Blogtable: Trades We’d Like To See

Pau Gasol, by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Pau Gasol, by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 13: First-half blindside | Knicks or Nets? | Trade me!

A month from trade deadline: Give us a trade you’d like to see.

Steve Aschburner: Utah needs to break up that logjam of power forwards, with Al Jefferson my preferred choice for a fresh start. But no one needs a fresh start more than Pau Gasol, who would be way better off getting out of L.A. and shedding the Lakers’ scapegoat role. Gasol for Amar’e Stoudemire? Gasol in a package to Atlanta for Josh Smith (scratching two trade itches at once)? Gasol is getting older, he’s fragile and he’s got a big contract, but the skilled and classy big man deserves better than the demotion and snide treatment he’s dealt with lately.

Fran Blinebury: I’m ready to trade the Quizmaster for next season’s lease at empty Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento. But barring that, let’s swap Pau Gasol for Josh Smith.  It gets Pau out of toxic Lakerland for his own good and lets him pair up nicely with All-Star big man Al Horford. Smith could make a big splash in L.A. and save the season or be permitted to walk off into free agency. If that happens, it’s addition by subtraction, since coach Mike D’Antoni and the stats show that Gasol and Dwight Howard do not work effectively together.  Lakers have to take the baggage of Johan Petro, DeShawn Stevenson and Ivan Johnson to make it work.

Jeff Caplan: The Lakers have 2 choices: Trade Pau Gasol or trade Dwight Howard. At this point the right call might just be to trade D12. The Nets would probably take him today and the Lakers can move on with some pretty nice players, including team-oriented Brook Lopez, who can score like Dwight, although he won’t rebound or defend quite like Dwight, even this Dwight after back surgery. Gasol is a bit more difficult to trade and get back as much quality. On paper, it’s a no-brainer that you keep Howard and trade Gasol. But Howard’s immaturity and inability to assume responsibility seem to stretch to new levels with every passing game.

Scott Howard-CooperDeMarcus Cousins for anybody. Because if Kings fans are about to lose their team, they shouldn’t have to also lose their mind in frustration in the process. (Not going to happen, though. Every Cousins rumor that popped up the last several weeks was mostly bad fiction writing.)

John Schuhmann: This is kind of a simple idea, but I’d like to see the Nuggets trade Corey Brewer and a pick to Atlanta for Kyle Korver. Both guys are on reasonable, expiring contracts, so the deal wouldn’t affect future cap space at all. Denver desperately needs perimeter shooting to complement their speed and athleticism, and Korver could put them in the top-five offensively and in the upper echelon of the Western Conference. And with the return of Wilson Chandler, Brewer is now expendable. I’ll admit that it would help if Anthony Morrow (or Lou Williams) was healthy, so that the Hawks weren’t so reliant on Korver’s shooting.

Sekou Smith: I’d like to see the Lakers put Pau Gasol out of his misery and move him somewhere he can rediscover the role he played three seasons ago, before that playoff meltdown against the Mavericks that started his current career slide. Even with these rumblings about the Lakers considering Dwight Howard trades, Gasol is the big man the Lakers have to move. Gasol still has enough tread left on his tires to help anchor the low post somewhere other than Los Angeles. And it’s clear, now that he’s been relegated to a reserve role in favor of  Earl Clark, that Gasol isn’t in the Lakers’ plans.


  1. anonynu says:

    trade gasol for gortat , gortat can play with nash unlike dwight

  2. Frank says:

    Trade Kobe. So many players could get his numbers with that amount of shots. he doesnt use skill anymore

  3. dwan fulwood says:

    The trades I would like to see is Phil Jackson for Dantoni and Jerry West for Mitch Kupchuk.

  4. Boricua-fan says:

    trade- Gasol for Kirilenko and JJ Barea

  5. NyK says:

    I think Gasol for STAT is a trade that makes sense. Both players are unappreciated on their teams and both could work well if they swapped spots. If the Lakers insist on a more uptempo style of play Nash could use a more athletic four, STAT hasn’t been utilized effectively when playing alongside Carmelo, Gasol moves better without the ball can find gaps when teams focus on Carmelo.

  6. NyK says:

    Why are Heat and Laker fans so delusional when proposing trade possibilities?

  7. cal says:

    I’m not a Rockets fan but if the Lakers want to move Howard or Gasol… I’m sure they could put together some kind of package involing guys like Patterson or Morris and some draft picks (which LA doesn’t really have a lot of after getting Nash)

  8. Dwight Howard, Jodie Meeks, Chris Duhon, Metta World Peace to Raptors for Jose Calderon, Amir Johnson, DeMar DeRozan, Andrea Bargnani, Terrence Ross, Aaron Gray, 2014 1st round draft pick

  9. pepee says:

    lakers:tyrus thomas,smith,kyle korver

  10. Pau Gasol, Devin Ebanks, Jodie Meeks to Raptors for Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson, 1st round draft pick.

    Raptors get a franchise big man, and a guy they have been after for close to 4 years, I know Raptors are statistically better without Bargnani, but if u pair him and Pau, it could be something special. Neither play defense, but Dwyane Casey is a super defensive minded coach, so they wouldn’t be atrocious on D.
    Lakers upgrade significantly at PG and get more athletic and younger. Not to mention get rid of Gasol’s ridiculous contract.
    Joe Johnson once had the title of most overpaid NBA player, but I believe that title belongs to Gasol now. Joe is kinda earning his as of late with Brooklyn and he is a super clutch guy and has hit multiple game winners this year, Pau on the other hand.. has been a bum.

  11. pepee says:

    my bad it was lou william to nets

  12. Pau Gasol, Devin Ebanks, Jodie Meeks to Raptors for Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson, 1st round draft pick.

    Raptors get a franchise big man, and a guy they have been after for close to 4 years, I know Raptors are statistically better without Bargnani, but if u pair him and Pau, it could be something special. Neither play defense, but Dwyane Casey is a super defensive minded coach, so they wouldn’t be atrocious on D.
    Lakers upgrade significantly at PG and get more athletic and younger. Not to mention get rid of Gasol’s ridiculous contract.
    Joe Johnson once had the title of most overpaid NBA player, but I believe that title belongs to Gasol now. Joe is kinda earning his as of late with Brooklyn and he is a super clutch guy and has hit multiple game winners this year, Pau on the other hand.. has been a bum.

  13. pepee says:

    they should trade:

    Nets:howard, meeks, clark,hill
    lakers: lopez,shevd

    • pepee says:

      hawks:gasol,wallace,lou william

      • LakersFan2013 says:

        Lakers trade: Gasol,blake,meeks,clark for Hawks: Smith and Morrow or Lakers trade: Gasol,Meeks and blake for Bulls: Deng and Gibson.

  14. Enrique Dufau says:

    Pau Gasol to Suns, Luis Scola and Channing Frye to Lakers.

  15. christian urciada says:

    so funny la fans saying they gonna win it all when they got d12 now their so pathetic wanting to let go of d2 hahahaha so ashamed my Dallas team are winning more games than the star staded lakers. and i remember when you have nash prefect combo lob city part2 hahahah. howard wont be a laker his gonna keep on blaming somebody when his team is losing and his gonna find his way out of the messed he made,

  16. LUGA KA says:

    Should other teams make trade with Lakers???? I guess Not…. Lakers want to dump those players because they are useless… Should the Wolves get involve with lakers Pau for LOVE… The answer is NO… Hey It’s your Garbage why do want to dump it in here??? The Lakers are done… Everything is a mess… Should other teams follow the path of lakers??? NO…. Why getting involve if your team is winning…. Some say Bosh to PAU???? No Way…. Bosh prove that he can be the HEAT’s 1st option if the situation needs him, remember the time when No LBJ and Wade around??? Bosh Lift the HEAT against Portland…. As of Now BOSH is happy even though He is just the 3rd Option… There will be times that BOSH need to step up his game… But as of Now he needs to relax…. HEAT ain’t losing… And why would other teams make a trade For Howard deal??? If howard won’t sign an extension on the team he got traded then your team’s roster, chemistry will be ruined and Lakers will benefit while your team suffer.. If Howard leaves L.A. which is a big possibility then SO BE IT… You can acquire him on free agency… Why risk your team roster on trades if you can acquire him on summer… It’s the Lakers problem not yours…. Sorry Lakers Better luck next time…

  17. Dr Buss (Sr.) says:

    I trade all the bull**** I read here for the minutes I wasted reading it

    Oh, and I also trade D12 to the Wizards for Nene, K. Seraphin and this year’s 1st round pick unprotected

    And I fire D’antoni and my son Jim, whatever the cost, they are killing my dream franchise at sideral speed

  18. Kevin says:

    Why would any team give anything up for Howard without a sign and trade and why would Howard do a sign and trade and go somewhere deplete of talent when he can go to the same place after he is a UFA with the cupboards full instead of bare?

  19. bigm says:

    Dwight & Pau +1st and 2nd rnd pick for a healthy bogut &Lee

  20. Bob M says:

    Man, I worked out a three team deal with Bklyn/ LAL/ and Sacto and the post wasn’t published!!! It was pretty long, too!! A brief summary: trade Pau and DH. Get DeMarcus Cousins, Tyreke Evans, DeShawn Stevenson, and Josh Smith. Instantly, the Lakers get younger, faster, and Kobe has people to lead. The weak area in the West is post play. DMC and Josh would make it rough to post up in the halfcourt and have a lot of speed in transition.

  21. Hashim says:

    Fire Mike D. Hire Phil, Trade nash and pau to raptors for the big man Andrea Bargnani and DeRozan and Kyle Lowry

  22. Nick says:

    For people that believe that Paul Gasol holds the same value as Josh Smith need to give their head a shake. They’re not even in the same ball park

  23. Anon says:

    Pau Gasol for Chuck Norris?

  24. Eric says:

    I rather see a 1 2 punch of Rondo and Josh Smith. (Teammates from HighSchool at Oak Hill)

  25. Tre Brown says:


    • Jay#24 says:

      The Heat already have N. Cole and M. Chalmers at PG oh yeah L. James also plays PG to so no trade

      • LakersFan2013 says:

        Yeah no trade LA would get just a little bit better. Nets would get way worse, And Miami would dominate. And Miami doesn’t really need Williams, but they do need Howard.

  26. Bullsfever says:

    Rip Hamilton and Kirk Hinrich for Tyreke Evans & Jimmer Fredette

    • People may say that is dumb for Kings, but they need some veterans and some leadership like Hinrich and RIP. It would actually make sense, but Bulls have such great chemistry, it would be risky to break that up. Especially with the types of players Tyreke and Jimmer are.

      • LakersFan2013 says:

        Not terrible btu not a good trade either. Evans and Fredette both have a lot of Potential. Hamilton and Hinrich are old. Just Fredette for Hinrich would be a better trade.

  27. Romario Santoyo says:

    Gasol for Boozer…’d work out well fro both teams.

  28. Toddytwotime says:

    If the lakers really wanna beef up thier bench, trade gasol or howard to toronto, they got an abundance of tallent and no big man, makes sence for both sides.

  29. Mike2Times says:

    Josh Smith won’t leave Atlanta. We will stick it out this year like the past years, maybe trade some other guys like Ivan Johnson or Kyle Korver and then Dwight Howard walks out of LA at the end of the year, straight to his hometown of Atlanta!

  30. Hunter says:

    D12 to Nets
    Brook Lopez and a 1st rounder to LAL

    Pau Gasol and a 1st rounder to ATL
    Josh Smith to LAL

  31. Jr Vince says:


  32. JMVL says:

    Miami should trade Bosh for Gasol.

    Bosh would be better in LA and Gasol would be much happier in Miami

  33. RainDog says:

    Just one word for Howard: overrated. Not mentally ready for a ring, not committed, not that good in the end, expecially as a defender. Getting rid of him would be the best thing, i defenetly agree with mr. Caplan.

  34. Lakers Fan 2013 says:

    The Lakers neeed to trade Gasol for either Kevin Love or Josh Smith if they want another power forward. If they want a small forward then trade him for Rudy Gay, or Luol Deng, or Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson. But they need a trade.

  35. Yussuf says:

    Haward & Ron Artist to Dallas
    Dirk & Carter to Lakers

    maybe it’s a fair trade!!!!

    • Lakers Fan 2013 says:

      That would make them older, less athletic, and they don’t need Carter since they have Kobe, And if Pau doesn’t fit in why would Dirk.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Oh sure, try to rid Howard now that he’s back on the injured list.

      NBA teams and highlight shows keep track of major injuries. No NBA team in their right minds would go after Howard right now. He injured himself yesterday against Memphis. How? I don’t know. I think he raised his arm a little bit. Or something. 😀

  36. Robert says:

    Dont trade Howard for God’s sake, It’s a lost season, let it go. Think for the future, Lakers.. Kobe’s 35, Dwight’s your future right here. Trade Gasol for spot-up shooters.

  37. Blackkiler419 says:

    NO Josh Smith Cannot be traded

  38. manila kingpin says:

    howard for lopez and brooks!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Howard is a risk. Apparently, he reinjured himself yesterday against Memphis. I’m not sure how; he was just standing there. Maybe he’s faking it. I don’t know.

      Dwight is damaged goods. Until he gets healthy (hopefully this summer), teams can’t take a chance on him yet.

      Lopez and Brooks, on the other hand, are perfect right where they are. The Nets are poised to have a spectacular second-half. They’re not going to jeopardize that potential.

      Sorry, Laker fan. No one is buying what you’re selling — cause it smells like garbage.

  39. Here is a bunch of semi-realistic trade scenarios I put forward on January 11.

  40. EC says:

    MIN: even if Love wants to get out (who says that???)…. if you saw how they played with all the injuries you would be dumb to split up this team, they have one of the deepest, youngest and most promising rosters which will be successful in the upcominig years

    LAL: if they don´t trade Gasol for a big man AND DH12 doesn´t sign an extension they will risk to have NO big man on their roster in 13/14, so a Smith/Gasol trade is imo unlikely to happen, esp. as Smith will become an UFA as well and might want to test his value; with Elton Brand playing more solid in recent games, they could trade Gasol for Kaman, Wright, Beaubois, Jones, Jones, Picks and use these players for further trades, as Kaman´s contract (8 mn) expires it would even give them space to make a bid for M.Ellis or other interesting FAs next summer, this could leave LAL with Monta, Kobe, MWP, Clark, DH12 as starting 5 with Nash, Beaubois, Hill, Wright, Jamison…. coming of the bench and DAL with rotating Dirk/Pau, Dirk/Elton, Pau/Elton…

    Jefferson, Hickson, Splitter …. all will become FAs as well, so there are more options to follow

    Would also get rid of DH12, seems like a kid, just having fun but nothing else

  41. LUGA KA says:

    Guys let’s be realistic…. How About…
    Trade Pau to 76ers for Kwame Brown….. Bynum and Pau complement each other very well….
    waive Cry Baby Howard then sign Brian “White Mamba” Scalabrine… 2 mambas are better than one….
    Trade Steve Nash for John Lucas III, Steve blake and john lucas will just hand the ball to kobe……
    Lakers Benefits: minimize luxury Tax, Salary cost cut, Cheaper pay rolls…. Same mediocre team But at least a lot more cheaper…
    kobe will be scoring champ again… He can now jack up shots 100 times a game… no need to share the ball… No pointing finger… same greatness attitude…. He can now be the greatest shooter all he want…. Let’s Go Lakers!!! Make that DEAL….

