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Morning shootaround — Feb. 16

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Clippers say Griffin not being dealt | Assessing trade market for Love | Report: Bosh may have blood clot in calf | Report: Knicks still interested in Teague

No. 1: Clippers say they’re not dealing Griffin — Just yesterday, ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that the Los Angeles Clippers offered up star forward Blake Griffin as the centerpiece in a trade with the Denver that the Nuggets ultimately turned down. Griffin’s name will continue to be bandied about as a potential trade target as Thursday’s dealing deadline looms, but as Dan Woike of the Orange County Register reports, the Clippers’ front office says Griffin is not being made available in deals:

High-level members of the organization say they remain adamant about not dealing Griffin, the best young player the franchise has ever had, despite another round of rumors suggesting they called Denver about Kenneth Faried, Danillo Gallinari, Will Barton and Nikola Jokic.

“One hundred percent not true,” according to one executive involved in any trade discussions. Clippers coach Doc Rivers has also been vocal, saying the team isn’t trading Griffin.

Still, a combination of factors continues to dump kerosene on the speculation.

For one, the Clippers have been extremely good with Griffin out of the lineup, first with a partially torn tendon in his left quad and currently with a broken right hand. The team has gone 18-5 since Dec. 26, becoming one of the most efficient teams on both sides of the court since.

Secondly, Griffin’s off-court issue, the broken hand, has teams smelling blood in the water, hoping to score one of the NBA’s top young stars for less than market value.

Also, attaching Griffin’s name to a trade proposal could increase the perceived value of the other players in the deal.

Lastly, why would the Clippers move Griffin if there was even a sliver of hope the team could use him to land Durant, free agency’s top prize (and there is some hope)? Regardless of how interested the Oklahoma City forward is in joining the Clippers, the team would need to create cap room to sign him, which could be accomplished by moving Griffin in a sign-and-trade.

A more realistic approach for the Clippers at the trade deadline would be using Lance Stephenson to somehow upgrade their roster.

The Clippers would love to land a two-way player on the wing and could use a backup big man and short-term help at point guard.

VIDEO: The Starters discuss Blake Griffin’s injury and his future in L.A.


No. 2:Assessing Love’s availability on trade market — The Cleveland Cavaliers have a former All-Star and one of the premiere stretch big men in the league in Kevin Love. While Love hasn’t been as good in Cleveland as he was during his heyday with the Minnesota Timberwolves, he remains a player many teams would love to have in their mix. So what are the chances Cleveland moves the sharp-shooting big man before Thursday’s trade deadline?’s Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst assess it as follows:

The Cavaliers have been adamant for weeks that Kevin Love is going nowhere, but the chatter about potential Love deals won’t go away until the deadline passes Thursday at 3 p.m. ET, since even Cavs GM David Griffin has acknowledged that “there’s no such thing as untouchables.”

But league sources say that the Cavs have made it clear to interested teams — starting, of course, with the Love-hungry Boston Celtics — that they’d covet a star in return if or when they do reach the point of letting Love go … and not a package of draft picks and role players like the Celtics are offering.

Despite his past and recent shoulder woes, Love holds extensive value not only because of his history of production but also because he still has three guaranteed seasons left on his current contract. But some rival executives increasingly believe that given the Cavs’ expectations in such a trade and the complexity of moving a star in midseason, it’s more likely that Cleveland seriously considers Love pitches in June or July, after it sees how the postseason plays out as well as what new coach Tyronn Lue gets out of the former All-Star in the playoffs.

Sources say that the Cavs, though, have been more and more active in recent days in pursuing upgrades to their bench, with center Timofey Mozgov and swingman Iman Shumpert — both in the midst of down seasons after their midseason arrivals in 2014-15 — said to be available. Players who interest Cleveland, sources say, include dream target Kyle Korver (who would naturally be very difficult to pry from Atlanta) and Kings reserves Ben McLemore and Kosta Koufos.


No. 3: Report: Bosh may have blood clotting in his calf — Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh pulled out of participating in the 2016 NBA All-Star Game due to what was called a calf injury (he was replaced on the roster by Atlanta’s Al Horford). Troubling news emerged last night regarding Bosh’s injury, though, as Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald was the first to report about Bosh’s calf injury, which has team officials worried is being caused by a blood clot. Bosh, if you forgot, missed the final 30 games of 2014-15 as he dealt with blood clots in his lungs. Here’s more from Jackson on Bosh’s injury and what may be next for him:

The Miami Heat was concerned Monday about another potentially serious health situation involving Chris Bosh, multiple sources said.

The initial belief is that Bosh has blood clotting in his calf, according to a league source and a Yahoo! report.

Bosh missed Sunday’s All-Star Game with a strained calf and returned to Miami for additional tests. A person in touch with the Heat’s front office said a worrisome problem surfaced Monday, beyond merely a strained calf. Another source said his life was not at risk.

Asked directly if Bosh had been diagnosed with a blood clot in his calf, agent Henry Thomas responded by text: “Too soon for all of that. … Too soon to report that.”

Yahoo’s new NBA site, The Vertical, reported early this morning that Bosh is expected to meet with doctors on Thursday “to determine the seriousness of blood clotting in his left calf and whether the use of blood thinners could allow him to return this season.”

Heat officials did not comment.

Bosh said last summer that he was told there was “a fairly low risk” of another blood clot.

“The recurring risk comes from a hereditary gene,” he said last September. “Fortunately, I don’t have that. That was one of the dangers I faced earlier, was, ‘Am I going to be able to play the game?’ Because if this test comes back that it’s a recurring thing, it’s going to be a problem.

