In a sea of trade madness, a deal that works for all sides

HANGTIME HEADQUARTERSBrandon Jennings and Scott Skiles reunited?

It seems a bit strange after all of these years and the rumored head-knocking that went on between the younger Jennings when he played under Skiles for the Milwaukee Bucks. But it makes sense now with Jennings coming back from injury in search of a starter’s role and Skiles in need of a steady, veteran hand at point guard as he tries to push the Orlando Magic to the next level.

The Pistons, who are set at point guard with Reggie Jackson, will send Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova to Orlando for Tobias Harris, which was first reported by Michael Scotto of Sheridan Hoops. In a sea of trade madness that always accompanies Thursday’s trade deadline, this is a deal that appears to work for all involved.

In Harris the Pistons get the versatile young big man who can work on both ends. The Magic get a capable role player in Ilyasova and a seasoned floor leader in Jennings, both with experience playing under Skiles from their time in Milwaukee.

Jennings said all of the right things as he returned from missing nearly a year after rupturing his Achilles last January. He’s averaging a career-low 6.8 points in the final season of his current deal in a limited role, one that should expand dramatically in Orlando.

What this means for second-year Magic point guard Elfrid Payton is unclear. He’s had his struggles but is certainly not a lost cause this early in his career. If nothing else, Jennings provides some insurance for the remainder of this season and possibly into the future, depending on how things progress the rest of this season.

With Jackson clearly the future at the position in Detroit, the career reset could be exactly what Jennings needs. The chance to showcase himself in Detroit would have been difficult with limited minutes, while the situation in Orlando is wide open.


  1. Wally Sandaver says:

    Not a fan of either team but agree with article. This is a good trade for both teams.
    Magic’s backcourt can be just awful if both young players are not playing well. Jennings is proven NBA scorer who can lift an offense. Payton and Oldipo may resent it but they shouldn’t – a wily veteran will only help them develop.

    Detroit gets a very talented young player. But Harris needs lots of work. He has no lateral vision and does not quite understand team ball. He needs to be coached more closely and brought along more slowly. Now that he is not the main offensive cog (now he is #3), he can take a step back and learn.

  2. johnnytc1 says:

    The best move to be made is; Send da king to the 76 ers for three draft picks. Da cav’s are not even close with this line up and they won’t be. There are just too many teams better than da cavs. Dan Gilbert should get rid of the cancer in his organization and dump the guy who dumped him and who will most likely do it again. Wake up dan before we hear ” I b takin my talents to____”.
    Get something while you can before no one wants the self proclaimed king.

  3. taekayo says:

    If things work out for Orlando, they can have a solid guard line-up in Payton, Oladipo and Jennings. I’d rather Jennings be the sixth man though, than can come in either as PG or SG depending which one of the two young players will have a bad game (which will come very often). This could ease the pressure off both the young guys to be multi-faceted players, and instead let them focus on their strengths first, with payton being a facilitator and oladipo being a scorer. And in this age of small-ball, they can have that option of playing all three together as needed. They will never be close to being the Warriors though, but they’d definitely improve if done right.

  4. bohol1324 says:

    BJ was great before his injury. I hope the beast for him.

  5. Grant says:

    That’s a bad trade for Orlando. Jennings is a sub par shooter and defender as wel as being very inconsistent. He has little size and is injury prone. Payton is better and has more size.
    Harris though does need a team where he can be allowed to dominate the offence more

  6. Where will Oladipo end up????

  7. Jon says:

    So the young core of Detroit is KCP, Marcus Morris, Stanley Johnson, Tobias Harris, Reggie Jackson, and Andre Drummond. What this deal does for Detroit is it does solidify a core group going forward, in which to build around. Reggie Jackson is the old man of the group, at 25 years old. Obviously, Andre Drummond is the franchise player, and while non of these guys are dead eye three point shooters, they are all fairly versatile scorers, and all have youth on their side in which to develop alongside Andre. In the short term this deal might push Detroit into a playoff spot, which would go a long way in helping to develop these guys, just as Boston has seen their young team take a step forward after a playoff appearance last year. Additionally, Detroit gets a guy for the future before free agency hits. They know what Harris contact is, and don’t have to worry about bidding against other teams. With the salary cap expanding, Harris’ deal actually deescalates over the next three years, which allows Detroit the cap space to sign Andre Drummond long term.
    For Orlando, they now have a proven point guard that they can use off of the bench for the remainder of the season. Additionally, now Aaron Gordon will get more run, which after the dunk contest, we’d all like to see. Orlando also opens up their cap space going forward, as they’ll have over $45 million to spend this summer, with Jennings as the only meaningful player with an expiring contract. It doesn’t seem like a bad deal for either team, unless an injury or regression of Harris makes his contract look bad in the long run.

  8. TheSloth says:

    Wow they can just split the minutes between payton and Jennings. need jimmy butler with Oladipo

  9. Mickanderson25 says:

    Sorry, i didn`t like Tobias at all. A lot bad decisions and defence or rather no d … I was only happy with him in 1st season after Dwightmare and later was only worse … I`m a Magic fan since 1989 and i know something about my team. With this move we get salary cup relief and we know who will be on the market.

  10. jarrodbenson says:

    The magic have a log jam at the forward position. Lots of decent players all with similar skill sets. Orlando need a difference maker. Another scoring guard will be good. I hope this is all to make a big trade for like Jimmy Butler. A young player under contract. I hope the rumors the Magic turned down a Butler trade is false. Hes just what they need.

  11. Switzerland says:

    I mean why the magic did this against payton?????? Jennings will bring a bad taste to florida and they won’t win with that acquisition!!!! Congratulation Van Gundy good play !!

  12. MAGIC FAN says:

    Don’t see how this is good for magic, creating a log jam at the point? It’s not like Jennings is a superstar, elfrid may not be a scorer but provides numbers in almost every other category. Tobias at 23 is still young and has time to develop, let’s see how this turns out magic fans smh

    • Josh L says:

      Jennings can be an off ball guard that can score. Tobias is a young talent, that’s why he needs Stan VanGundy to guide him. Tobias was going no where in Orlando.

    • Basketball IQ says:

      Tobias Harris has been injured every year of his career. They don’t wanna keep paying someone to get injured. And Jennings helps the magic with his scoring, something Payton isn’t good at.

    • BZ says:

      Not the best trade but the Magic are in need for a solid back up point guard that can create his own shot. Also two expiring contracts will free up even more cap space before the new tv deal lands. Plus it means more minutes for Gordon and Hezonja

    • joshua says:

      I’m with you on that. Idk what the magic are doing. It makes me not even wanna watch the team. Regardless I love the magic an hope the can keep a younger lineup that after awhile of playing together will figure each other out.