Hang Time Podcast (Episode 228) Featuring Klay Thompson and Arash Markazi

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — History will determine where these Golden State Warriors rank all time.

They have to finish the deal, of course. None of it will matter if the Warriors don’t break the NBA record for wins in the regular season (the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls still own the top spot at 72 wins)

But Klay Thompson and the Warriors are not intimidated by the task. Thompson told us during All-Star Weekend that the chase for 73 wins is on. And the Warriors are currently ahead of the pace, 50-5 and counting.

Where will the Golden State Warriors rank all time?

Ahead of those outlandish Michael Jordan-led Bulls? Certainly alongside them and the Showtime Lakers, the Larry Bird-led Celtics, the Shaquille O’NealKobe Bryant-led Lakers and others.

We debate that and so much more on Episode 228 of The Hang Time Podcast featuring Thompson and Arash Markazi of ESPN.com, a Los Angeles native who provides a local perspective and also schools us on Echo Fox (owned by our very own Rick Fox).



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VIDEO: The Starters discuss the Golden State Warriors historical chase for 73 wins


  1. James D says:

    In people that understand the game fully will not see Golden State even close to one of the best teams in the NBA because the game played today is like watching the all-star games of the past NO DEFENSE. Oscar Robertson is most absolutely right that Golden State is great because they play like a 90s team and the rest of the league is way soft. The only reason the Spurs so good is because Greg Poppovich is the best coach ever. This is the Soft Era of basketball which is the worst ever in basketball. The WNBA play tougher than than NBA today. So Golden state really should be undefeated how soft and defenseLESS the nba is. Adam Silver please bring back basketball for men and not just for kids and women. If we just wanted to see scoring, we would watch the harlem globetrotters and and 1 streetball. Maybe the ABA can start their league back up and play like they played in the 90s and im sure it would take over the NBA. Why do you think so many players get hurt in the nab now? Cause its like getting whipblash, any contact in the nba is unexpected cause they play so soft so when they do get touched they get hurt. Its terrible how soft the nba is. I see the warriors and there is hardly nobody around when they making. They do make some tough shots and thats because they dont have anything to worry about cause they rest of the league is too soft and defenseless for their scoring or shooting.

  2. Will J says:

    Don’t get me wrong I want them to win the championship. But I want them to earn it. They have no one who commands a double team, no big that can beat you in the post, no one who consistently beats his man one-on-one (though I believe Steph could if he had to). Yet they score at will. Ask yourself why? Is Steve Kerr smarter than Naismith, Aubech, Jackson, and Riley, put together? They will set a record (e.g., 75-7) that will never be approached. I haven’t seen one moving screen called on them. Last night should have been an L. They’ve had about 5 other games that they should have lost. But when the going gets tough they go to the moving pick. Please watch the picks that Bogut and Green set in the 4th quarter. They set them late and then they move into you like an offensive lineman. I don’t recognize the game that I have loved my entire life. If just some of those picks are called you take points off the board and you put them in serious foul trouble. Otherwise, just hand them the trophy now.

  3. Will J says:

    I do not believe that the Golden State Warriors belong in the same category as those teams. They are a fine team, and I am a huge fan of virtually all of their players and coaches. So it pains me to keep saying this. But they are essentially unbeatable, because of that motion offense. It is illegal. It gives them an unfair advantage. Back in the day, you could chose to switch a pick and just accept the mismatch that it brings, rather than give up an uncontested shot. With the moving screen that option is taken away. You are left to scramble. Combine that with excellent outside shooting and you have a juggernaut. No team in history could beat the Golden State Warriors if they play that game, while you play conventional basketball. Not even the Bulls who shot 50% from the field, and lead the league in defense. If GSW was forced to play by the rules they would still be a 60 win team, because of their unselfishness, tenacity, and shooting, but they would be third best behind the Spurs, and a fully healthy Cleveland.