Warriors Trio Headlines ‘Big’ All-Star Saturday Night

VIDEO: The Inside the NBA crew gives analysis.

NEW YORK CITY — All-Star Saturday night is going to be big. Literally.

Tonight’s announcement of the participants for All-Star Saturday night revealed a lot of familiar names and faces, but also a couple of intriguing players taking part in contests they haven’t been involved with in previous years. And while the Golden State Warriors have been nearly unstoppable on the court this season, on Saturday, Feb. 13, in Toronto’s Air Canada Centre (8 p.m. ET, TNT), the Warriors’ big three will attempt to bring home several different kinds of hardware.

NBA All-Star 2016The evening will open with the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, which will be radically different this season. Last year, the event was populated entirely by point guards, with Houston’s Patrick Beverley winning over Brandon Knight. This season, Beverley is slated to return and compete against several guards, such as Portland’s CJ McCollum, Boston’s Isaiah Thomas and Jordan Clarkson from the Lakers.

But the twist here is that they will be in a field that includes several big men, including Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins and rookie Karl-Anthony Towns. It will also be interesting to see what kind of performance we get from New Orleans’ multi-talented center Anthony Davis, who played guard throughout high school before a growth spurt moved him to the post. And the leading contender among the big men participating must be Golden State’s Draymond Green, who currently leads the League in triple-doubles with 10.

VIDEO: Wolves’ Zach LaVine will defend his title.

We can also safely assume that the evening will close with a bang. Last year’s Verizon Slam Dunk was one of the most electrifying contests in years, as then-Minnesota rookie Zach LaVine completed a series of athletic jams. LaVine will return this season, and be challenged by a field that includes Denver guard Will Barton, who has had something of a breakout campaign in this his fourth NBA season.

LaVine and Barton will be joined by two big men, in a contest where big men have traditionally struggled to score highly. Second year Orlando forward Aaron Gordon has had plenty of athletic dunks in his short NBA career, and Detroit center Andre Drummond has also shown plenty of bounce and skill around the basket, as the NBA’s leading rebounder this season.

In between these events will be the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest, which in a league increasingly reliant on the three-point shot, is rapidly becoming the evening’s signature event. While last year’s three-point contest was recognized as having one of the sweetest-shooting fields in the history of the event, this year’s event appears to be equally star-studded:

VIDEO: Steph Curry will bring his sharp shooting to Foot Locker Three-Point Contest

Stephen Curry – Curry won last year’s event, then went on to win the NBA’s MVP award and an NBA title. Leads the NBA this season in three pointers made (232) by a wide margin (77 more than his Golden State teammate Klay Thompson).

James Harden – The Houston guard finished just behind Curry in last season’s MVP voting, and the Rockets have gotten off to a slow start this season. Still, Harden is third this season in total three-pointers made (140).

Klay Thompson – The other Splash Brother has a chance to outshine Curry. Thompson is making 43-percent of his three-point attempts this season.

Khris Middleton – The Bucks swingman is averaging a career-best two made three-pointers per game, and knocking them in at 41-percent clip.

Kyle Lowry – The Raptors guard will surely enjoy a home court advantage. Lowry is averaging a career-high 2.8 threes per game, and making them at a career-best 39 percent success rate.

JJ Redick – Clippers guard Reddick has always been known as a sharp-shooter, but this season has been his masterpiece. In 45 games for Los Angeles, Redick has made 120 threes, converting at a league-best 48-percent clip.

Chris Bosh – Why just have big men in the other two Saturday night contests? To be fair, the power forward Bosh has made himself into a good three-point shooter, and he’s relied on his long-range shot more than ever this season. Consider this: During Bosh’s first nine NBA seasons, he attempted a combined 228 threes; This season he’s attempted 213 threes in Miami’s first 50 games.

Devin Booker – Booker is the youngest contestant (he’s 19 years old) in the three-point shootout, but he’s already proven he’s one of the NBA’s best shooters, connecting on threes for the Phoenix Suns at a 42-percent rate this season.

State Farm NBA All-Star Saturday Night will be televised live exclusively on TNT on Saturday, Feb. 13, from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada.



  1. Carey says:

    I look forward to seeing Chris Bosh win the 3 point contest.

  2. Jordan says:

    Dangelo Russell should be in skills challenge….

  3. Dwight Howard says:

    Wher dwight howard at?

  4. Rondo? says:

    Where in Rondo at he should be in the skill challenge

  5. Mac says:

    JR Smith should be in 3 point shootout, wirth a defender in front of him.

