Blogtable: Deciphering LeBron’s cryptic messages?

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> LeBron James has taken to social media to either flaunt his philosophical wisdom or take subtle digs at his teammates. What should we make of LBJ’s cryptic messages?

David Aldridge, TNT analyst:  Nothing. LeBron likes messing with everyone; he knows we all breathlessly try to interpret everything he says on Twitter or Instagram or whatever. I think he’s laughing his butt off when he types those “inspirational” passages, knowing we’ll spend two or three news cycles trying to figure out what it all means. Is he passive-aggressive at times? Yes. But if he wants to tell Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving something, I think he just tells them, in private.

Steve Aschburner, Drama king? Brand-building? I’d vote for a little of both, along with flexing the power to cut out the middle man of traditionial media. It’s got to be empowering to have 28.6 million followers on Twitter — most mainstream media outlets would kill for that audience — and he probably feels he has to give them … something from time to time to keep them chattering. Can’t be boring, regurgitating old locker-room clichés. Can’t be too revealing and still maintain his family’s privacy. Can’t be NBA snarky lest it end up as bulletin-board material. Can’t be too blatant about the selling of sneakers, cars, energy drinks or whatever. So that leaves cryptic. But it seems to me that a part of LeBron James loves lighting the stink bomb, tossing it into the room and closing the door to await the pandemonium that ensues.

Fran Blinebury, He’s bored, desperate, self-absorbed or playing with us. Possibly all four.

Scott Howard-Cooper, That LeBron is using any means possible to poke at some teammates in hopes of better results. There’s no great mystery. Coaches and players for years have been sending messages through the media with comments designed to get in someone’s face without getting in their face. Same thing now, only social media instead of traditional media.

Shaun Powell, Why won’t LeBron come right out and say it? He’s having second-thoughts about leaving the Heat strictly from a basketball standpoint (not a personal one) because he had a better vibe with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh than he does with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. Wade and Bosh are battle tested and true, while Love and Kyrie are question marks. Meanwhile, LeBron isn’t getting any younger. My hunch is he’ll never win a title in Cleveland. Said so when he left Miami.

John Schuhmann, I have no clue and don’t really care. I’ll stick to evaluating what happens on the basketball court.

Sekou Smith, What, you’re not impressed with LeBron’s beautiful mind venting on social media? I’m not sure what to make of all the drama, real and imagined, going on with the Cavaliers. I’m a firm believer that a certain amount of creative conflict in the workplace tends to produce better results. But these subtle digs from LeBron don’t appear to be working in the way he imagined. The Cavaliers seem to be operating like a team that has a championship hangover, except they didn’t win anything last season (unless you believe an Eastern Conference championship banner counts). Whatever system of checks and balances that worked in Miami with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh sharing the leadership load with LeBron is clearly absent in Cleveland.

Ian Thomsen, He is using the tools of his generation in hope of communicating with and applying pressure to his teammates. We don’t know the context because we don’t get to hear what he’s saying to them in private every day. As discouraging as their results have been, I’d still give them a better chance at reaching The Finals than the Warriors face in the far more competitive West — and maybe that’s part of the problem. Maybe his Cleveland teammates assume they can breeze through the East when the time comes. But LeBron knows better.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogI am a frequent and voracious user and consumer of social media, and I approach LeBron’s social media messages the same way as I do everyone else’s tweets and snaps and Instagrams and status updates: With an entire shaker of salt. What really matters is what happens on the court, not whether LeBron has posted a photoshop of him in a Batman costume. And what’s happening on the court lately (4-4 in their last 8) is more concerning than anything anyone’s posted online.


  1. Wayne says:

    Labron is still very relevant as player. He easily the top 3 player in the league. I believe that he realizes that he made mistake when he left Miami. His chances are a whole lot better in Miami. I was very disappointed in the way he treated Pat Riley who brought Labron in to build a dynasty.

  2. NBA Fan says:

    I agree with the majority of commenters – who cares? The writers created the persona of “King James”, he bought into the idea and now they’re both stuck with trying to make him relevant. He is a drama king for sure.

  3. anderson says:

    who is lebron???

  4. Marty says:

    Inside the NBA started this garbage.And now a topic?REALLY!!

  5. Geronimo says:

    Who cares what LeBron does, enough of LeBron there are more interesting players that one can talk about. so what if he went to Miami and worked out with D-Wade, OMG let it go its so frustrating LeBron this LeBron that OMG its making me sick,

  6. I agree w/ Shawn Powell. Lebron most likely is frustrated that his Cadavaliers are not Dwayne Wade and Fish Bosh. Yes, they had a camaraderie that he certainly does not have w/ Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving. I always thought it was strange that he would leave Miami, for Kyrie Irving, whom I have always thought was overrated.

  7. bodjee says:

    Could it be because there is no camaraderie on the Cavs?

  8. Cedric says:

    Season aint over yet,summer starting early in the nba. Melo is on…love the nba, year-round excitement.

  9. Anthony says:

    The problem with labron is his own limited skill set and the fact that if it wasn’t for kobe’s retirement tour and Steph currys achievements nobody would b watching Labron knows how to stay relevant but he needs to realize that 6/12 shooting is not going to get it

  10. Craig Mckenzie says:

    who cares

  11. yan carlos estrada says:

    Im not sure but i think lebron means with all that i saw he visit miami with wade and later the tweets he post that make methink he is thinking about if he leave again to miami or try again with cleveland and he knows has a better chance with the heat to win another champions he will be free agent in july i dont know whats going to happen but let see.