Blogtable: Agree with Davidson’s ruling to not retire Curry’s jersey?

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Agree with Davidson’s decision to not retire Curry’s jersey?

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> Davidson College maintains it won’t retire Stephen Curry’s jersey until he earns a college degree. Good decision?

Steve Aschburner, Stellar decision. Davidson is not a one-and-done factory for lottery picks. Like a lot of schools that fly under the radar at this time of year (even a few that get eliminated in the first weekend of March Madness), it takes “college basketball” in the order of its name: college first, hoops second. I can’t imagine Steph Curry or his family would even kick about such a requirement. More likely, they’d welcome the opportunity to make a statement about earning one’s status, kids who aren’t NBA-ready at age 18, keeping priorities straight and the value of completing a college degree regardless of one’s net worth.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comWhether or not I think it is a noble message being sent and will inspire other athletes to get their education is irrelevant. As long as we’re living here in the United States of Trumpmerica, Davidson College is a private institution that can make its own rules and standards. Just as Adam Silver doesn’t want or pay attention to all of us telling the NBA how to run its business. (Even though we try.) By the way, when we make Steph the new face on the $10 bill, I’m sure he’ll get over the slight from Davidson.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Their school, their rules. I only hope they have had this conversation with Steph and talked it over with him rather than letting it become a thing in public first. Probably not the guy you want to alienate. I get the point, though. Make that kind of honor about more than just the basketball.

Shaun Powell, Normally I’m not a hard-line traditionalist, but I agree with Davidson, which is one of the country’s finest institutions of higher learning. If a place like Kentucky wants to honor its one-and-dones, fine, because no good basketball player will stay there for four years. But Davidson isn’t some college basketball meat-market. Let Curry return one day and get his degree, which would set a great example, and I’m sure Davidson will throw a retirement party to end all retirement parties.

John Schuhmann, Seems reasonable to me. I wish my alma mater (Virginia Tech — where he wanted to play) had this choice to make, but our coach at the time didn’t offer him a scholarship, even though his dad is the second leading scorer in school history. By the way, does Bimbo Coles have any kids that play ball?

Sekou Smith, That’s Davidson’s prerogative, to stick to their tradition, and I don’t have a problem with them maintaining that sort of standard. It doesn’t really matter right now anyway. Everyone knows where Curry played in college. That will never change. And years from now, if he feels that completing his degree and getting that jersey up in the rafters is important to him, he’ll do what needs to be done to make it happen. But right now, no one cares if Davidson retires his jersey. He’ll have his Warriors jersey hanging in high in the sky of that new arena one day. If he has one to match at Davidson, great. If not, I can’t imagine it’ll a big deal to anyone outside of the Davidson community.

Ian Thomsen, Excellent! What better way to emphasize the priority of education? For all but a few elite college players, earning a degree is going to be more important than anything they do in basketball. If Curry earns his degree eventually, then the ceremony to retire his jersey at Davidson is going to have far greater meaning than if the school ignored its own standards and made it happen today.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: Right, because having that piece of paper is going to change what Curry accomplished on the court for Davidson. I appreciate they’re a college and they want to encourage a focus on academics, but at this point hasn’t Curry done more for the school than the school did for him, particularly on an international scale? By retiring Curry’s jersey now, Davidson has an opportunity to get a ton of free publicity and remind everyone that for a time, Curry honed his craft in their gym. They, apparently, don’t want that.


  1. Florencio Almirol says:

    Definitely agree with Davidson! Curry has opportunity to encourage others to finish college.

  2. MALIK MCCLAIN says:

    I agree that the message be sent that student athletes finish what they started and continue to be exploited by the institution. Also the point is well taken that Steph has already done more for that school than it will ever do for him,so why try to keep using him as a recruiting tool, was that done to Fred Hetzel ? After all the success Steph is having ,there are thousands of institutes of higher learning willing to accommodate his educational needs and won’t air him out in the media for getting his career started. I would never set foot on that campus again. His NBA jersey and first ballot Hall induction would be sufficient.

  3. Steph Curry will get his degree, Watch. Problem solved. Tada!

  4. Max says:

    Stephen Curry should do the same thing Shaquille O’Neal did. He went back to school in the summer and finished it.

  5. Doc says:

    Should retire the jersey. Steph Curry has done more for Davidson as any other alumni. As an international fan, I’d never heard of Davidson until their run in the NCAA torni. I’m a double degree graduate and I still say give him the recognition!

  6. MLJ says:

    I agree with the school’s right to make their own decision based off their own policy. It is just odd coming from an institution that awards honorary doctorates. They can honor an accomplished person that did not attend the school, but NOT an accomplished person that DID attend the school because he doesn’t have a degree?

  7. The Doctor says:

    Nice word usage there Blinebury
    Psyche, nice to know we have a racist NBA journalist though.

  8. Greg says:

    This College is probably not the most well-known. By making a statement that becomes a topic of discussion they are getting their name out to the public. Good PR! Congratulations to whoever came up with the idea of making this an issue

  9. constant effi says:

    yes, ifhe is the role model that he is he will take the time to graduate

  10. Williedoitagain says:

    First, Fran Blinebury, let’s be serious, he’ll be the new face of the $3 dollar bill. It fits. Secondly, college makes a killing off marketing it’s *unpaid athletes, even the one-and-dones, so give me a break. Retire the guy’s jersey. Stop the PC pettiness.

  11. Swingman says:

    totally agree….last thing a college or university is give props to an athlete who didn’t value his education. that sets a bad example to future student/athletes

  12. Nick says:

    Davidson is a school, isn’t it? They are in the business of offering degrees, are they not? So what does Curry’s success on the court have to do with that?

  13. VinnyFreeman says:

    I actually agree with their stance – and based on what I have read? Stephen Curry does too ..and he knows he’s just a few courses from actually getting it. Having said all of this? Lets just make sure that Davidson, in their focused sense of purpose, aren’t profiting from Curry’s attendance either …until he gets that sheepskin. I don’t want to see any #30 Davidson Jerseys sold on campus, no posters want to acknowledge he went there? cool … to make money off of the guy you won’t retire his jersey? Just plain weird …and capitalistic …

  14. Aristotle says:

    Why does everyone feel the need to mention, and sometimes focus on, Davidson’s right to their own rules and decisions regarding jersey retirement? That wasn’t a part of this question, and it was never in question. Of course they get to make the decision, the question is whether you personally agree with the decision they made. Personally, I respect the idea- but disagree with the decision. Retiring a jersey isn’t about the school honoring the student, it’s about the team honoring the player. whether or not he earned the degree in no way affects his accomplishments on the court for Davidson. You know what else doesn’t affect it? His play in the NBA. So personally, I would ignore his record setting MVP ways and his non-graduated status, and just focus on what he did as a player for the college. That is, after all, what this potential honor is supposed to be about.

  15. John says:

    Blinebury refers to “Trumpmerica”? Exactly what does politics have to do with Davidson’s decision? Nothing on “Hitlery” or “Feel the Bern” or “TrusTed”? Why not Blinebury?