Nate Robinson going for NFL dreams

From staff reports

It looks like three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion Nate Robinson is trading his basketball high tops for football cleats. Robinson, 31, announced on Thursday that he will be pursuing an NFL job next season.

Robinson was a two-sport star at the University of Washington as a freshman in 2002 as a cornerback and point guard. The 5-foot-9 athlete in a video below outlined his accomplishments in both sports with the help of some friends of both sports.

There is no indication that any NFL teams would be interested in the 10-year NBA veteran, who averaged 11 points per game.



  1. Mark Harmony says:

    I’m surprised it took him this long to make this decision, but all the same, I hope he succeeds. It would definitely be a great story.

  2. Oakley34 says:


  3. asdfrank says:

    First time I heard Nate Robinson’s voice, dude sounds like Kevin Hart lol.

    • Logan says:

      well I think it would be great if the Seattle Seahawks gave Nate a chance. Hoenstly the Hawks should pick him up. I bet the team would be quite impressed. He played for the Huskies lets give a a shot at getting a Superbowl win with a championship caliber team.