Ezeli surgery puts to test LeBron’s remark on Warriors’ health

LeBron James didn’t exactly curse the Golden State Warriors earlier this season when he lauded the defending champions as “the most healthy team I’ve ever seen in NBA history.” But that backhanded compliment might no longer apply, based on backup center Festus Ezeli’s surgery Monday.

Ezeli underwent arthroscopic surgery in Oakland to clean out debris from his left knee and will be re-evaluated in six weeks. The team’s official news release included the phrase “expected to return this season,” but that likely means sometime in April, leaving the Warriors only a short time to re-acclimate the 6-foot-11 backup big man before hitting the postseason.

Add in the 16 games forward Harrison Barnes missed with a sprained ankle and it’s becoming increasing difficult to write off Golden State’s success to injury avoidance. Granted this setback still doesn’t match the short-handedness through which James led Cleveland in the playoffs last spring – what with both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love missing or hobble through most of the playoffs – but it will stretch Golden State’s deep roster just a wee bit thin. Marreese Speights and maybe Jason Thompson will pick up Ezeli’s minutes, while starter Andrew Bogut has less margin for mishap now himself.

Of course, the Warriors could just decide to small-ball the opposition into submission. Ezeli’s impact was most noticeable defensively, with teams shooting worse (46.5 percent vs. 47.1) and scoring less (3.2 points fewer per 100 possessions) when he was on the court.

Monte Poole of CSNBayArea.com caught some of the initial reaction from the Warriors on Ezeli’s situation:

“Festus is a huge part of our rotation,” head coach Steve Kerr said after practice on Monday. “He’s really had a good year, an excellent year.

“Mo is going to step in and play well for us, but I feel bad for Festus. It’s a contract year and he’s young and he’s already had a knee surgery. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed that he’s going to be OK.”

The 6’11” center last appeared in a game on January 25 vs. San Antonio and has missed the last five games due to a sore left knee.

In 40 games this season (11 starts), Ezeli is averaging 7.5 points, 5.9 rebounds and 1.23 blocks in 17.8 minutes per contest.


  1. Johnnytc1 says:

    C’mon King, are you already laying the ground work for more excuses. You better focus on getting out of the east. It doesn’t matter who is on your team as you only run three plays; post up da king, pick and roll to da king and your fav isolation for da king. Then you lover your shoulder putt your stiff arm out and run into the paint like a full back. You really are a wanna be. But most of your piers and the nba fans know you’re just a self absorbed _______! Get ready for an early summer vacation.

  2. Reginald says:

    Trying to say Ezeli is a focal point for this GSW team is a reach. Yes, he’s playing well but he’s not THE factor. Probably the 8th most important player on the team, if that. If it was DG or Klay, then you could make a comparison.

  3. Neck surgery says:

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  4. This news does not impact the GSW at all. These guys are blazing and scorching through all teams in the NBA.

  5. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    oh please. you think it will make a difference if bill wennington had surgery from the 72-10 bulls?

    For god sake, he is a backup center!(although he is playing well) and they have another backup!

    It’s not like curry, Thompson or Green having surgery.

    I love the warriors(big Utep 2 step fan) but hate the media and stupid bandwagon fans are brown nosing the Sh1t out of them.