they’re looking more like the team nobody will want to tangle with for best-of-seven in the East.