Report: Warriors add Varejao

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — With a 48-4 record, the Golden State Warriors had no real need to make or take calls at the trade deadline. But they’ll gladly take the opportunity to add some frontline help via the buyout market.

Yahoo’s Shams Charania and Marc Spears report that the Warriors (now 49-5) have reached an agreement with Anderson Varejao on a vet minimum contract for the rest of the season. Varejao was traded from Cleveland to Portland at the deadline and then waived by the Blazers. He cleared waivers on Sunday, allowing him to sign with any other team (except Cleveland) and be eligible for the playoffs.

Golden State waived Jason Thompson according to Spears – to make room for Varejao on the roster. Thompson has a $2.7 million guarantee next season.

But the champs could use a center right now. Back-up Festus Ezeli had knee surgery earlier this month and won’t be reevaluated for a month. Starter Andrew Bogut missed Saturday’s game in L.A. with a sore Achilles. The Warriors have outscored their opponents by an amazing 28.5 points per 100 possessions with Draymond Green playing center, but have used that look for less than eight minutes per game.

Varejao played in only 31 of the Cavs’ 52 games before the All-Star break. He could face his former team (the only team he’s ever played for) in The Finals if we have a rematch.

UPDATE: Varejao confirmed his signing with the Warriors on Facebook late Sunday night.


  1. Dihardgswfan says:

    No matter who warriors acquire or get rid of, as long as they got steph, draymond, and andrew, they would stay a great team for a while. Whether they get kd or some average players, chemistry would still be there. I got faith in kerr and j west. They r the best in fhe business, their records speak for themselves.

  2. Dubs won’t play cave in the finals. They will get beat in the first round of the playoffs by the BLAZERS!!

  3. Jdub says:

    Great move by the the Warriors…. Cavs, well as usual, another one of those ala luebron moves…… Lol

  4. Gabriel says:

    I thought for sure they will try to get David Lee back before signing Varegao

  5. zeke says:

    can i start counting the bandwagoners now?

  6. don says:


  7. Gilas says:

    I just hope it will not hurt the warriors play. I’m just worried he’ll be like Andrew Bynum when he sign the pacers. Varejao and barbosa are both brazilian, both injured prone and old so they must contribute well if they want to help win championship again

  8. taekayo says:

    Wow, great move by the warriors. They have a talent pool so deep and that clicks so well, that adding an energy guy wuold just make them a lot better. This move could really give them the upper hand against the Spurs, which I think is still the top threat against GSW’s back-to-back championship aspirations.

  9. Deutztony says:

    If the Warriors will be the champion again, this will be Varejao’s first ever championship…

  10. Jason/C-Bus says:

    From the perspective of a Cavs fan, this is about as ironic as it gets. Andy has long been a fan favorite in Cleveland. For many he is their favorite player, or second favorite after Lebron. It was super sad to see him go but we have a glut of big men. Now more then ever I don’t wanna play the Warriors in the finals, mostly cause either my Cavs walk away disappointed, or Andy does. We’ll see what happens…

  11. thornytoes says:

    Warriors style ball movement and switching defense isn’t something you just step into. It is intense and technical and it will take Varajao more than a few months to get acclimated. I haven’t seen him play much but he seems to be a selfless player with a positive attitude which is exactly what the Dubs look for.

  12. ebiric bautista says:

    very nice and intelligent move for the back-to-back nba champion… Go go go warriors beat them all

  13. Daniel Olivella says:

    Happy for both Andy is agreat guy and an amazing fighter, the warrios and amazing team he will fit right in….Bay Area the curly guy is in town

  14. Jack says:

    Congrats Wild Thing,..sad to say you will not be champion this year…

  15. smokinpro says:

    It would be poetic justice if Verajoa wins a ring with the Warriors, especially if they beat the Cavs to do it!… and the stories keep writing themselves!

  16. GoLA says:

    Cleveland are exposed. Great move by the Warriors.

  17. DEL says:

    HE’S A TROJAN HORSE becareful

    • Mike O says:

      Wow lol I was thinking the same thing right before I read this! But ya man the warriors are dumb… The cavs are smart not trading him directly but going through a different team so it won’t get out. The playoffs will be interesting this year.

  18. Omar says:

    That awkward moment when you win your first championship by beating the team you were previously on during the same season…haha

  19. Wow. The GSW have cornered the market on everthing….