  42. The Truth says:

    1. Gasol for Smith is cleary one of the most possible trades as it clears up lots of space for ATL to rebuild by dumping 2-3 players with Smith who does not want to play in ATL anymore and gives LA a stretch 4 who is athletic and pieces that provide bench depth.
    2. Gasol for Love is out of the picture now since Love is hurt. Love will most likely leave MIN when his contract is up. He stated that he does want to come back and wants to go play at home aka LA
    3. Gasol for Amare will never happen.

    • Fabrizio says:

      This is the most ridiculous thing i ever heard.
      How gettin Gasol’s big contract is the best way for Atlanta to rebuild? Atlanta already made the moves necessary to rebuild buy trading Joe Johnson, gettin Gasol would be a step backward. Why the hell would they trade Josh smitth plus Ivan Johnson (Two expiring deals, making atlanta a huge player in Free Agency) for Gasol? Ivan Johnson is way better than Gasol. This is a trade that only lakers fans consider. Its Dumb, its ridiculous. Its impossible

  43. Houdini says:

    Trading either Gasol nor Howard still wouldn’t work, the cause of all their misery is that arrogant, ball-hogging, individual achievement-oriented Kobe. He’s not a leader and what Lakers need is that leader to guide them and believe in them. Kobe no doubt is and will be the alpha dog in the Lakers uniform until he retires, and that simply wouldn’t work. He may get his points but his team will never win anything.

  44. Fabrizio says:

    Someone that considers a trade between Josh Smith and Paul Gasol, don’t have a clue of whats going on at this League, and mostly in Atlanta.
    Lakers can’t expect to get a player of the same level as Gasol with the new CBA rules out there, his constract is huge.
    Now John Schuhmann trade is a curious one and maybe it works for both teams.

  45. v-elf says:

    Reading the comments above from Lakers fans, I notice they must be living in a dream (LALA) land. The comments are to up-trade either for Pau or Dwight. Pau is too expensive for his age/paly level and Dwights contract is ending this season & big bugs. Any other GM outside the Lakers-office knows this and will bargain. So think only about down-trading, second grade PF or 3-point shooter for Pau or Dwight or nothing will happen at all.

  46. El Undelador says:

    Three team trade involving the Hawks, Kings, and Lakers

    Lakers receive DeMarcus Cousins, John Salmons, and Anthony Morrow
    Kings receive Josh Smith and Antawn Jamison
    Hawks receive Dwight Howard

    Lakers lose Dwight Howard and Antawn Jamison
    Kings lose Demarcus Cousins and John Salmons
    Hawks lose Josh Smith and Anthony Morrow

    The Lakers benefit by getting a young, promising center and backups for Kobe.
    The Kings benefit because they get good pieces that they can go forward with, or let go of this summer to give them cap flexibility.
    The Hawks benefit by getting Howard, who can play with Horford for a killer frontcourt(Horford would shift to PF)

  47. The Right Move says:

    The Lakers have been my favorite team since i was a kid but damn it! they are playing worse than Kwame Brown this season! I mean are you serious?! Anyway, I honestly think the Lakers should trade Gasol, He’s a good player, one of the best, but he’s just not going to do well under Mike D’s coaching. I’d like to see Pau get traded to Atlanta for Josh Smith somehow or maybe, just maybe, to Sacramento for Demarcus Cousins? That seems crazy but there’s a possibility that it could work out for both teams, considering who’s involved in the trade. I just want to see D12 stay.

    • genoa says:

      Why do you want that clown to stay? He’s toxic for team chemistry, He doesn’t take criticism well, and he hasn’t done anything to take the offensive load off of Kobe. He doesn’t have the competitive edge – who the hell enjoys themselves that much while they’re on the court for a 17-25 team.

  48. sissy123 says:

    almost the whole laker team is at fault here.though gasol hasnt been playing well but lets not forget that gasol is being forced to play in a position where hes not comfortable with. gasol excels in the paint area and that is where howard is being played right. howard being my 3rd favorite payer has been a dissapointement this season but i will cut him some slack since the guy just returned from a major back surgery..mike dantoni is also at ffault and does not fit the lakers roster since his system is obviously not working well with the players. the only peron excelling at what he does is kobe. though it is obvious that either gasol or howard shud go but they shouldnt trade gasol so carelessly since howard might walk away from the lakers after this season. before they trade gasol they have to make sure that howard is staying otherwise, lakers will be losing both gasol and howard and considering how kobe is at the end of his career and might be retiring soon, the lakers franchise will fall apart.

    and secondly please forget about the smith/gasol trade beacause tho smith would fit perfectly with the lakers, there is no way that atlanta will burden themselves with aging gasol who has a big contract. not only that the atlanta will suffer defesibly as they will miss out on smith’s athletism and explosiveness and so they will be the losers in the team. pairing the gasol brothers for now seems like a good decision since they are amazing when they are combined together. either way, gasol or howard has to go and so does mike dantonni

  49. MSBTG says:

    A good trade would be:
    Amar’e to ATL
    Josh smith to NYK
    The knicks get an elite defender who would can play with-in the system and off the attention carmelo gets on offense.
    The hawks get an elite scorer (when healthy) who can run a solid pick and roll with teague, and be their go to guy in iso situations down the stretch.
    Win win for both teams.

  50. Bstarr says:

    Scott Howard-Cooper: DeMarcus Cousins for anybody: Well trade Cousins to Boston for KG and then trade Kyrie Irving for Paul Pierce and Jason Terry. Celtics will have a young big tree again: Rondo, Kyrie and Cousins! Last year the playoffs were tough for the veterans of Boston, it’s time for a change in TD Garden before it’s too late. They know the struggle they had after the Bird, Parish, McHale era. The 90’s were poor (also thanks to Rick Pitino)

    Sekou Smith: I’d like to see the Lakers put Pau Gasol. Come on Sekou, who wants Gasol at the moment? Raptors? Wolves? Maybe Rockets? Teams that need a veteran? Gasol had his best game on christmas eve this season against NY. But after that it was downhill again. Maybe the Grizz’s can do a trade for Zach Randolph to LAL to have both Gasol brothers on the same team. I just don’t see Pau Gasol getting in an all star shape somewhere else. One thing else: Moving Earl Clark to the starting lineup was definitely a sign to Pau that it’s game over for him.

  51. yoyoyoyo says:

    dwight metta jamison for marc gasol and rudy gay although i would hate to see that core group for the grizzles broken up

  52. john says:

    LA Lakers should trade Pau for Josh Smith it would help LA because Smith can shoot 3 pointers and Dwight knows Smith since College it would work out and it would also help the Hawks because the Hawks Head coach has a problem with
    J-Smoove(Josh Smith)

  53. Taiye says:

    Trade Dwight and Artest for Andre Iguodala and Wilson Chandler or Danilo Gallinari. This is all that makes sense in LA because for the future you would have Dwight, Gallinari, Iguodala, an aging Kobe that can be replaced by Iggy and Nash that we can get a good point guard later on if Morris doesn’t step.

  54. Phil Jackson says:

    Trade Pau and some expendables for Josh Smith and kyle korver done deal

  55. Richard NJ NETS says:

    C’mon man!!!!!!!! reading some of these foolish unrealistic trades EX: (Gasol for love ? Boozer and Rip for James Harden)

    Memphis needs to trade for some descent bench players who can shoot the 3 ball. maybe kyle krover

    Mavs should rebuild, no matter what the Mark Cuban or dirk says my inner feeling says they going to trade him, along with VC, Kaman ,Elton and Marion for future round picks and some young starters.

