NBA players react to Kevin Garnett’s retirement

After 21 seasons in the NBA, Kevin Garnett has officially retired from the NBA. The Timberwolves released a statement with the announcement, while Kevin Garnett posted a video on Instagram saying ‘farewell.’

To be continued…

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Current and former players around the league also took to social media to share their reactions on yet another legend walking away from the game in 2016.

I mean where do I start. First watching you play at the Solon Cage Classic in Ohio with Team Michigan when u were in HS, I believe I was 10 years old and I was like dang this dude nice!! Then a lil time passed and u were drafted straight out of HS to the pros so I felt like man whoever get him is a lucky team. And I surely wasn't wrong! The KID nickname was fly, swaged out and made a 10 year old kid from Akron believe he could run with the big boys himself! Fast forward 8 years later that kid you inspired entered the draft fresh out of HS as well. Thank you!! Competing vs you in whatever uniform u were in at the time meant the world to me because of two distinctive trait u had. Passion and commitment to just compete every single possession. U showed me what it took and we never played on the same team(All-Star games is different). Thank you! Congratulations to The Big Ticket on a helluva career! HOF is your next stop to cap it all off, the cherry on top!! 1 Love

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Lost another real one today @tic_pix greatest power forward ever

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