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The NBA reacts to Tim Duncan’s retirement

HANG TIME BIG CITY — The NBA world learned today that San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan is officially retiring after a career that spanned 19 seasons. Hailed by many as the greatest power forward of all-time, Duncan leaves behind a towering legacy of accomplishments accumulated over two decades with the Spurs: five NBA titles, two MVPs, three NBA Finals MVPs, fifteen All-Star appearances, and seventeen appearances on an All-NBA first, second or third team.

With Duncan walking away, today many around the NBA took to social media to share their respects …

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I've been waiting all day for someone tell me it was a joke or a lie….I feel like one of the luckiest guys of my generation to be able to share the court with you for 5 years…you were and still are one my biggest idols since I was in middle school…I will forever cherish these moments and the countless times you've been the guy to encourage me and lift me up with confidence as if the roles were reversed…you truly are the greatest most humble teammate and person I've ever come across…I can go on for days about how much you've taught me, you are the ultimate professional and the reason why the spurs organization has been the best in sports for 20yrs…the league/game won't be the same without you, you will be truly missed…and I will miss you the most, because you were also the guy to have my back when pop cussed me out lol…and a final note, I would like to call…Dibs! On your parking space, seat on the plane, locker, everything! Lol I'm lucky to be able to call you family, much love tiny Tim #Thank you #Thebigfundamental #21 #GPFOAT #Legend

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NBA watches the Super Bowl

VIDEO: Inside The NBA crew make their Super Bowl picks

The sports world is focused on the biggest day of the football year as the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos clash at Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California.

Excitement for the game has spilled into the basketball world as NBA players take to social media to join the conversation:


Twitter reacts: The Lakers’ worst loss ever … and the Clips’ biggest win ever

VIDEO: Blake Griffin and the Clippers pounded the Lakers Thursday night at Staples Center

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Shakespeare himself couldn’t come up with the right words to describe the scene at the Staples Center Thursday night. It was a disaster movie — for the Los Angeles Lakers — playing out before our eyes on TNT. A proud franchise falling in epic fashion at the hands of the former doormat franchise that has existed in the Lakers’ shadow all these years.

When it was over the scoreboard said it all: Clippers 142, Lakers 94

The Lakers’ largest regular loss ever is, of course, the largest win over for the Los Angeles Clippers (their largest road win, too, even though technically they were playing on a floor in their home building) and the most points the Clippers have ever scored against the Lakers.

Lakers fans are quick to remind their Clippers counterparts that Los Angeles is and will always be a “Lakers town.” But on this night, Lakers fans probably wanted to be anywhere but the Southland.

Naturally, folks on Twitter and Instagram had a field day with this one, which started out innocently enough for the home team …

— Things got out of control quickly, though, and the basketball world responded …

The NBA Reacts To Loss Of Mandela

VIDEO: Former and present NBA players remember the life of Nelson Mandela staff reports

Humanitarian and NBA ambassador Nelson Mandela passed away today at 95, leaving a trail of goodbyes and social media send-offs in his wake. Throughout his life, he worked tirelessly to eradicate racism in South Africa and his efforts made an imprint on the younger generation:

Players React To Grant Hill’s Retirement

HANG TIME, N.J. — Grant Hill, 19-year veteran and seven-time All-Star, announced his retirement on the Inside the NBA set on TNT Saturday night before Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals.

When healthy, Hill was one of the best all-around players in the game. And he was always one of the league’s best citizens. He endured quite a bit of misfortune when he was in his prime, but came back and ended his career on his terms.

“The thing that I’m most proud of,” Hill said, “In 2003 I had multiple doctors tell me I’m done, and I went on to play 10 more years.”

There was plenty of reaction around the league once Hill made his announcement…

Twitter Reacts: Collins Comes Out As Gay

From reports

On the heels of veteran center Jason Collins coming out as gay in a story he wrote in Sports Illustrated, players around the league — both former and current — as well as those outside the NBA react to the news via Twitter:

Twitter Reacts: Trade Deadline Day 2013

From staff reports

As trade deadline day gets rolling and heads toward the 3 p.m. deadline, folks all throughout Twitter — from players to media types — are chiming in on rumored deals, deals that are dying off and the rarest bird: deals that actually take place.

Below is a smattering of the latest comments. Refresh often:

Birthday Tweets Pour In For Jordan


HOUSTON — It’s a dilemma that has passed down through the ages: What does one get a king for a birthday present?

Well, the NBA just happens to be throwing a celebratory bash for Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday in the form of the 62nd All-Star Game (8 PM ET, TNT) and there is sure to be some kind of cake.

But the best wishes to Air Jordan have been rolling in all day:

Twitter Reacts: D’Antoni To L.A. staff reports

News of the Lakers’ hiring of Mike D’Antoni as coach broke around 3 a.m. ET, and since then, Twitter has been abuzz with news of the man charged to lead Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash and the rest of L.A. in their hopes of championship glory. Here, then, is the best from around the Twitter-verse: