Blogtable: What should Knicks do in free agency?

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> Carmelo Anthony says the Knicks “gotta do something” in free agency. What should that “something” be?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comPay out a maximum-salary contract to an aging star who needs the ball and mostly plays only one end of the floor. Wait, what? Oh yeah, the Knicks did that in 2014 when they re-upped ‘Melo. Here’s what the Knicks need to do: Get Anthony to sign a loyalty oath accepting his spot in the pecking order, henceforth and forthwith, as the team’s third-best player. Then procure as No. 1 or No. 2 to align with Porzingis, and rely on Anthony as a volume scorer and closer but not as the tent-pole guy anymore. That — and dialed-up defense — would have a chance at climbing in the East.

Fran Blinebury, Trade Carmelo Anthony and start building all over the right way around Kristaps Porzingis and more young talent. There are no shortcuts. ‘Melo and the Knicks should know that by now — they have tried all of them.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Something for the long term. The Knicks have the chance to build something for the long term, with Kristaps Porzingis and the strong possibility of another lottery pick as starting points. The free agents they add should work for the long term, not for the quick fix that might get them into the first round. That’s probably not what a veteran like Anthony wants to hear.

Shaun Powell, I don’t know what the Knicks “gotta” do but I know what they shouldn’t: Make a rash decision based on desperation and buy another Jon Koncak. Even with a rise in cap room they should spend wisely and understand, despite Melo’s urging, this is a gradual process and unless Kevin Durant wants in, there are no shortcuts. ‘Melo’s not worth panicking over. He’s not going anywhere, unless he wants to, and then I gladly make a deal.

John Schuhmann, Figure out where Anthony wants to be traded. The Knicks probably aren’t going to get the free agents they need to compete for a top 3 or 4 spot in the East, and Anthony will 32 years old in May. He’s already lost trade value, it will only go down from here, and teams that are closer to a championship will have the cap space to take on his contract. They Knicks should try to get some building blocks in return, look at a realistic, 3-5 year plan for contending for a championship, and move on. ‘Melo could help get another team over the hump, but the Knicks aren’t building a contender around him.

Sekou Smith, Phil Jackson coaching home games only next season is certainly not the “something” Carmelo is talking about. The Knicks need a measured approach to what they do next. Their personnel staff should have spent this season studying potential free agents of every stripe (not just the marquee names), and figure out who the guys are that can thrive in the isosceles triangle offense Phil insists on using. They have two sound pieces to build around in Carmelo and Kristaps Porzingis, so a desperation move — overpaying someone with a name but a game that doesn’t fit — is exactly what they don’t need this summer. I know Carmelo’s clock is ticking, but he has to be patient if they’re going to get it right in New York.

Ian Thomsen, It should be something smart. By this time next year we’re going to be saying that Porzingis is potentially the best player to ever team up with Carmelo. With two stars locked in at the forward positions, the Knicks absolutely must hire a coach worthy of commanding Anthony’s respect. This quality is more important than any knowledge of the triangle offense. The Knicks have a few high-level years to squeeze out of their best player, and that time cannot be wasted on an ideological pursuit. Give ‘Melo a boss in whom he can believe. Hire Tom Thibodeau, sign complementary free agents who will feed a winning mentality and aim for nothing less than the Eastern Conference semifinals next season – these are all reachable goals.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog The Knicks still need to improve at several positions, including their bench, but to me the primary need is a point guard with the quickness to penetrate on offense and defensively keep up with other quicker guards. So at midnight on the first day of free agency, Phil Jackson should call Mike Conley and, if Conley’s not taking calls, perhaps someone like Brandon Jennings. To be clear, no one player is going suddenly make the Knicks champs again, but the point guard slot is where the Knicks can make an immediate impact.


  1. Lawrence says:

    Get rid of mellow

  2. Nastyyy says:

    1. They need a PG that will run the offense his way and not feed an isolated Melo on most plays.
    They need a floor general. The few years Melo’s team was dangerous was with Billups, they always failed this PG’s who had a lower status than Anthony and always will.