    Lakers……trade Howard he’s probably not going to resign. to the Mavs maybe but lakers would get even slower. Denver could try they have the players(Wilson,Brewer,Galinalri and JAVALLLE) the lakers need to have some dept but it a risk D12 wont stay.

    • Taiye says:

      Smart, either get their big players like i said below or get the 4 players you said to give them starting value and a bench

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Don’t think Denver is in the market for an injured Howard, especially since they have Javale McGee who is actually having a good season.

  56. Kuberan says:

    Gasol for Griffin

  57. james09 says:

    Lakers get:jeff green
    Celtics get: Pau gasol

  58. AussieIcon says:

    Nets:Glen Davis, CJ Watson, 2nd round pick
    Orlando:Kevin Love,
    T-Wolves: Brooke Lopez, Turkoglu, 2x1st round pick (one from ORL, one from BRK)

    Lakers: DeMarcus Cousins
    Sonics (they will be next season, shut up) : Josh Smith

  59. vern says:

    Gasol for Stoudemire IMO is one set of bad knees for another. It would make no sense to me. Gasol just doesn’t look new york.

  60. DB4108 says:

    All these “trade scenarios” that favor the Lakers are sickening. Gasol for Love, Gay, Lebron, blah, blah. Gasol is past his prime and you all think GMs are stupid enough to give the Lakers a superstar in exchage? There are 29 other teams in the NBA besides the Lakers. The most you would get for Gasol, in my opinion, is a couple of first round picks, trade exceptions or a Jermaine O’Neal.

    • the cub says:

      Yeah, I agree all these Laker losers trying to short change the Grizzlies, its pathetic. Here’s a trade for you California Dreamers:
      Send Kobe to Memphis and we’ll give you Bayless – that’s a good deal!

  61. Silky Smooth says:

    Gasol to MIN
    Clark to MIN

    Pekovic to UTA
    Kirilenko to LAL
    Ridnour to UTA

    Milsap – LAL
    Bell – LAL
    Carroll – MIN

    UTA – Ridnour to support PG while Williams is on IR. Pekovic is a long-term solution in front court, paired nicely with Jefferson this year. Moving Milsap (out of position at 3) opens opportunties for Burks/Hayward 2-3 combo

    MIN – Re-vamped Gasol keeps MIN playoff chances alive. Second-half sucess this season makes MIN dangerous next offseason with Gasol, Love, Rubio core (and may keep Love happier). Clark and Carroll are serviable forwards on expiring deals

    LAL – Kirilenko is a versitle forward (plays 3-4) who helps defense and style of play. Milsap an ideal forward (another 3-4) next to Dwight, with strong 15-18ft range on high post and short corner – and a FA at season’s end.

    • dattebayo says:

      You have got to be a Laker fan, that doesn’t know anything about Utah or Minnesota. Pekovic is a pure center, he would never work with Jefferson on defense. Kirilenko is Minnesotas best player, if they give him up, they will not win anymore games this season. Their defense took a hit with all the injuries, if you add no-hustle-Pau to that, they will plummit in the standings faster than the Lakers and Mavericks have. This trade is even worse than the Love-Gasol trade you people are hoping for…

  62. big link says:

    This is the only realistic trade that the Celtics could handle to get josh smith to boston.

  63. hawks fan period. says:

    Keep Josh. Trade Horford and Harris for Gasol. Everybody Wins.

  64. Carsten says:

    While everbody is talking about LA, D12, Pau, and where the perfect fit is, I’m really not to happy with the idea about the Corey-Korver-deal. I mean, let’s face it, Korver has not much of a game but his stroke, while Corey on the other hand is a good perimeter defender with great energy and a pretty good jumpshoter as well. To deal him to ATL with a pick would blow my mind and underrate what Corey has done so far for the Nuggets. They are the last team that is forced to make a quick deal right now.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:


      This brings me to a point I wanted to make. Notice how Scott Howard-Cooper and John Schuhmann are the ONLY writers in this post that avoided Laker trade ideas. Why? They’re both biased Laker fans and can’t want to accept how cruddy the Laker sitiuation is. So they try to divert attention to any other team. 😀

      Corey Brewer is having a very good season with George Karl and the Nuggets. They have no reason to trade him. They don’t need Kyle Korver. Yes, Korver is a pure shooter but so what? Denver has shooters and Brewer is one of them. In a recent game against OKC, Brewer made quite a few outside shots. They have no need for Korver at all. Brewer is one of the best bench players in the entire NBA. He also works very well with Karl’s system. BTW, Wilson Chandler (I believe) can make open 3-pointers as well. Gallinari is streaky but has range as well. They have a couple other or so guys that can make open shots.

      John Schuhmann doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t like Denver or something? Sheesh.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      And Howard-Cooper’s idea?

      If the Kings are wise, they will keep Demarcus Cousins. Yes, he has attitude problems … so what team wants that anyway … but Cousins can put up All-Star numbers. Yes, the Kings are having a bad season, but they can still motivate themselves (with a healthy Tyreke Evans) to finish with the best record that they can. Maybe, it can then set a positive tone for next season. Maybe, next season, they can be a surprise playoff team (just like Golden State has been this season). Don’t give up on Cousins just yet. This kid is young and has lots of upside. He makes mistakes, but I think he’s willing to learn from them and mature into an All-Star.

      Scott Howard-Cooper probably knows the Kings are poised to leaf-frog the Lakers in the West Standings any day now. So he’s trying to drive a wedge between Cousins and the Kings? Howard-Cooper (with all due respect) stinks to suggest the Kings trade one of their best young prospects.

  65. brooklyn says:


  66. dj rgm9 says:

    Almost impossible to win 80% of the games left,miracles d’ont see this happening anymore starting today!it’s over this season even as a hardcore Lakerfan i have to admit it!The damage it’s done already to much confusion,dumb decision’s starting at the top with the owners,they showed no respect to the former champ’s or players in the past.They are theyr own cancer that simple,they care only about using attention from superstars selling tickets that’s it !
    Now they dig theyre own grave to focus only fanbased vision selling tickets,merchandise!What a sellout they become,a shame!If they continue like this they gone loose real fans anyway, too much pride is deadly!

  67. CHUCK NORRIS says:

    Should the Lakers trade Gasol, D12 or both?

  68. Trippy Mike says:

    If the griz were down for it and I was the lakers I would give up Howard and jus go ahead and Marc Gasol cuz u already know those 2 can play well 2gether (Spain Olympics) and the guy can make freethrows

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Memphis recently made a miscellaneous trade to free up cap space or however the saying goes.

      They don’t have room for Howard’s salary.

  69. LTR says:

    Lakers: Kevin Love, Brook Lopez, Derrick Wiliams, Luke Ridnour,
    Timberwolves: Pau Gasol, Kris Humphries, cash consideration
    Nets: Dwightmare, Steve Blake

    Dwight gets his wish to Brooklyn, Pau teams up with his fellow spaniard Rubio, Love comes back to LA. Plus Lopez and Love are only 24, and their games complement each other. Steve Blake can move on with his carrer, and Williams still has potential at possibly the 3 position. Humphries leaves the whole kim and kayne saga behind him in new york. Think about it, it all works.

    • dattebayo says:

      Keep dreaming. Love is untouchable as long as Adelman is in Minnesota…

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Another unrealistic, unfair Laker-fan delusional idea.

      At present, who wants Howard or Gasol anyway? Right now, these guys are damaged goods. Plus, theyr’e too expensive. They’re not worth the costs.

  70. bunbury says:

    the lakers fans should stop attending to the laker’s games. only together can they make a stand— teach that buss guy a lesson. yes, i’m referring to the son.

  71. Lambert says:

    I would like to see trading Marcin Gortat to a better club. He is a good C, he can make a lot of rebounds, blocks and add some points from post play/pick’n’rolls. His only problems are weak team, where he isn’t used properly and lack of self-promotion.

