Blogtable: Houston + Dwight = Title?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 36: Dwight in Houston | Lakers without Howard | Big Draft boost

Is Houston a real title contender with Dwight? Any issues you see?

Steve Aschburner, With Dwight Howard, the Rockets would have the makings of a contender, which is as much as you can ask. I think it puts them potentially on the same plane as anyone else in the West with Finals ambitions, given Oklahoma City’s subtractions (Kevin Martin, Maurice Cheeks), San Antonio’s age and Memphis’ and Denver’s coaching changes. A “third star” would be nice, but Howard’s game needs to be catered to, so too much sharing could be counterproductive. Mostly Houston needs shooting.

Dwight Howard (Noah Graham/NBAE)

Dwight Howard (Noah Graham/NBAE)

Fran Blinebury, I wouldn’t jump the Rockets ahead of Miami, San Antonio or Oklahoma City simply with the addition of Howard, but assuming they would fill out the roster with other veteran players, I would put them firmly in the mix for the Western Conference title and an outside shot to win it if everything fell into place.  The only questions and issues with Howard are the ones that have always existed — can he dispense with the extraneous nonsense and hypersensitivity to outside forces and simply do the things that justify putting your franchise in his hands?  Making free throws, for instance.

Scott Howard-Cooper, It would be premature to call them a title contender on the spot, but it certainly gets the conversation going. Signing Howard and following that up with a nice return in an Omer Asik trade, then the conversation is going strong.

John Schuhmann, They have the potential to be a top-10 team on both ends of the floor, which is what you need to be if you want to contend for a title. Howard gives them the ideal roll man to go with their pick-and-roll ball-handlers and their shooters. And they were already a top-10 offensive team. He’s obviously a difference-maker defensively, but the Rockets already had a terrific defensive center – Omer Asik. So they will need to get better on the perimeter to make a big jump from 16th in defensive efficiency. That’s the one issue I see.

Sekou Smith, This is a trick question, because the Lakers just knew they were going to make The Finals last summer when they added Howard and Steve Nash. And we all know how that turned out. I don’t think Howard’s addition would make them an instant title contender. But his presence should certainly push the Rockets into the upper echelon of the Western Conference playoff pack. With Howard inside and James Harden on the perimeter, along with a solid supporting cast that includes one of my favorite young utility players in Chandler Parsons, the Rockets would be an extremely formidable team. But title contender … I need to see them in the flesh before putting them in that category.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: Sticking Dwight in the post for Houston could help as far as rebounding goes, but they will obviously have to change the uptempo way they played last season if they want to get Dwight enough touches to keep him happy. To me it seems like it will be difficult to maintain a balance between being perimeter-based and maintaining a presence in the paint. But if Dwight can get healthy enough to run the court like he used to in Orlando, it could be fun to watch the Rockets take off. That said, adding Dwight alone to the Rockets does not vault them past OKC or San Antonio.

Davide Chinellato, NBA Italia: Dwight Howard is one of the best centers in the league and would obviously be a great addition, but he and Harden won’t be enough to make the Rockets a contender. They need a PG better than Jeremy Lin (at least the one who played in Houston last year, because the return of the Linsanity guy everybody admired 2 seasons ago with the New York Knicks would make the difference) and more depth. But if they could get another star …


  1. h.h. says:

    I believe the old school coach is what howard needs but does not want. maybe problem down the road

  2. Unkle Daddy says:

    If they get Howard I wouldn’t trade Omer Asik, I would keep him why not, every body acts like they can’t play together, look at the Grizz and their front line. That’s two big boys who strap on there work boots together and carry that team most of the time. If you had both of them, let Harden be Harden and Len picks his game back up to something like the end of his New York tenure, they would be down right scary.

