Curry’s act draws praise from around league circles

VIDEO: Curry’s game-winning three.

By Gregory Lee,

Steph Curry lit up the Thunder on Saturday and players took to Twitter to share their amazement:


  1. Elisha Mghase says:

    Amaizing Steph

  2. paulomagnani says:

    Think about how many very good players came to NBA in the last 2 decades inspired by Michael Jordan, think how MJ has changed the game….now imagine the next generations inspired by Steph Curry, can you imagine how many good or excellent shooters will come out in the next decade trying to breack his record? The GAME AGAIN WILL NEVER BE THE SAME – STEPH CURRY IS A REVOLUTION! A NEW REVOLUTION!

  3. nasaba says:

    lets see he if he stays healty and come back frrom injury and keep it up mad props

  4. When do you think KING JAMES will no longer be called ” The Greatest Player in the world”? Seems to me That Steph Curry has taken over that spot.

  5. stephanie johnson says:

    Well I call him the rifleman cuz he can shoot!!!!!!!!! The best ever!

  6. FBslice says:

    Here’s one that no ones talking about. Steph may have set the record for most records broken in a single night in NBA, or even sports history. I’m sure though, couldn’t find otherwise, Wilt probably had a ton one night and may have actually set this record, but Steph set 5 legit records last night (including a tie). Anyone know if another player has done better?

    Here are his records set last night,

    Most three pointers in a regular season.

    Most consecutive games with a three pointer.

    Most consecutive games with ten or more three pointers.

    Quickest to break any sports individual season record with most threes in a single season, and 29.3 percent of the season remaining.

    Most threes in a game (tie)

  7. I never turned my head from that game. Good stuff.

  8. Chip Pearson says:

    I’m old enough to remember the 1973 NBA Champion Knicks, and the 1975 NBA Champion Warriors. MJ is touted as the best of all-time by many, even though Kareem is still the all-time leading scorer, and Russell has 11 rings. But, it’s ludicrous to make comparisons of players from different eras! Training is more sophisticated, there is more money in the league, and the game has changed from even 10 years ago! So, the subject is good for debate shows. But, why can’t we just appreciate superior athletic achievements by athletes, without trying to diminish their accomplishments?

  9. Milton McMath says:

    If you from Oakland ,it’s just Town Business

  10. Phil Davis says:

    Step Curry is th GREATEST shooter the NBA has ever seen! Clearly changing the game!

  11. Larry Barrow says:

    the trap on KD ,Curry/HB was so tight KD could”nt open his mouth to call time out …After which Curry goes and hits a 32ft.jumper …Ill never forget that play ..Two guys trapping , two in back court Draymond , Klay , and then the shooter .. Basketball!!!

    • rp says:

      He was busy getting mauled. There are pictures that show him obviously getting fouled. (1) Why wasn’t a foul called? (2) Why didn’t Westbrook call time out? He was standing right there just watching it. He was standing out of bounds…so KD couldn’t throw it to him. What else could KD do except throw it to the other end, away from their basket and hope his teammates could grab it? Not understanding why KD is taking all the heat for this….

  12. dubnation says:

    My dude curry and the g state dubs are unstopable and steoh best player in the league going for beat in history of he keeps this video game up ahah sweet swish music!!!

  13. This dude is not human…where are those people who said hes not the best in the world?

  14. mikeymike972 says:

    Unreal, seriously unreal. I was in shock for an hour, still in shock. I had to write a special blog post ( ) just off what I saw him do against OKC last night. And Curry has been doing all season, game over lol, game over!

  15. Bodjee says:

    He is awesome.

  16. You have to check dude when he crosses half court.

  17. kebot says:

    cheat code.
    #HE’S ON FIRE – unlimited 3’s
    #SHOW ME THE MONEY – unlimited range
    – this is a video game, where he knows he will always win. The reason why there is no emotion to his shots. It just go in, regardless how he throw it.

  18. Doug says:

    Amazing streak of games with a made 3. Does anyone know what the streak was that lead to the one game with no 3’s that started the current streak? I think he is A LOT and 1 since the start of the previous streak.

  19. Ronnie Myles says:

    Pretty good. ..and the man is humble! I’m not a professional basketball player, however, I was pretty good during my playing days. So like many non professional players, we understand how extremely tough, and the amount of commitment it takes to maintain the consistency that Curry is displaying on a nightly basis. Good for you man…keep working hard. Ronnie Myles- Tampa

  20. Anthony says:

    Shine on brother. …

  21. sanjay says:

    low budget iq defense wont work against him. other teams have to specifically plan to choke him. warriors are having it merry because there is clay thompson as well. the other point guards have to get to the rim and get big guys in foul trouble. this forces small guys on gsw to play defense than you can pound them in the paint. All teams have weaknesses and teams need to exploit them. you are not going to beat them by trying to outgun them . blazers was an exception. you have to play like detroit did. spurs is one team which can do that. warriors always lose when the other point guard can match steph and put clay in trouble. granted he is blessed with a great shooting touch and handle but there is a way to defend the dude. It takes time to figure it out. those of us who have seen other sports know the game but unfortunately we are not a looked at commodity in nba. so this obliterating of teams will continue.

    • Nossy says:

      Wow you should be an NBA coach. The only person who can stop Steph is Steph…when he has an off-night. So MJ didnt have it his way because of Pippen? Kobe didnt have it his way because of Shaq? It is still a team sport.

      Those few teams that beat the GSW? Came on a long road trip. They are human and can get tire etc. Why are people making excuses and downplay their accomplishment? Or better yet…still put Curry down when he is damn good?

  22. vanicia brown belus says: