Blogtable: What did we learn from Warriors-Spurs, Round 2?

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> Biggest takeaway from Warriors-Spurs Round 2?

David Aldridge, TNT analyst: Not much, though both teams were outstanding defensively. The Spurs can feel good that they were able to slow the Warriors down for a night, but until they do it against the “Lineup of Death”, there can be no real peace of mind. It will be interesting, though, to see what Golden State’s coverages on LaMarcus Aldridge are going forward.

Steve Aschburner, The seven-game series we get between these teams this spring, assuming the basketball gods smile on us, won’t necessarily be a pyrotechnics show, all showy and shiny offense. And it still will be good, with plenty of moves and counter-moves, adjustments to adjustments, raw human emotion and all the expected drama. But the Spurs looked determined to have someone other than Stephen Curry beat them, an approach most Golden State opponents either haven’t fully embraced or managed to deploy. Over 100 points or under, this still is what we want, “The Finals” before The Finals.

Fran Blinebury, Much has to be held in reserve considering that Andre Iguodala, Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli did not play for the Warriors. However, writing off the outcome as a “good loss” for the Warriors because they simply didn’t shoot the ball well is a bit naive. The Spurs defense — the way they guarded Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, kept men in their faces, had bigs come out to guard the perimeter — had a lot to do with that poor shooting. In the end, it was simply the latest move in a grand chess match that will only be great fun to watch in the Western Conference finals.

Scott Howard-Cooper, That Warriors-Spurs in the real Round 3 — the Western Conference finals — would be a great chess match of coaches. We pretty much knew that anyway, along with the fact that it would be a great series in a lot of other ways, but Saturday night in San Antonio was a good reminder of possibilities for lineup maneuvers. I don’t think this regular-season game provided many real takeaways, though, at least beyond the news flash that Stephen Curry is human. Two championship-caliber teams? A terrific San Antonio defense? The Warriors feeling run down? We already knew all that too.

Shaun Powell, We know nothing, really, because Andre Iguodala didn’t play. That said, if Tony Parker and Patty Mills can use their quickness to disrupt Steph Curry and LaMarcus Aldridge can effectively be a consistent go-to scorer, then two of the Spurs’ biggest worries are solved. It’s all a chess game right now until they meet in the West finals if we’re all so lucky.

John Schuhmann, The Spurs’ plan of countering the Warriors with size bore some fruit. San Antonio played through Boris Diaw and LaMarcus Aldridge in the post early and often, slowed down the pace, and racked up 24 second chance points, while also keeping the Warriors from getting out of the break, by beating them up on the boards. Andrew Bogut‘s absence played a part (the Spurs grabbed just one offensive rebound in 17.3 minutes with Bogut on the floor in January), but we saw why the Spurs went the other way last summer while the rest of the league moved toward trying to imitate the champs.

Sekou Smith, The Western Conference finals between the Warriors and Spurs is going to be every bit as intriguing as I suspected it would before their first game of this regular season. Two of the best and most complete teams we’ve seen in recent years battling it out for every single inch, that is the way I like it come playoff time. The past, present and future of the league on display in this one series. And we get to see it in a best-of-seven series with a trip to The Finals on the line … my big takeaway from Spurs-Warriors Round 2 is I can’t wait for Rounds 3 and 4 and the rubber match in the Western Conference finals.

Ian Thomsen, How hard is it to beat the Warriors? They were finishing a back-to-back, on the road, against an opponent seeking revenge after a 30-point loss, Stephen Curry couldn’t make a shot — and it was still a tight game. The takeaway is that the best any contender can hope for is to give itself a chance by slowing the pace, because Golden State is not going to be routed in a seven-game series. (Also, isn’t it hard to imagine the Spurs winning any series in which they bench Tim Duncan? No matter how much sense it makes tactically, isn’t he their soul?)

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog That the Warriors not only have a margin of error, it’s perhaps slimmer than we realized. I know the Warriors were without 3 of their rotation players, but they’ve been without guys the last few weeks and managed to mostly just roll along. The Spurs felt like they somehow managed to slow the pace while still controlling the tempo, and of course Curry never really got going. Either way, I want to see a fully healthy Golden State team in this match-up before arriving at any conclusions.


  1. manthony says:

    This game showed the spurs that they could beat the warriors. Unfortunately, it also showed the warriors the same, that the spurs can beat them. Spurs are getting better as the season rolls along and they are stacked with vets who do nothing all year, only to come off the bench in the playoffs and kill seemingly superior teams (robert horry, steve kerr, mario elie)…and lets slow down a bit with the kerr pop comparisons. Not much different than the curry MJ version….its a bit early to suggest they are equals in any way…

  2. DB says:

    Warriors win this series in 5. Spurs don’t have nearly enough fire power over a 7 game series to take this one. We saw an exhausted and injured Warriors team nearly beat the Spurs in San Antonio, where they haven’t lost all year.

    People are kidding themselves if they think this is going to be a long series. Shoot me an email when the Warriors dominate the Spurs like they have everyone else.. That way we can get a writer on here who understands the game.

    • Theo Shorter says:

      You do realize San Antonio is the only team with a winning record against the warriors these past two seasons at 3-1 and 7-1 if you go back to 2013. The Warriors have never dominated the Spurs. They will met in the WCF and we will see who the better team is.

  3. RonL says:

    “That Warriors-Spurs in the real Round 3 — the Western Conference finals — would be a great chess match of coaches.”

    Imagine how good OKC would be if Donovan was a chess-playing coach rather than a team manager with a couple of stars.

  4. Champions play defense, offense and work unselfishly as a team. Both teams do this. I don’t have any takeaways. These are the 2 best teams in the NBA. Let us all watch and learn.

  5. Bodjee says:

    We’ve learnt that if teams do not waste their possession and instead make the Warriors work for 24 seconds defending, the Warriors will not have the stamina to shoot the ball as well as they would normally do!

  6. The G.O.A.T says:

    I will go for the spurs all the way. I dont lilke that new style of basketball from Warriors because they have put the game in a level where the only way to win is with triples. To me that is not a consistency basketball because your game is going all the way toward NO BALANCE GAME. The other point is that coach Kerr …I dont like him …he is Flandres or Chuky when every time his team is on the edge he starts to yelling like a girl cheerleader. I dont mind if they have 72 -9 whatever. Let me tell you something Warriors are just an illusion of the game …..MARK MY WORDS …THE WILL LOSE

    • Four games in seven nights. A back to back. Three key players missing. This players are those two centers and the NBA finals MVP. With all that the game was tight and the warriors were in it through out. Give credit to the Spurs, the Warriors generally pull out the tight ones this year. I do think the Warriors will be OK.