  3. Luedeke says:

    If Houston does land Dwight Howard, and can get Josh Smith (whether it be in a sign-and-trade situation or not), why don’t they offer two future first round picks (and potentially an additional player) to the Celtics for Rajon Rondo. That would give them a solid, without a true superstar at any position except for maybe center, who could learn to play together and share the ball. Seeing a starting 5 involving Rondo, Harden, Smith, and Howard, no matter who the 5th guy is, would be fun to watch for years to come. And it gives the Celtics more 1st round picks to add to their 8 in the next 3 years.

  4. joe says:

    absolutely that would the best choice with a former great center as coach.. the lakers didn’t let him play his style.. he didn’t get along with the coach.. and OKC made the huge mistake of giving up harden to the rockets.. with dwight the rockets would have a chance to meet lebron in the finals..

  5. MICHAEL CHIN says:


  6. MAURICE says:

    In my opinion its already played out… or they just trying to get into Dwights head. Come on people I’ve be watching the rockets for 5 years now as a die hard fan, and the only thing that has happened out of synch to the formula of how entertainment works is Lebron going to Miami and I “Prayed” he would go just to see something different. WAKE UP PEOPLE EVERYONE IN THE LEAGUE ARE MASTERS OF GREATNESS AND CAN PROBABLY GO 10 for 10 BEYOND THE ARC ANY DAY THEY’RE PROFESSIONALS! THEY DO THINGS THEY DON’T WANT TO DO, LOOK AT THE EXPRESIONS ON THEIR FACES DURING AN INTERVIEW THEY SEEM MORE DISAPOINTED WITH THEMSELVES FOR BEING SUCH A SELLOUT TO DIE HARD FANS…. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE NOMATTER WHERE YOU GO LEBRON JAMES IS THE MOST FAMOUS BASKETBALL STAR IN THE STATE OF TEXAS AND JAME HARDEN IS JUST THE GUY WITH THE HUGE BEARD!!!!!!

  7. Okckd35 says:

    Man these Houston fans are hilarious, Howardt the best C of all time. Hahaha Hakeem would school DH all day. And then Someone said Jeremy Lin is the best PG in the West. That would be either CP3 or Westbrook(you know the guy u injured to at least have a chance in the playoffs and still lost) I think Houston has a good core of players and Howard would make them a tough out, but really come on, do u fans really believe what u are saying?

    • tory says:

      Someone said dwights the best center to play … lol.. shaq.. hakeem…ducan….come on man.

      • tory says:

        Im a die hard rockets fan… DH is not our answer.. Asik is a better center..we need one more igudala or j smith … we don’t need a center.

  8. a says:

    one team will never win a championship if they refuses to pay their luxury tax

  9. Lakers4life says:

    It seems like Sekou Smith was the only one with a good reply. The rest was rubbish.

  10. Lakers4life says:

    I’ll feel sorry for you Rockets fans if you guys get Howard.

  11. MG says:

    Rockets should be trying to sing Al Jefferson and play him at pf

  12. J says:

    get Dwight their a playoff contender
    get Dwight and josh smith then trade asik and lin then they are title contenders……….with depth ofcource…………..every team needs depth

  13. Michael says:

    The only way they are title contenders is, if they get another star(LIn is NOT that)…Harden,Howard are stars,PArson is one in the making,but that is not nearly enough…the need outside shooting and much deeper bench..if the get cry baby Dwight,they wil trade Asik for a shooting SF for sure….

  14. coolitdude says:

    I would like to see Dwight in Houston too, i believe Hakeem and Clyde can persuade him to join. Josh smith can add a good firepower too but maybe not a contender. Seriously, J-Lin needs to be shipped out, if not Dallas will be a more suitable destination for Dwight + Rondo.

  15. Houstongo says:

    + Howard = title? Not sure. But one thing for sure that Yao Ming was a better team player whom houston wants

  16. Click this name if you want to be totally awesome says:

    Lakers should amnesty Howard so he can play street ball or send him to the D League. He has a lot of potential and simply needs some guidance. Maybe even the WNBA might be a good place to start.

