Report: Horford to replace Bosh on East roster

TORONTO — Chris Bosh will miss Sunday’s All-Star Game and, presumably, Saturday’s Foot Locker Three-Point Contest, reports Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski. According to Wojnarowski, Bosh will be replaced on the Eastern Conference roster by Hawks center Al Horford.

USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt reports that it’s a strained calf that will sideline Bosh on Sunday. Bosh is the second East player to bow out of the game, following the Bulls’ Jimmy Butler, who was replaced by teammate Pau Gasol.

This will be Horford’s fourth All-Star appearance and the Hawks join the Bulls, Heat, Raptors, Thunder, Spurs and Warriors with multiple All-Stars.


  1. NBA says:

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  2. sanjay says:

    bosh is washed up. his health making it worse!
    the signs were already there in the last finals of miami. he cost the team dear and so did all others wade/low budget chalmers, battier,haslem et all.

  3. Janet says:

    #Chris Bosh you will be missed. Get well soon.

  4. Yeah! Horford and Milsap representing Atlanta!!! Make us proud!!!

  5. Raj Sowri says:

    Al Horford my favorite former Gator

  6. Dominique R. Mitchell says:

    Damian Lillard should take his 3 point contest spot.

  7. supermercado15 says:

    How about Doug McDermott? Something good for the Bulls… Please! #SEERED

  8. Paul Kellerman says:

    No Kawhi Leonard should take his 3 PT Contest Spot!

  9. Ginobili says:

    Kyrie Irving should replace Bosh

  10. max says:

    J. R. Smith ?

  11. dd def says:

    CJ McCollum should take his 3pt Contest spot