  72. bunbury says:

    it’s clear that the lakers will deal gasol. but who will they get in return? Smith/gasol—I dont think the Hawks are interested in Gasol and his $19M/year. Stoudemire/gasol trade would not fix anything for anyone. STAT and Howard combination will be interesting but nothing more. Love/Gasol makes more sense to me. but i heard love is injured and will not comeback until march. by that time the lakers will be out of the playoffs race. gay/gasol– the last thing memphis wants is to pay 19M for a PF when they already have randolph and gasol’s brother. the lakers have made some big mistakes and they are paying the price. 4 players- gasol @19M; kobe@29M; howard@18M; nash@13M.

  73. Robert Fisher says:

    The best idea I read above was switching Pau and Dwight. That might work. However, I have gleasned from D’Antoni’s various comments and his constantly experimenting with the lineups and subs, some having to with injuries, THAT he might be working toward actually having a first and second team. He might be waiting for Steve Blake to finalize it.

    Here is how it might work, the two “Centers” right now are not working together, so spit them. Dwight anchors one team and Gasol anchors the other team. The two Steve’s at the two points. Kobe at the two on the first team, and Jodie Meeks or Darius Morris on the second, but Kobe sits when the second team comes on the floor. Earl Clark and Jamison at the 4, and MWP and Devin Ebanks at the 3. Maybe the answer might be to do some trading to shore up the power Forward position with Jordan Hill out, or sign KMart if he is still available.

    I keep hearing weak bench, but the last time the Lakers had a strong bench, it was a complete second team, not just subs.

  74. Sven says:

    Miami: Pau Gasol
    Lakers: Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller, James Jones, Dexter Pittmann, Joel Anthony

    good for both of them miami can play bosh alongside gasol with either of them at the 4 or 5
    lakers get 3 point shooters that they desperately need in miller and jones to stretch the floor wich perfectly fits the dantoni system and haslem and anthony to anchor their second unit inside. they would have to waive some players but both teams would be better

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:


      Last summer, Howard was offered in a similar multi-player deal that was declined (thank goodness). Howard has wound up not worth all those players. Nets are way better off with Brook Lopez.

      Gasol isn’t worth all those players. No way.

  75. Vinsanity says:

    Vince Carter to the OKC Thunder.

    Mavs Trade:
    G/F – Vince Carter
    PG – Rodrigue Beaubois

    Thunder trade:
    G/F – Thabo Sefolosha
    PG – Eric Maynor

    Reasons why:
    1. Carter needs a ring
    2. OKC needs a ring
    3. Moves Kevin Martin into the Starting Lineup
    4. Gives the Thunder a great lineup in late game situations & against the Heat
    * (C-Ibaka, PF-Durant, SF-Carter, SG-Martin, PG-Westbrook)
    5. He is Kevin Durant’s favorite player

  76. Anaheim Lakers says:

    Trade Howard and Pau for bunch of draft picks, so we can get Shabazz Muhammad. Great shooter, great future, and lakers rebuild around him, since kobe is retiring in a year or 2. Also, draft a decent PG, get Ariza back, get a center in free agency. BAM!
    Future Lakers lineup:

    PG Aaron Craft (maybe)
    SG Shabazz Muhammad
    SF Trevor Ariza
    PF Earl Clark
    C Demarcus Cousins (maybe)

    Coach: Stan Van Gundy! lol

  77. Epiq says:

    I think Lakers and Hawks need to mix it up, Al & Pau would wokr together good and Smith & Howard have history together that would hopefully translate to wins, but they need to do it now, and see if Howard picks up his play and energy level in the games, if not then trade him before the deadline might as well have something than nothing since Howard would leave if he doesn’t play good in L.A.

  78. Rick says:

    LAL needs to ditch Howard asap. Gasol and Kobe can work well together with Pau’s inspired; obviously he’s currently not. Howard’s the square peg in a round hole everyone would *like* to see fit… but it doesn’t. Move Howard to the Nets, get a more-fitting center in Lopez, and save your season (not that I care, being a GSW fan)

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:


      What makes some of you think the Nets want to move Lopez anyhow? Are there rumors that Nets don’t want to keep Lopez?

      Otherwise, quiet!

      If the Nets are smart/wise, they will keep all their players intact. The Nets need to stay put. Brook Lopez is a perfect fit for the Nets. Adding Howard is something the Nets don’t want to do. They already tried to get Howard last season. They don’t want an injured Howard now and sure as hell don’t want Howard … probably ever. I surmise.

  79. Richard says:

    The Lakers have literally two choices, Gasol or Howard. I know the Lakers care nothing about people they let go, look at Odom, getting rid of Gasol, will ruin him as well. Instead of trading him, keep him, and pawn off Howard’s pathetic attitude, and irresponsibility on someone as gullible as Buss (still is). Howard will need us to acquire two things in trade: Solid PF/C to switch around with Gasol, while we wait for Hill to return from injury. Also a bench spark PG or SF would also need to be accessible, considering Blake injury as well and the lack of experience by the other bench players. And because our purchased experience bench players, aren’t delivering. This then only proves a few possible moves some maybe needing a third team:
    Knicks: Stoudemire/White prefer Stoudemire/Smith
    Nets: prefer Brooks/Lopez could be Lopez/Watson
    Wolves: Love/Barea
    Grizzles: Allen/Gasol

    In Return Howard, undisclosed pick, and Meeks/Duhon/(or)Morris, maybe $ (not sure)

    ATL is not an option and due to injury and overpaid contracts this year we can not get rid of Blake or Hill until healthy, and I’d like to keep them for another year to see their development with team.

    I think Mike D should only be kept this year, then let go if Lakers don’t make it to at least 2nd Round of Playoffs. Maybe the Playoffs in general.

    • pG says:

      Fire Mike D”antoni because he cant handle a heavy front court of gasol and howard.Dont trade gasol because Kobe and him led the lakers to two championships.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:


      Love is remaining in Minnesota. Nets are keeping their roster the same (they could be the “quiet” favorites to win the Eastern Conference). The Nets don’t need to do any trades. Knicks are keeping Stoudemire and JR Smith. Like the Knicks would trade 2 of their main players for basically garbage.

      Typical Laker fan suggesting unfair trades.

      Memphis wants to keep their core intact. They want to keep Tony Allen and Marc Gasol.

  80. Sean says:

    also look into trading nash as well, i mean he is 39, he is just too old, and will probably retire at the end of this year or next. so either trade him, or get a good point guard in the draft/free agency.

    • bunbury says:

      i said it from the start— nash is too old. they should have kept Sessions and use the odom exception clause to acquire a three point shooter. damn i shoudl be hired by the lakers and make millions. anyone can make the dumb mistakes executives make every year. just look at dumars- he gave $100M to gordon and villanueva. ridiculous! they should go to jail. it should be considered a white collar crime.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Noooooooo, don’t cut off Nash’s “retirement bonuses.”

  81. Sean says:

    trade metta world peace first. he isn’t a great shooter like he used to be, he doesn’t play good defence, and has one of the biggest mouths in the history of the nba.i mean, when he was with indiana, he went into the stands and started attacking a fan. after that i would wait about five or six games to see how things play out. if they play out well awesome, if they don’t, that is when they think about trading gasol or d12. also they need to be looking for a better coach, mike d’antonys play style just isn’t meant for the lakers. he moved gasol from the block, where he was the best in the league, to the free throw area. they also need to look for some other people to come off the bench when nash, howard, or gasol get injured.