  17. kazim says:

    21012-2013 rankls total rebounds 1. omar asik 956 . it was his first year as a starter and he is way better than that for sure, if l was omar l would leave the rockets even if they get howard or not, what a disrespectful thing they have done to omar! they got howard , nothing will change unless rockets got better bench , all they need is a better bench players !

  18. bigboy11 says:

    damm big baby had problems with Stan van gundy now with d antoni it is never him andrew bynam has 3 rings with bad knees what does he have

  19. bigboy11 says:

    best center right now is Roy Hilbbert one and one he would have dwight for dinner

  20. Tranquility1337 says:


    • Okckd35 says:

      Please don’t compare the lakers to the Thunder, 1st off the lakers got swept and it wasn’t even close, the thunder advanced, and although they lost every game was close. The Lakers are a bunch of divas and give up when things don’t go their way, the one person that doesn’t give up (Kobe) was injured. But with Howard and Gasol both playing there is no excuse to get swept by such huge margins

  21. Bob says:

    Personally I don’t know why Houston is pushing so hard for that big baby. He is absolutely immature and at his age does not show any signs that it will get better in the upcoming years. Houston has Harden as no.1 option offensively and to be that he has to have the ball in his hands, He can play off the ball quite well, but in the end he is too similar a player to Kobe that this won’t work out. Howard wants to be the center of everything, but is not able to handle such situation.

    If Houston signs Howard and trades away Asik then I believe that they will not be a better team then last year. Getting J-Smooth and sticking with Asik in the middle would be a smart move that would also be cheaper.

    • nixsh2000 says:

      It is not a smart move to get Howard and break the team. Adding J Smith and wait for the young players to grow and improve. Houston won’t be the contender next year unless they can get The Dream.

  22. Justified Joe says:

    nobody thought of this but a blockbuster trade of…

    Dwight Howard,and MWP, and ’17 1st round draft picks to Knicks, Amare Stoudemire, J.R smith, and Iman Shumpert
    Lakers Problems are solved, got rid of MWP and …giving lakers a starting 5 of:
    PG – Nash SG- Kobe SF- J.R Smith PF – Pau C – Amare + 6th man Iman Shumpert ( who is very useful in the stretch where nash is not needed, and kobe can be moved to point since he is the ball handler anyways and shumpert can come in clutch with the defence)….nashs chemistry is much better with amare, and j.r smith generally spaces out their offence. Not to mention once Kobe, and Nash are gone, rebuilding around Pau, Amare, and Shumpert(who can grow to be a potential all star) is not soo bad…seems like a good scenario for a team whose on the verge of losing dwight soon, not to mention can make a run in the playoffs with experienced veterans whether they limp in or get home court, cause the baby would be gone.

    Knicks now have an improved Dynamic Duo…Melo and Dwight(instead of Melo and Stoudemire)… and some cap space when they amnesty MWP and an option would be to trade tyson chandler for a decent SG(or package their picks for a good one) since i know you won’t get much, maybe a sign and trade with denver for iggy or for galinnari…starting line up of:
    PG-Felton SG- Gallinari/Iggy SF- Melo PF- Bargs C- Dwight
    Not a bad scenario…considering now you have 2 ALL STARS to attract a third next year in the big FA( maybe attract devon williams or rondo)…and if thats not good enough in ’17 – kobe, and nash are gone which could mean a better draft pick for the knicks not to mention Melo and Dwight would be hungry to win a championship and playoffs aren’t so hard in the eastern conference, where teams believe tanking is better then believing in your players…

    win-win and gets rid of the DRAMA in L.A and shines the spotlight onto New York…What you guys think??

  23. Jasen García says:

    Rockets should try to land Rajon Rondo in a trade. And Josh smith in Free Agency, along with Dwight Howard. That would be a very good team to watch.

  24. wuffe says:

    I went to school with the Phi Slama Jama. Hakeem would of had him falling out of his shoes with his shake and bake. Dwights the best ever??? Mr. “Im back bro” must have just woke up.

  25. Dee says:

    Houston likes to run so I think J.Smith would be a perfect fit alone; furthermore, he is athletic and can run with that team.

