Report: Ty Lawson agrees to deal with Pacers

VIDEO: Ty Lawson will join the Indiana Pacers for the rest of this season after being bought out by the Rockets

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Ty Lawson didn’t go long without a team to play for. Two days after being waived by the Houston Rockets, Lawson has agreed to a deal with the Indiana Pacers, according to Yahoo! Sports.

The seven-year veteran point guard played in 53 games with the Rockets this season, including 12 starts. But he never really fit in with James Harden and gave way to Patrick Beverley in the starting unit.

Lawson gives the Pacers added depth in the backcourt behind George Hill and Monta Ellis.


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  1. For different reasons, I don’t know who is the bigger bum; Ty Lawson or Joe Johnson.

  2. Martin says:

    He will be an great addition George Hill and monte need a little help there

  3. drago says:

    Don’t see this going to well for Ty’s stats

  4. mike says:

    ty was taking hardin’s beer from his cooler so ty had to go

  5. Mainer4life says:

    That’ll be the lance Stephenson they’ve been missing