“Anyone, if they don’t take the precautions, it can be a recurring thing, yes. But I’m a lot smarter now. I know about the precautions.”

Bosh said last September that he would take preventative measures, such as getting up to walk during flights, stretching his legs, wearing compression socks and taking Aspirin.

Bosh did not miss any games with the calf injury but decided Friday to skip the All-Star festivities.

He said Saturday that he was “pretty optimistic” that his calf strain wasn’t related to blood clots, but that he intended to see a physician Monday.

“As an athlete, we try to keep going with some things, treating it,” Bosh said Saturday. “But it just lingered. And I didn’t feel it was wise to continue to push it, especially with this elongated week that we have off. I just wanted to make sure I was taking the necessary precautions and being a good professional.”

Bosh is tied for 26th in scoring (19.1 points per game) and tied for 35th in rebounding (7.4). An 11-time All-Star, he is in his sixth season with the Heat. He signed a five-year, $118 million deal in July 2014.


No. 4: Report: Knicks still in pursuit of Teague — About a month or so ago, the New York Knicks tried to open up trade dialogue with the Atlanta Hawks about their star point guard, Jeff Teague. The long and the short of it was that essentially went nowhere and Teague remains with the Hawks. While the Knicks’ roster and assets haven’t changed since that first discussion, they continue to covet Teague, writes Ian Bagley of

Members of the New York Knicks’ front office ran into a fundamental problem when they reached out to the Atlanta Hawks to gauge the club’s interest in trading Jeff Teague last month.

“They just didn’t have the pieces to make it happen,” one league source familiar with the dynamic said.

That won’t stop the Knicks from trying. New York still hopes to pry Teague from Atlanta at some point before Thursday’s trade deadline, according to a report by ESPN’s Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst.

The club has made veteran point guard Jose Calderon and young forward Kyle O’Quinn available, according to the report by Stein and Windhorst, who write that the Knicks are talking up Calderon’s leadership qualities to opposing teams and are offering the 25-year-old O’Quinn in some packages to “sweeten proposals.”

Executives around the league believe the Knicks’ assets, or lack thereof, might prevent them from making a trade for Teague or another elite guard.

In addition to talking to Atlanta about Teague and monitoring Jennings’ situation, the Knicks recently reached out to the Hawks about guard Dennis Schroder. They were unable to make traction on a deal, per league sources.

Phil Jackson‘s club might need to get a third team — such as the Boston Celtics, with their large stock of draft picks — involved if it hopes to obtain an elite player.

The Knicks are unlikely to include their own draft pick in any deal. The next first-rounder they can offer in a trade is their pick in 2018.


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  1. TSO says:

    Hang in there, Chris Bosh. I’ve had two clots, one in each calf and am on a lifetime protocol of Warfarin. Take care of yourself. One of the Trailblazers died from this. We don’t want to hear of another.

  2. johnnytc1 says:

    Best move of the year would be to trade da king to the 76er’s for three draft picks. da cav’s aren’t even close and they won’t be with this line up. look to the future dan gilbert and get rid of the cancer in your organization before he dumps you again. how cool would that be for you to dump the guy who dumped you. when it’s not working change it up!

  3. Michael says:

    As a player, we try to keep going with some factors, dealing with it,” Bosh said Weekend. “But it just lingered. And I didn’t experience it was sensible to keep force it, especially with this pointed 7 days that we have off. I just desired for making sure I was getting necessary safety measures and being an excellent expert.Here

  4. bob shaw says:

    you can have melo he stinks – worst knick trade ever getting this ball hog that misses every clutch shot he takes !!

  5. The only real news in the shootaround today, is regarding Chris Bosh. Best wishes, that is scary stuff.

  6. sha says:

    As a knick fan, id trade Melo to ATL for Teague, another guy (to match salaries) and 2 #1 picks (which will be in the 20s i know)…melo’s knee is what it is. the best thing for the knicks to do is to rebuild while staying semi competetive. Teague will make the guys around better. porizingis will develop fully and be NBA conditioned in a year or 2 and so at that time with a couple extra picks we can see what derrick williams and afflalo can really do if we wanna add teague and picks to the core of porzy, robin lopez, afflalo and williams. otherwise, if derrick and afflalo opt out we’ll have porzingis, teague, galloway and robin lopez and a TON of cap space to add a superstar or a few really good players. this current knick club wont get it done

  7. Jose says:

    We will never give up the unicorn Derrick Lovelace

  8. Butler says:

    @Derrick Lovelace

    When top-pick teams didn’t show interest during draft it was Jackson & Co., where despite the scorn of Knicks fanbase, did their homework and believed in him. You want them to trade a potential future MVP in Zingzing for who?


  9. D_Will says:

    This is all speculation and it doesn’t seem that they can indisputably say Bosh is having clots again. This is a very serious issue, and unless there is 100% evidence of this, they shouldn’t be scaring everybody with stories like this.

  10. dd def says:

    blood clots are very scary, potentially fatal, and extremely painful. wish all the best for Bosh.

  11. We want Melo, the knicks don’t have the pieces. i tell u what, give us Kristaps P. and Galloway and O’Quinn and you get Teague and a future pick.

  12. jafzilla says:

    trade love to murice speights and rush , cav can save money and warrior can have a depth of players shooting threee..

  13. johnnytc1 says:

    Kevin Love needs to continue to play soft so maybe he’ll get traded from da cav’s. I can’t imagine playing for a team run by da king… Get out asap kev.