    • TimberPuppy says:

      Agreed. Dwight was good in Orando when he was surrounded by shooters and had the Lane to himself. When Orlando went to the 2009 finals his main PF was Rashard Lewis, and later Orlando was an alright team when they had Ryan Anderson replace the suspended RL, but both shoot/shot 3’s and didn’t spend much time if any in the lane. I’m not too sure Dwight and Josh Smith would work well together. I’d have to see if to believe it. Josh Smiths game got leaps and bounds better when he stopped taking so many outside shots and started playing inside more. When has Howard played great on a regular basis with a real power forward that plays down low in there with him.

  26. Jack says:

    Best C in the league? Please, you do not to know much about basketball to see that Hibbert is presently the best and in the past what about Wilt, Kareem, Olajouwon. After DH operation he is not the same. But Houston will be a good fit for him.

  27. Lawrence says:

    Man how can someone say Roy Hibbert or Dwight is the best Centers in the League right now (WOW). For starts, if you are 7’0 foot tall and playing against an undersized Heat team you better put up 20 pts and 10 rebs HIbbert. Now when Hibbert plays against other Centers like Marc Gasol, Tim Duncan, Brook Lopez, and Al Jefferson lol his numbers are not great, just check it out. Now as far as Dwight, he is not the best Center in this decade, or any decade lol. Win a ring first. Dwight does not compare to Shaq-Mr. Domination and a hand full of rings, The Dream Hakeem, Wilt (100 pts in a game), Kareem-Mr. LA (most Pts in NBA history), Moses Malone (Mr. 444), and the Russell-two hands full of rings. Ok can Dwight please make a damn free throw and win one before someone say he is great lol (WOW). Brook Lopez is better than Dwight and Hibbert thank you.

  28. wilpat_18 says:

    If Howard goes to Houston and Josh Smith also they will be a title contender, for sure of that.

  29. essy says:

    I think for Rockets to move forward they need to strengthen their weakness. Asik was probably the most underrated success story for the rockets last season. We also witnessed that he can score when he is fed the ball. Rockets need to concentrate more on a PF and PG. They need players who will put the team goals before their own. That is if The Rockets are aiming for League success and not just Commercial success

  30. Roger says:

    It would actually be smart if Dwight Howard stayed with the Lakers because the only person that has a contract is Steve Nash which gives the Lakers money to possibly recieve Lebron, Wade, Carmelo, and many other free agents at the end of 2014. It would be a chance he has to take but when do you ever see a bad Lakers for many years.

  31. p00kiebrayray says:

    Looks good on paper but probably won’t translate to real life. If they get Josh Smith, then you have a good all around starting 5. But then again everyone was saying LAL had the best starting 5 last year and look how it turned out.

  32. Whose Team Is It says:

    I say he goes to the Mavs . . . and Cuban will get enough pieces to make them a contender.

    • p00kiebrayray says:

      If he’s gonna do that, he might as well stay in LA and have their front office get pieces in 2014 with their cap space.

  33. wait says:

    “how about adding Wade-Bosh-Allen-Battier? -__-” how was wade added when he was all ready in miami and a champion….

  34. cp3 epic basketball says:

    Even with howard to the rocket they will still not be a title contender look at kobe and howard they made it to the 7th seed and rocket made it to the 8th seed and no way harden and parson can lead to the final with howard against cp3 and doc, KD and Westbrook, the big 3 in spurs plus with a great backup and the big 3 in the heat. NO WAY

  35. Bu says:

    Rockets do not have any D, even if DH joins them. Harden keeps hogging the ball & take wild shots will mean Rockets will lose more than win. Howard has proven to be overrated, & will be a big liability to the team down the stretch without any improvement on post moves that can score & draw fouls & esp hitting the free throws, not to mention Howard’s horrible demeanor on court as a player (no fire, no spirit)

    So they are far from championship level even if Howard joins.


    bill russell best center of all time

  37. jay mbachu says:

    Houston is the Fourth largest city in America Steve….not a small city smh

  38. j says:

    Rockets contender right now…what a joke

  39. pacoy titoy says:

    Same words crafted by people last season for the Lakers on Howard transfer. Now, their talking the same about the Rockets. Howard (in proportion to his Max contract) is a joke!

