Blogtable: LaVine or Curry more likely to repeat on All-Star Saturday?

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Will LaVine or Curry repeat on All-Star Saturday?

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> Shooter Stephen Curry or dunker Zach LaVine? Who is more likely to defend his title on All-Star Saturday?

David Aldridge, TNT analyst: How can you pick anyone in anything hoop-related right now and not go with Steph? Anyway, I got a Will Barton kind of vibe for the dunk contest in the Great White North.

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comIt’s tempting to bail on this and say “both” because those contests have had lots of repeat winners through the years. But I think LaVine is the guy who defends his crown. It’s a bigger deal to him, given what else the Timberwolves don’t have cooking at this point, and he surely has dunks we haven’t seen. Curry deserves to be the favorite but he’s in a tough, tough field. Bottom line: There’s a big difference in a competition that’s judged – LaVine has a little head start with the judges based on last year’s success – as opposed to one that is pure skill, a hot hand and math.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comI love to watch Zach LaVine and he put on a show last year. But practically everything Steph Curry has done this season has been better, so why not this too? I’m really hoping he tears a page out of the old Larry Bird playbook, walks into the locker room before the event and asks, “So which one of you chumps is going to finish second?”

Scott Howard-Cooper, Shooter Steph Curry. Because, really, out Anything Steph Curry in front of me right now and I’m on board. Put him in the other contest as well. I can see it now: Dunk Champion Steph Curry. This is not the time to pick against him.

Shaun Powell, NBA.comSince the 3-point contest is absolutely stacked this year, and Curry might not even be the last Warrior standing when it’s all said and one, I’d say LaVine has the best chance. He’s a dunking freak who probably and purposely saved some of his best dunks for this year’s contest.

John Schuhmann, LaVine. First of all, there are four dunkers and eight shooters, so the basic odds are with LaVine. And as good a shooter that Curry is, I think LaVine has more of an edge over his competition when it comes to elevation and flair.

Sekou Smith, The shooters lined up for Saturday night make up one of the best fields I can remember, so Steph, as great as he is, will certainly have his hands full in that competition. And the way he’s played this season, I’d be a fool to pick against him. But Young Mr. Dunkenstein from Minnesota is a heavy favorite to defend his title. The moment his Timberwolves teammate and Toronto native, Andrew Wiggins, decided not to participate, LaVine had the path to a repeat title cleared. No offense to the other participants, but they’re fighting it out for second place.

Ian Thomsen, If you’re asking in whom should we trust, then doesn’t the answer have to be Curry? No one in the league finds more joy in these kinds of challenges.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogAs awesome as Steph Curry has been all season, to me dunking is a more replicable feat than shooting, with more room for error. What I mean is, LaVine has a little more wiggle room — he gets to shoot from centimeters away instead of feet. And Curry has to go against seven other contestants, while LaVine has to face three. If one other shooter gets hot, he might reel off a few racks of balls and win the contest. dunkers just have to have a few seconds of great performance. So, I’ll say LaVine is more likely to repeat.


  1. Kennneth says:

    steph will get the back to back foot locker three point contest.

  2. fran says:

    Don’t forget, Steph Curry won the skills challenge 2 years ago!!!

  3. parad0x says:

    I was hoping for a good challenge for LaVine but it seems he’s guaranteed to win unless he miss his dunks. Dunkers like Gerald Green, Jonathon Simmons, DeRozan & Burks or Burke from the Jazz i’m not sure which one is the hi flyer lol.

  4. The Voice Of Reason says:

    It is highly likely both will repeat. Mr Aldridge – Will Barton…seriously? You guys get paid to watch basketball and half of you reckon Zach has at least an equal, if not a superior in the contest. You guys need to get your eyes checked! Let’s get this straight – Will is a far superior SCORER to Zach. But straight up hops, creativity and athleticism? Zach is just plain special – like Vince Carter, Jason Richardson, Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan – when it comes to high flyers and the air up there, Zach is in a league of his own.

    Steph will probably repeat – but the competition will be sooo much more tougher. Zach will be the one-man show, but the 3pt contest will be way more fun to watch cause there are some legit shooters involved.

    • Erik says:

      I don’t think it’s highly likely Steph will repeat. As good a shooter he is, he has some serious competition and if one of those shooters is feeling it, it will be difficult!

      It is most likely Zach Lavine will repeat, although I hope for some competition from Gordon. I don’t see how Barton got involved.. but he might surprise me! We don’t have to discuss Drummond I suppose…

      But please leave VC out of the line of ‘plain special dunkers’. Until now he has been untouchable if it comes to dunking. I don’t know how to explain, but Vince almost erased history with his dunk contest victory and everybody since is just trying to catch up to him (and did not manage to do so).

      Anyway… I am exited to see what this year’s outcome will be!