  82. Omg Trade Howard and Gasol ASAP becuz they got cancer from Kobe jacking up 30+ shoots…..
    @Fran blinebury, swap pau for josh??? U on drugs??? ATL would be stupid to take a wash up Gasol… Lmaooo

  83. LeBron James says:

    Josh Smith for Pau Gasol would be a good Trade for both Organizations. Atlanta was in search for a dominate big man for years. The lakers just need a player that will help Dwight Howard. Otherwise Pau Gasol is tired of the Lakers Organization, players and coaches.

    • CelticsBanner18 says:

      it would not be a good zrade for both organizations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the hawks gonna rebuild after the season and dont want the huge contract of pau gasol! it will NEVER happen!!!!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Pau Gasol is not dominant … at least not anymore. And probably not in the future.

      Stop trying to market Gasol like he’s a great post-up guy that can benefit another NBA team.

      This trade would cripple the Hawks organization. They better stick with Josh Smith as much as they can.

      They have Al Horford. They don’t need another post-up big. Do they?

  84. Kings#4 says:

    LOL, trading DMC is the last thing that Kings fans want, this guy is going to be a star and we have not given up on him. If we get new owners and Kings stay in Sac we want to build around him.

  85. killuabest says:

    trade Dumbtoni to any coaches..pls..asap..tnx..

  86. beyKrewz says:

    does anyone here know about the NBA LUXURY TAX???

    I’d rather trade a primadonna Howard to anyone.
    But halfway through the season i guess it’s a little too late for the lakers to get to the playoffs.
    too bad.

  87. kobe says:

    trade Jim Buss for Magic Johnson….that would be awsome

  88. Tony says:

    As a Lakers fan, I would be absolutely livid if Howard, and not Gasol got traded. I’ll admit, D12 hasn’t lived up to my expectations this year, but considering his back injury, I’m willing to cut him a little slack. As for Gasol, I’ve been sick of him for a while now. I just want him out of here. He’s not the only thing that’s gone wrong for the Lakers, but he’s been pretty awful. Letting PGs drive past him for layups, shooting mid range jumpers and 3s (which wouldn’t make me mad if he actually hit a few of them). Josh Smith would look great in Lakers colors; I wouldn’t even mind throwing in MWP and whatever picks we still have left after the Howard trade. Some other good options could be Jeff Green, Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, etc.

  89. slider821 says:

    Fran, if ATL really requires JSmooth to be packaged Stevensen and Ivan Johnson, those two role players could really help LA. Ivan with the toughness and Stevensen with good shooting and toughness in his own right. Not a bad trade.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Only if Josh Smith resigns right back with ATL in the offseason or something.

      Otherwise, ATL would get SCREWED OVER with a lame trade like that.

  90. Jack says:

    Gasol for Love – Love wants out of Minnesota and is probably the perfect stretch four for the Lakers. I see Minnesota liking Gasol to play him alongside Rubio.

    Howard for whoever will play pick & rolls – Not sure if this is necessary but D’Antoni needs a pick and roll center and Howard says he doesn’t want to be that. Howard can be traded for almost anyone. Josh Smith, Stoudemire, Alridge, Chandler, Noah…

    • CruzinByU says:

      Stop with the Love trades. He is the best at his position, they arent going to trade him for an old fart. even if that old fart is an allstar

  91. Max says:

    Lakers MUST NOT trade Pau Gasol. Wrong Center to trade. Trade Howard while he is still under the one year contract! Just cannot play like a full NBA player. Lot are fooled by great body, well great bodies belong on the big screen and not on a Basketball court.Howard, is a nice looking young man, great smile, but I just do not see him really wanting to be a Basketball Player. Body language show like of interest, no committment. Howard, just cannot bring it to play the Game.

    • CruzinByU says:

      did u see him play the last couple of years? have you read his stat line? crazy comment.

      • DB4108 says:

        Yes, I’ve watched him play because he is in the Southeast Division. And yes, he fills up the stat line but he does not have the ability to lead a team. He scores on putbacks from offensive rebounds and alley-oops. He does not have a post-game that could dominate any team. He is athletic for a center. However, centers that know how to play would dominate him aka Duncan, Z-bo, and even Al Jefferson. That is aside from the drama his ego brings to a team.

      • Coltyn says:

        Stats dont prove everything. Anybody can score whenever theyre losing by thirty and they put the back ups in. Dwight is lazy and needs to be on the next flight out of LA.

  92. Rúben says:

    I wish Howard ended up in Houston.

    • shaba says:

      i wish that would happen too…

      Dwight, D.Morris to Houston

      Asik, Delfino, T.Douglas, and White to LAL

  93. Carl says:

    Trading pau wont solve anything, switching pau’s position with dwight would
    Lakers are trying to force something that just will not work. They’re trying to make dwight a back to basket player with a not fully healed back and they’re trying to force pau to be at the top shooting mid range shots and delivering the ball. Pau is great at delivering but he cant shoot they way they want him to. Dwight will not be good in the post this year so they should switch dwight and pau. dwight would do all of the screens for Nash and Bryant, which he is the best in the league at, and pau would play in the post which he is one of the best at in the game today!

    • CruzinByU says:

      i like this solution out of everything being said. Yes Howard is a center, but this might work at least for now……

    • LeppsHoops says:

      Did you really just suggest to a forum of basketball loving people that Dwight Howard should play power forward?…

      • bullsfan0218 says:

        Dwight has more of a power forward skillset anyway I think he would play very well at the 4 spot, just not with gasol at the 5

  94. Awesome says:

    lakers: bargnani, brooks,
    nets: d howard
    grizzlies: calderon, j smith
    raptors: gay, gasol
    hawks: lopez

    blow it all up and everyone will be happy

    • hoyaguy says:

      The Raptors get Gay and Gasol and all they have to give up are terrible Bargnani and a decent Calderon?? Lol, never happen. Plus Toronto can’t afford both guys. Nice thought, though.

      • Awesome says:

        well you never know, throw in a couple of package player + draft picks the GMs might make this work

      • skrutz says:

        I know its ridiculous, but it would be amazing to see a relevant Raptors team.

        The Canadian dream….

    • Jay#24 says:

      Why would the raptors take gay and they have DeMar DeRozan

  95. Max says:

    Lakers keep changing head coaches? Well, that will not look GREAT for the Lakers. What coach in his right mind would want to take on the Lakers? Now Magic tried, would he try again? Who would want to spend a year in T.Town being blamed for the mixed up Super Stars and NO Bench? Always the Coaches fault. What a “cop out”!

    • 16going417 says:

      WRONG!!! Phil Jackson already proved this. Did MJ win in Washington???? Has Kobe won in LA without Jackson?? Everyone says Jackson won because he coached those superstars. Stand to reason that if Jackson won because of those superstars then ANYONE should win with those superstars, yet is has not happened.

      Seems like the coach makes a HUGE impact on the success or failure of a team.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Yah, but by the time Michael Jordan went to the Wizards, he was past his prime and on the verge of retirement. Right?

      He didn’t go to Washington expecting to win.

      Actually, this is partly why Jackson doesn’t want to coach again. Not for a Laker team with Bryant (past his prime).

      • Homecourt says:

        “Actually, this is partly why Jackson doesn’t want to coach again. Not for a Laker team with Bryant (past his prime).”

        I agree with the Jordan part, but you do realize Phil was set to take the job until they went and got D’Antoni right? He said he was under the impression the job was his. That was earlier THIS season with “past his prime” Bryant (who still happens to be more than capable of throwing up near triple doubles on a regular basis if he actually decided to play the all around game like he did the other night.)

        The second part of your statement is just factually incorrect.