  40. manie says:

    I agree with Sekou smith and John Schuhmann. the rockets will be a top 10 team and after watching howard addition to LAL do nothing to that team I Think we need to wait and see the rockets play before calling them contenders or pretenders lol

  41. realist2013 says:

    They need a post player. PERIOD. Howards more than capable and he was coming off back surgery last season with ball hogging Kobe. What do you expect. Last season was their first year playing with all new teammates Parsons being the only one from the previous season. Yet they made the playoffs more than I expected for a new group and took OKC to 6 games so I was happy. Everyone wants instant gratification. They have a year together and can only get better. I’d hate to see Asik go he works hard and deserves what Bosh’s soft self makes. 11.8 rebounds and 2-3 blocks a game and he works on his offense as he had never been called on to score. Thats a real player to me.

  42. Vince says:

    Rockets are not a title contender. last season they played the lakers without kobe and nash. Lakers even made it to 7th seed . Rockets are a Joke. no way in hell Parson and Harden would help dwight. Kobe and dwight have a chance to win a championship they just need some fresh and young players, Lin and Parson plus Harden are you kidding me. Get out of here Rocket fans

    • AC says:

      You clearly have not watched any Rockets games. The amount of of blow out games Rockets had last season was amazing. Beat Jazz by 40 and Golden States by 35, plus many other blow outs. You are forgetting that last year’s Rockets were pretty much brand new built from scratch. They overachieved and proved everybody wrong. With the addition of Josh Smith or Howard, they would improve their defense and offense drastically. The current young guys are still developing their skills and chemistry. Rockets will be Title contender if they play better defense and fill the PF hole.

    • manie says:

      you must be joking. after an entire season of nothing positive about Kobe and howard together how can you say they have a chance to win it all. Kobe and howard are like day and night

  43. Vince says:

    Keeop dreaing Rocket fans. Lin-Parson-Harden a contender in the west if they get howard?? are you joking. Dwight will resign with the Lakers because Kobe can help him win a Championship.already a proven champion.

  44. esboa says:


    greatest center al time BRO, ??? Some one forgot Hakeem, who played, ehm, in Houston

  45. DconCeltic says:

    first of all dwight howard is not the best center of all time and he is definitely not the best center to step into the staples center so your crazy to think that when you remember there was magic, wilt, kareem, big game james worthy, and more and best center of all time is either wilt or bill russell wilt got 100 points but that was when there was no three seconds and bill got the most rings and the finals mvp trophy is named after him for a reason and Rockets will never get rondo because danny ainge has already said rondo is not on the trading block

  46. Vicster says:

    Rockets are contenders right now even without howard #bleedred

    • Game Time says:

      Rockets have a lot more growing to do before the are real contenders. Even with Howard they wouldn’t be instance contenders. It all depends on how well he fits in and how they all play together. As the Lakers.

  47. Rock says:

    If the rockets can get Rondo and absorb the bad contract of Lee for Asik and J-Lin this would leap frog them into the finals.

    Rockets give Asik & J-Lin to Celtics
    Celtics get Asik & and get rid of Lee’s bad contract. J-Lin is bad but brings in asian market

  48. htownfan says:

    the thunder look more stupid now of trading james harden to the rockets for jeremy lamb, kevin martin and there stiff of a first round pick this yr.

    • Game Time says:

      Only because WB got injured. OKC was still number 1 in the west, still beat the Rockets, and Harden was still a choker in the finals that didn’t help KD and WB.

  49. htownfan says:

    even if they cant land jeff teague and smith, there are reports that if they rockets get howard they are trading asik to the hawks in a sign and trade for smith. a starting five of Lin, Harden, Parsons, Smith and Howard aint too bad my friends.

