Durant picks up ambulance assist

A review in the Replay Center in Secaucus, N.J., seemed to be in order with a news report that Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant provided a helpful emergency escort to an ambulance mired in rush-hour traffic.

According to News9.com in OKC, the Thunder star helped paramedics from the Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) reach their destination more quickly by pulling in behind the ambulance and turning on his exoticar’s flashers.

“We were stuck in traffic, so pretty much cars surrounding us all over,” EMSA paramedic Peter Radford said. “All of a sudden, I see a silver Ferrari or a silver sports car pull in behind us.”

Before Radford knew it, the lanes of traffic started clearing.

“I see this Ferrari has it’s flashers on,” he said. “It’s actually making way for us to get through and navigate all the traffic.”

The paramedics were finally making their way to the emergency.

“Once we actually get through all the traffic, this silver Ferrari comes over to the side and waves to my partner,” Radford said. “And my partner goes ‘Do you have any idea who that is?’ And of course I’m clueless. ‘That’s Kevin Durant.’ “

But behind them? And with traffic already at a standstill, the last thing authorities might want is some sports celebrity to increase the gawker quotient exponentially.

No matter. Radford told the local news outlet that, because his crew made it to the first emergency call on time, they also were available and able to complete a second call promptly. The second one, he said, involved a girl who had traveled to OKC for cancer treatment.

Durant aw-shucked it when asked about the real-life drama by reporters. If anything, it sounded as if he started out intending to use the ambulance as a blocking back, opening traffic and driving in its wake in a manner upon which some law enforcement frowns.

“I saw the ambulance from behind me, and it was kind of slow in front of me, and I moved over. I said, ‘I’m just going to follow the ambulance so I can get through traffic real quick,’ ” Durant said. “So I moved over. I can’t take full credit for that.”

However critical Durant’s help was in the episode or embellished his role, for folks who hope the Thunder’s superstar free agent-to-be decides to stick in OKC, crafting a little Batman/Gotham City reputation can’t be a bad thing.

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