  96. Max says:

    Trades are often not easy to complete, because of Agent/Player contract. D. Howard will be a FREE Agent at the end of this playing season in Los Angles, and has to be shopping for someone to take him. I see only Brookly(maybe), Miami (maybe). He has played so poorly and still sees big Dollar signs, most Owners are aware that Dwight has not delivered anything for the Lakers, and quite frankly did not do anything for Orlando. He did win denfesive player of the year? Why? could it have been because of TV exposure? Lakers have NO control over Howard, if they do not unload while he is still under the one year contract. Lakers should try to get something in a trade NOW for Howard. P.Gasol works great with other Centers and has proven this by helping win Championships. IF brother, Marc Gasol could be traded in a deal with Memphis taking Howard? That would be the Lakers way of unloading a big contract and get a player that wants to play team ball. Lakers need a better backup point guard for the ageing Steve Nash. Metta W. Peace is a player that should come off of the Bench. Would Brookly take Howard for Lopez? Bosh too weak,would not help Lakers. Gasol Brothers work the Center great, as shown when they teamed up for Spain.

    • CruzinByU says:

      it was his stat line that won him defensive player of the year not “tv exposure”

    • genoa says:

      Memphis would not likely take Howard, they just did a deal to keep themselves under the Salary cap. They’re facing the same dillimna that made OKC trade Harden – keeping rising stars without spending a fortune. No way they’re taking Howard’s contract while they’re 4th in the west with that they have.

      Right now every front office in the league knows Dwight cannot mesh with another star player, has not regained his offensive game, and still can’t shoot free throws.

  97. Letters: jkfldsankvczx says:

    Again with this Gasol for Smith thing…
    I’m telling you, the Hawks would never do this trade. Smith is better than Gasol and has a smaller contract. The Hawks would rather have Smith just leave in FA then trade for Gasol. He’s an aging big man who has had a terrible season thus far. He would also take up the cap space they just freed up with Johnson’s contract gone. The Hawks aren’t trading Smith for Gasol much less Smith, Petro, Johnson, and Stevenson for a soft big man with little defense.

  98. Jalen says:


    • CelticsBanner18 says:

      this isnt 2k13 just becuse it would work salary wise doesnt mean they can just do it, hawks r gonna rebuild after the season and dont want the 19mio contract of pau gasol!! damn dont u lakers fan understand that smh

  99. 16going417 says:

    Hmmm Gasol helped LA win 2 championships. Even AFTER the trade deal feel through last year he has contnually said he wants to be a Laker and remains loyal to the franchise. He played for Spain in the olympics and got to the gold medal game. After everything he has done people still call for his trade. Nothing wrong with keeping Gasol and letting him retire as a Laker.

    I say get rid of D’Antoni and Howard. Howard has no loyalty and will walk out of the organization at the end of this season anyway. I would rather have a talented big man with heart and loyalty than someone who only cares about himself and is under performing to boot. See you later Dwightmare!!!

    Might as well get rid of Duhon and throw in World Peace for good measure while we are at it.

    • CruzinByU says:

      its about business, its not personal. they dont mix.

      • 16going417 says:

        Who does not mix? Lakers and Gasol? I submit the Lakers won with Gasol on the roster. Things did not go to hell until Howard and D’Antoni showed up. Pretty clear who should be gotten rid of and traded and it’s not Gasol.

  100. TTKIN says:

    I agree Pau doesnt deserve ALL the blame he’s gotten…but he sure deserves a lot of it. I think Michael Jordan might be the only guy in history who is allowed to airball a wide open 18 footer and not get criticized. Pau is done as a Laker, IMO, he simply doesnt want to do well for them anymore. He tore it up with Spain, but has been awful since.

    And FYI, Im not a Gasol hater. I have been supportive of him through everything…up until this year, since he started showing everyone what the worst year of his career looks like. 19 mill for a guy averaging 12 and 8. All of a sudden he has the most ridiculous contract in the NBA (with Roy HIbbert VERY close behind).

    • TTKIN says:

      Oh and by the way, Pau’s downward spiral started the series before Dallas, when Carl Landry showed everyone in the NBA that Pau has as much movement as a Tin Man.

      • CruzinByU says:

        LOL i agree i thiink the problem is Pau. You guys are basketball fans i know you saw him play with Spain. you cannot tell me that he can’t do that on this team. He can, he just doesnt want to for whatever reason. Get him out of there. get some young F. It will be harder because of how he has been playing but I’m sure someone wants an all-star PF to help them out.

      • I must disagree, i don’t think its any of the players except for the cry baby! and the coaching staff. Does no one remeber how Shaq and Kobe did it, or even how the Spurs did it with TD and DR, in and out, out an in…Its the coach man his style is played out!

    • Rondeau says:

      I like the trade on the off season to be won by the hawks. They’ll get Howard and maybe a Chris Paul with still a good friend of josh smith on the team still as well.. Not gasol now not never.. If anybody I would go get amari..

      Chris Paul
      Lou Williams
      Josh smith
      Al horford
      Dwight Howard
      C’mon a championship team

  101. ReaperChief says:

    Personally I think that Lakers should trade Howard for Brook Lopez and Gasol for Josh Smith.. I’d also love to see Bulls trade Boozer and Hamilton, two aging mediocre players and get Harden from Houston..

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Never gonna happen. Howard and Gasol are each way too expensive. The Nets already tried to attain Howard last summer. They sure as hell don’t want Howard now. Lopez is the perfect fit for the Nets; the Nets don’t need to trade anybody. They could be the (quiet) favorites to win the Eastern Conference. They don’t want to mess with the great team chemistry they have by making some lame trade.

      And Gasol for Smith? Never. I’m sick of repeating myself as to why that is a HORRIBLE deal for Hawks franchise.

  102. James says:

    Dwight to Warriors
    Kobe to Cleveland
    James to Washington
    Wade to LAL
    C. Paul to ATL
    J. Smith to Kings
    Cousins to Clippers
    Love to Heat
    Curry to Heat
    K. Irvin to Min
    C. Anthony to Phoenix
    Garnett to NY
    Pierce to NY
    Duran to Boston
    Chandler to OKC
    Dirk to OKC
    Kmart to Mavs
    Perkiins to Mavs

    Wouldn’t that be something? HAHA…the NBA would be a new fresh start where everyone has to learn to play together at the same time. Otherwise the NBA is getting too old with all the trade talks, big and small markets, etc.

    • Megan says:

      Kevin Love sighned a 5yr contract with the wolves and curry to the heat I don’t think so

    • Jabathewhat says:

      Yeah…… Not gonna happen lol. How could Garnett and Pierce go to NY to compensate for Anthony going to PHX????
      2 aging stars for one in his prime, us NYK fans would be raging at the thought of that, especially Garnett and Pierce. If they were to come to play in NY, I bet they would get booed so much in MSG!

    • Lakers says:

      I can’t believe anybody even respond to this trade proposal…haha. It was put together randomly. The point is to just get a new fresh start for everyone. Make the NBA more interesting

  103. ALVIN JAY says:

    The question is who would be a trade target? Believe it or not, the prime candidate on the market would be, wait for it, Los Angeles Lakers F/C Pau Gasol.
    A Gasol-Smith swap makes sense for both teams, financially and basketball-wise. Gasol’s game is more suited for the post, which fills a need for the Hawks. Smith is more of a face-up hybrid power forward, which fits the Lakers both offensively and defensively.
    Financially, Josh Smith makes $13.2 million this season compared to Gasol’s $19 mil price tag, meaning Atlanta would have to throw in a player to make the salaries work in the short term. Atlanta could include Devin Harris in exchange for Gasol to make the deal work.
    Long term, the Lakers could re-sign Smith and his close friend Dwight Howard in the offseason, although they would be hit with a hefty luxury tax. The Hawks have a ton of cap space and could absorb the final $19.2 million Gasol’s contract and still have enough cap space left over to add more pieces. And if Gasol proves to be over-the-hill, they can let him go when his deal expires in the summer of 2014 and still have a ton of cap space to work with.
    Josh Smith wants out of Atlanta. Los Angeles needs to part ways with Pau Gasol. This trade scenario appears to be a match made in basketball heaven.