  50. htownfan says:

    if they rockets land Howard and can trade Asik, Lin and d-mo and a first rounder to the hawks for jeff teague and josh smith, the rockets will def be one of or not the best team in the west fo sho. starting lineup of PG; Jeff Teague SG; James Harden SF: Chandler Parson PF: Josh Smith C: Dwight Howard. Tell me that is not a title contender starting five right there and the scary part is that the rockets can do that.

  51. Game Time says:

    Unless your name is LeBron James, being added to any team doesn’t make you an instant title contender.

    • JLin7lives says:

      Word… lol. I agree, no one in NBA can stop Lebron 5 step James right now…
      Dwight Howard is a bit overrated I would say… but I hope he goes to Houston !!!

      • Cristian says:

        how about adding Wade-Bosh-Allen-Battier? -__-

      • Bryan says:

        Adding Kd to the pacers would not make them a conatender. Oh wait, they would be way better than the heat

      • Game Time says:

        Bryan there’s no definite guarantee the Pacers would be better than Miami in that situation although they would look better on paper. Kind of like how Lakers looked better on paper than everyone last season.

  52. NBAFan says:

    PG – Lin SG – Harden SF – Parsons PF – Robinson C – Howard. I see a contender. Need to fill out the bench with decent role players though. maybe amnesty Lin and trade Asik for cap space/veterans. But i can definitely see Houston being a contender if they make the right moves this offseason.

    • YaoMac says:

      Pretty sure Robinson just got traded to Blazers. Clearing space so Howard doesn’t have to be a sign and trade.

    • dmh says:

      Robinson is being traded to the blazers…… PF by committee this year between the twin tower effect with Asik. White (if he plays… don’t know status as of now due to overly chronicled mental illness) Don Montajunas (spell?) and that other pf from Kentucky. Just like Minnesota and Kahn’s obsession with pgs….. Houston needs to figure out the pf situation before they trade, sign or draft any more pfs.

      • dmh says:

        Plus Lin can’t be amnestied. He was signed after the new CBA took effect. The only two options for Lin are trade or the stretch provision. However Lin is a young serviceable pg in which was too overhyped in NY by D’Antoni’s system. He works for now and Houston in reality shouldn’t get too crazy in crafting their team right off the bat. He will never be Westbrook but, he can be a top 20ish pg in the league…… Too many stars and you get last year’s Lakers. The right mix from top to bottom gets championships. Remember Derek Fisher was the right pg for all those Laker championships with Kobe and Shaq and Kobe and Pau…… I know the guy never really ranked as pgs go… he just took advantage of being at the right place at the right time. I can see the same thing with Lin eventually as he improves.

      • Eli Odell J. says:

        Don’t bring up Royce white alright? Just don’t… He ain’t worthy, and as a starter?!? Just don’t….

  53. the hidden truth says:


  54. pokie says:

    The Rockets are a tittle contender right now.

    • IM back bro says:

      no they aren’t. They weren’t before they got james harden and they aren’t now. It’s people like Pokie and other Delusional “fans” who just think adding a ton of weight will win automatically. SUre dwight is the best center of all time and is the greatest person to step foot in the Stapels center, but he has nobody else working hard. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!!!

      • they are a contender…with or without howard…if they can land josh smith on the PF position…they’re definitely a contender

      • Game Time says:

        Best center of all time and person to step foot in Staples????

      • Michael says:

        I nearly spit my coffee reading your post, don’t make laugh so hard.

      • zelgie says:

        @pokie Think before you speak huh? Maybe you should take that advice yourself when you say howard is the best center of all time. He doesn’t play like it. His stats doesn’t prove it either. Your brain cease to function properly maybe?