    2. Get Pau Gasol.
    Top C with brain who will feed KP and still produce. And KP will develop faster around him.
    (do NOT do the mistake to take a braindead C like Howard)

    3.Try to steal a Nic Batum during Free Agency


  3. kp6 says:

    Find good coach who wont kill KP after taking over..

  4. Why does Carmelo Anthony have a say? He’s an overweight diva with delusions of grandeur.

    Can you Melo fans just finally admit it? He was a very good college player, scored a lot in the pros, but alienated teams. He hasn’t done anything significant in the pros– I take that back, he made the conference finals once. With a loaded team.

    He’s supposed to be a “superstar”, but can’t even lead his team to .500. I played, and I think he’s EXTREMELY overrated.

    Average fans thinks he’s a top 10 player— in reality, he’s a 3rd option on a contending team. But his ego won’t allow him to be a winner.

    Such a douche.

  5. Ethan says:

    First, the Knicks really need to release Jose Calderon and sign a quick point guard like Brandon Jennings who is making about $8 million. They should be able to afford him since Calderon is making only about $7 million. They shouldn’t try to rush a huge free agent signing. Then they need to sign a tough coach that focuses on defense, I 100% agree that Tom Thibedeau would be great fit. And finally, they need to sign a center that could be either a backup or a starter, Zaza Pachulia could definitely help because of his defense and all the little things he does on the court. Overall, the Knicks need to make some major changes this offseason to help them succeed, but they can’t make any more hasty decisions.

  6. Kello says:


    1) Sign Kevin Durant – Rajan Rondo + another top-player!!!
    2) Keep Kristaps & Melo!!!
    3) Add some great bench player!!!
    4) Believe it´s possible to win every game!!!
    5) Share the ball & play like a TEAM!!!

  7. Swingman says:

    Get rid of Calderon, Get rid of Melo, Get rid of Affalo. Knicks need to start from scratch. And they have their franchise players in Porzingis. That dude is money. They need a legit point Guard and a Centre, put porzingis in the four spot. just start building a deeper bench. Getting rid of hardaway was dumb already. Just gotta wait and see what free agency brings.

    Biggest problem of the knicks? Melo is a ball hog. How can you rebuild a team if you don’t play team ball. He doesn’t deserve a ring

  8. Andrew says:

    @Scott Howard: The knicks do not have their first round pick this year, it is heading to either the Nuggets or the Raptors, don’t know how you think they’re going to get a lottery pick.

  9. jb says:

    I know carmelo is a volume shooter but dang what about better management. This scenario reminds me of Allen Iverson and a couple of other players that just know how to score. Great players but nobody knows how to use them.

  10. Send Melo to the D league so he can consciously see that his Defense doesn’t make up for his slightly decent Offense. He needs a reality check. Sure he can score but has to chunk up 20+ shots which takes away from my friend Kristaps.

    It takes a few moves to make the right move. RedHead Blogger on youtube.

  11. Marcus says:

    1st. Hire a damn coach and a good one at that
    Hopefully Tom Thibedeou

    2. Waive Jose Calderón, save $5 million dollars

    3rd. Go after the younger, quicker & cheaper Brandon Jennings…Stay away from Conley, too expensive & a lil older than Jennings, Knicks need as much youth as possible…

    4. Try to keep Affialo, either get him to opt in or bring him back on another reasonable deal…

    5. Get a back up center, Tyler Zeller or Timothy Mozgov

  12. The next should hire me as a coach and they should also get a point guard and another shooting guard that can match double A because I see that this team has potential to be a contender only when they all work on all cylinders. Whoever is not playing to where they need to play should be bench plain and simple. I don’t really know them they don’t really know me so it’s a win-win situation and also found myself with some of the better coaches to help me no of course I’m joking but honestly who can bring the team together better than a Marine?

  13. Estrika says:

    Harrison Barnes would be a nice addition.

  14. Tony Starks says:

    I agree with Fran on starting over minus the shortcut approach.It’s not going to work or pay dividens for Melo at this stage. Schuhmam was correct as well with the notion stating find out where Melo would like to play and align that with what they can recieve in return.

  15. grantdude says:

    I laughed when Melo said he wants to help the team recruit. What exactly is he gonna say? “Hey come to NY and watch me hog the ball!”