    • CelticsBanner18 says:

      1st of all josh smith doesnt want to play for LA, the hawks will NEVER do that trade they r going to rebuild after the season and will never take the huge contract of an aging gasol!! please face the fact that the lakers cant have any player they want

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Ouch! Atlanta is doing just fine. They need to hold on to Smith and Harris. Going for Gasol would be a foolhardy gamble. Yes, Gasol is still a good player, but give me a break. Atlanta better not want anything to do with the Lakers, ever. Josh Smith probably should publicly decline this trade rumor. C’mon. A trade like that would hurt the Atlanta franchise to no end.

      No way. J. Smith wants to be on a playoff team, not the Lakers. Plus, Atlanta already has Al Horford. Adding Gasol would be a horrible idea. They don’t need a post-player like Gasol. This day and age … you need speed and athleticism … not a slow post-up guy. Gasol isn’t worth the price. The Hawks should not trade other “throw-ins” either. They’re not rebuilding. They’re in the playoff hunt. KEEP JOSH SMITH. He is your franchise guy and has been an Atlanta Hawk for a long time.

    • anthonyice nelson says:

      That sounds good Gasol for Smith but hold that thought if we can get Love for Gasol seeing that they have ah center an Rubio both sides can win . LA needs ah stretch 4 who better than Love an let not forget he lead the NBA in rebounds last year pair him with Howard we would own the broads

  104. and1baller says:

    ok this might make since or sound out of this world. Why not send PAU GASOL to MEMPHIS for RUDY GAY. This would make both teams better in my view. Just think of MARC playing with PAU and DWIGHT playing with RUDY! just a thought

    • Leroy says:

      Wow! That would be a awesome trade!

    • Taiye says:

      i like this

      • HezBula says:

        Does that mean Zebo would need to be traded?? If so, why not send involve the Hawks and Lakers in this trade:

        Grizzlies – Pau Gasol
        Hawks – Zach Randolph
        Lakers – Rudy Gay, Josh Smith

      • Jay#24 says:

        I really would like to see both Gasol brothers play together but trading Gay and Randolph would have the Grizzlies transition off and def awful. Trade Declined

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Never happen. Why? It only benefits the Lakers and hurts Memphis and Atlanta.

      Give me a break. Stop bring up hypotheticals that will NEVER happen.

      Stop suggesting other REAL PLAYOFF teams trade away their All-Stars.

      At least suggest trade ideas that equally benefit all teams involved. Come on. No one wants to trade with the Lakers anyway — they’re one of the worst teams in the league. No one wants to go there and no one wants damaged goods like Pau Gasol.

      Sorry, Laker fans.

  105. James says:

    @Lakers players: Listen to Kevin Duran’s speech after the game versus Clippers. They challenge themselves to make one another prove that they’re that good.

  106. Rico says:

    Lakers: Kevin Love (wants out of minny)
    Nets: Dwight Howard
    Timberwolves: Brook Lopez and Marshoon Brooks

    • dagda says:

      Right.. Kevin love for Dwight lmao. Good luck with that Rico

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Actually wouldnt be that hard, Love wants out, Dwight wants out. Love wouldnt play well with Kobe, he shoots too much and none of them are good shots.

      • James says:

        Can the Lakers trade Mike D for LeBron James?

    • Aladd says:

      Rico, that doesn’t sound bad at all. Only thing is that Min can’t play Brook at pf…

    • Pekovic? says:

      Why the heck is everyone suggesting this trade? The Lakers and the Nets are obvious winners, but there’s no way the Wolves would ever pull the trigger on this! Does anyone remember that the Wolves already have Nikola Pekovic at center? And I really don’t think Lopez would be able to play PF. This won’t and will never work.

      • EZfoRPREZ says:

        maybe pekovic @ the 4 instead of lopez?

      • Rob says:

        The Wolves play amazing when everyones healthy. I would change a single thing about the Twolves. Korver is a great player, but Brewer meshes with the nuggets to well, especially lately, to make that trade. Josh Smith for Pau?.. Why does everyone feel bad for pau, he’s a great player, he’s getting paid a huge salary and he’s only had a reduction in minutes which helps the big guy in the long run anyway. Atlanta is doing pretty good, I’d still wait and see if the trades they made with Philly pan out before i pull the trigger on Josh smith. Howard isn’t going anywhere, and the nets already committed to Lopez, consider that one done. Pekovic is killing it. Beast. Actually, the one thing I would change about the twolves is, get brandon roy off the roster, the blazers were injury central when he was there, and ever since roy has been in minni..just been awful with injuries. lmao not saying i believe in something like that but.. weird coincidence

      • big cat says:

        nik pekovic is the best center in the nba hands down

    • Imad Akel says:

      Only the lakers would really benefit from this trade. It would hurt the nets and the wolves, who are both doing better than the lakers with the above mentioned pieces.

    • bball_fan822 says:

      Interesting, but the Lakers are in perennial “win-now” mode and would probably want to bring someone in who can make an immediate impact — Kevin Love isn’t expected to come back from injury until March.

      I think the Aschburner’s Gasol-for-Amare trade proposal could be effective for the Lakers in that D’Antoni would be able to pair Nash with Stoudemire again (something he was great at), but I’m not sure how much it helps the Knicks…

      To me, the Gasol-for-JSmoove + other Hawks is the most likely. The Lakers desperately need more bodes, so a deal that brings in multiple players is crucial, AND they need someone like Josh Smith who can provide some energy on both ends of the floor. On the other hand, the Hawks appear to be in rebuilding mode, so losing a handful of contracts would be of help. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Dwight and Josh are good friends — they played AAU together. Make it happen Kupchak!

      • James says:

        Again…even Mike D’s fan is day dreaming of his old days. As i mentioned before, the Lakers put together this roster for a reason, to win now! unfortunately they hired Mike D who can only coach the roster he had in Phoenix. So now they’re going to keep Mike D and keep chaing the roster until the get every single pieces back? What next, Marion? Grant Hill? Dudley? Still not winning? Oh wait, he never did win with that roster.

    • GL says:

      I like that trade but the wolves have a center already. Add in Clark or Hill to it and it’ll be all good.

    • Charles says:

      If the Nets trade Brooks, they need Alexey Shved in return.

    • ArjunV says:

      I like that ^

    • James says:

      Trade Mike D for the money that the Lakers old him on his contract..

      Basically fire him and not pay out his contract

    • Doniel says:

      Lakers need to go get Josh Smith for Pau Gasol. More athleticism and defense is needed. Let them two ATL boys get it done in LA. (Dwight/J. Smith) This trade will at least give them hope for a playoff spot in the west. Otherwise, Howard leaves next year and Pau gets traded anyway.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Ouch! Atlanta is doing just fine. They need to hold on to Smith and Harris. Going for Gasol would be a foolhardy gamble. Yes, Gasol is still a good player, but give me a break. Atlanta better not want anything to do with the Lakers, ever. Josh Smith probably should publicly decline this trade rumor. C’mon. A trade like that would hurt the Atlanta franchise to no end.

        No way. J. Smith wants to be on a playoff team, not the Lakers. Plus, Atlanta already has Al Horford. Adding Gasol would be a horrible idea. They don’t need a post-player like Gasol. This day and age … you need speed and athleticism … not a slow post-up guy. Gasol isn’t worth the price. The Hawks should not trade other “throw-ins” either. They’re not rebuilding. They’re in the playoff hunt. KEEP JOSH SMITH. He is your franchise guy and has been for a long time.

    • Leroy says:

      I think that would be a great trade, for all 3 teams!

    • Megan says:

      The T-wolves sighned Kevin Love a 5yr contract so hahahaha