      • NBAfan says:

        You should take your own advice. dh is no where near the greatest center of all time or the greatest person to ever set foot in staples center. He’s just the best center in an era with no good centers

      • Alex says:

        I agree with u but, just one thing man…

        Dwight, best C of all time ? … nah…

        You can’t compare dwight with Shaq, Chamberlain, Olajuwon, Russel or Kareem. Dwight has no ring man, and even if he is the best C of his time, he will never be the best C of all time, or at least, no for the moment. Seeing how Miami is playing, if miami had managed to trade howard ( this is an exemple ), then the chance to win a title would have been more than possible. Howard in houston, okay, that’s cool, but there is no way he can be the best C of all time, because he still has not won a ring yet. If miami, the thunders or SA had an accident in their playoffs, they could get a shot ( and however, they would still have to beat at least teams like the pacers or the warriors ) , but if that is not the case, it could be tough.

      • Hey jeremy Lin is the best pg in the west

      • CW says:

        Shouldn’t you be able to make a free throw if you are “best of all time” ?? He is a terrible liability in a close game (not to mention a childish head-case). Houston can have him. Howard doesn’t make any team better. He only breaks the bank.

      • think again says:

        you sound delusional when you say Dwight howard is the greatest center of all time. not even in the top five centers. just think before you speak.

      • p00kiebrayray says:

        you guys should take it easy on IM back bro. He just started watching basketball in 2006, so thats why he thinks D12 is goat.

      • Tony C says:

        I’m sure that Dwight Howard is not the best center of all time. He’s not even the best center of todays big men. That honor goes to the big fella in Indiana – Roy Hibbert. Hibbert is the best NBA Center in the league today by far. Trust me when I say this because I am a Miami Heat fan. I like Hibbert a lot though. He’s got big time low post moves and can score and play defense. And he doesn’t cry like a baby everytme someone else takes a shot other than himself.

        Howard is with the most storied franchise in NBA history known for its big men (Wilt, Karem, Shaq). He has a teammate in Kobe Bryant who is one of the best all around players and maybe the best one-on-one scorer in the NBA today (Lebron maybe the best but i’m not sure). Yet, Mr. Howard wants to try the open market for a team where he can be the big star by himself and get all the press and individual glory. Well, remember Tracey McGrady when he was playing with Vince Carter in both their primes and Tracey decided he wanted to shine on his own on another team without Vince Carter because at the time Vince was getting all the attention. Tracey McGrady never got ouf of the 1st round of the playoffs. He’s had multiple individual honors bestowed upon him, but he will never be a champion.

        Lebron on the otherhand decided to take less money and share the spotlight with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. This is why they are all Champions. Sacrifice, honor, and hard work.

        Dwight Howard’s only choice is to stay with the Lakers, but he won’t because he’s going to be the next Tracey McGrady. Dwight, if you want a ring, they are selling them at the dollar store (on sale) for 99 cents. There’s your ring. Go get it.

      • Darklander says:

        are you on crack? DH the best center of all time? they guy have not won anything yet, no title, no MVP, no low post moves and can’t even shoot free throws decently.

      • LifelezZ says:

        When Yao and DH were both in their best condition, I think Yao was still little bit better than him. My opinion may be biased, but what you guys say?

      • miguelamor22 says:

        Its called sarcasm you morons… the “THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK” right after all that bs wasn’t enough to tip you fools off? I swear to god people are stupid. I can just picture people getting instantly furious while reading that comment like tony montana near the end of the movie juggling the phone while screaming in rage. You idiots took the bait and now my man”s lookin like a genius.

      • Lakers4life says:

        Yeah, YOU should think B4 YOU talk. Stupid.

      • antwhow says:

        Best center “of all time”?? “Greatest to step foot in Staples Center”? WHAT KIND OF JUNK ARE YOU SMOKING????? Olajuwon, Shaq, Kareem, Ewing, Worthy, Russell…I’m a HUGE Rockets fan and would love to get DH, but he hasn’t come close to these guys! and as for Staples Center, Kareem, Worthy, Shaq, Magic, Kobe…REALLY? DH better than these? get off whatever you are on and think before you type!! GO ROCKETS!!!