  6. YoYo says:

    puzzled how Kawhi is not in the three point shootout??? NBA, what is going on?!! I hope they start using vote system for the dunk contests and threepointshootout

  7. Andy says:

    Kelly olynyk should be in the 3 point contest

  8. J.R Smith had more 3point percentage than the other of them. this is stupid NBA

  9. Michal says:

    Curry should shoot from like 8-9 metters, i think it would fall for him better.

  10. #GOCAVS says:

    I don’t know why Andre Drummond is in the dunk contest anwhy would you not have kyrie in the 3 point shootout, and why is Demarcus Cousin in te Skills contest.

  11. Charlie says:

    Watch curry Lowry and Thompson advance in the 3 pt contest but I still think curry will win

    Why is Drummond in the dunk contest is he even athletic enough to do a trick dunk

  12. abdi says:

    JR Smith should be there

  13. tg13 says:

    jerami grant on the sixers should be in the slam dunk. Why in the world is Drummond in it? He’s a power dunker!

  14. Mike jones says:

    For three point choices it’s clear all year the NBA been giving curry the easy route to greatness so why not give him a lineup that has no chance like they regular season schedule of easy games..that’s why no jr or kwahi it’s not about who’s the best shooter it’s so curry can win and increase marketability.

    • Jamal Banks says:

      Wow you are so ignorant that I actually feel bad for you. The Warriors schedule is not easy at all. Everybody knows that Cleveland has a way easier schedule in the East. At the end of the day J.R. is 11th and Kwahi is a distant 29th in treys. They wont deserve an invite unless they step their game up. Stop hating on Steph.

      • IMPERFECTION says:

        well Haters just gonna hate ! , i feel sorry for the cavs situation right now but you have to just admit that The Warriors are THE BEST TEAM in the world right now, and Steph is the best player in the league right now ! admit it !!

  15. omegaman says:

    Have to say also…….Why is J.R. Smith not in 3-point contest and Andrew Wiggins not in slam dunk contests. If J.R. is on no one could beat him.

  16. JoBu says:

    If J.R. Smith were in the three point contest he’d set the record for time remaining on the clock after shooting all the balls. His trigger is so quick he’d only need 30 seconds to get through all five racks.

  17. Jerome says:

    What does Thomas in the dunk contest?? Can he even dunk? 😛

  18. Marshall Howard says:

    I really think Kelly Olinyk should be in the three point contest. 2nd best % since 12/29 and in the top 10 in % overall.

  19. teg says:

    Unless he declined to be part of it, I personally think Kawhi should have been in the 3 point contest

  20. Rayz says:

    Seriously…why Wiggins is not in the dunk contest?

  21. awfields26 says:

    So the dude with the best 3 point % isn’t in the 3 point contest? Wow that doesn’t make much sense… smh long live kawhi!!!

    • Greg says:

      JJ is in the contest–he leads the league in 3%. The article says that. If you look at the NBA stat page, it says the same. Kawhi is second, but he still should be in it.

  22. Austin Parks says:

    Why is Chris Bosh in the three point contest? Yes I know he is a good shooter for his position, but I don’t think he should be in the contest.

  23. po says:

    They should put kobe in all of the event and see how that goes

  24. Oh Canada says:

    No Canadian. Poor man

  25. edwin says:

    Archie Goodwin should have made the slam dunk contest!!!!

  26. Elvis Hughes says:

    J.R. Smith….In a 3point ALL-STAR what if he had a off night.. when he’s off he’s off.. But if he’s on it’s LIGHTS OUT.

  27. levi says:

    Andrew wiggins??

  28. Jeff says:

    Patty Mills would make an interesting addition to the 3 point shoot out, as would Danny Green.

  29. Haaziq says:

    Cant wait for the 3 point contest, wanna see Lowry dominate. #GoRaptors!

  30. Ray says:

    where is Kawhi leonard ? he lead 3 point shoot percentage

    • bob says:

      He shoots like 2 or 3 a game imagine if curry or thompson only shot when they were wide open… pretty sure they’d be shooting in the 70s

      • awfields26 says:

        Your must not watch spurs games. He shots more than 2 or 3 a game and he’s not always wide open. He had the best % in the nba so of course he should be in it. You sound foolish to say otherwise.

  31. Jason A Cardwell says:


  32. verkleyalex says:

    How is Wiggins not in the dunk contest??? Wiggins vs Lavine in Wiggins backyard was what u was most looking forward too.

  33. Jason A Cardwell says:


    • Ballin4LifeBJ says:

      Jason he is clearly not the 3 pt king nowhere near the NBA leaders in makes or percentages, and being the best team in the East is not a big deal Warriors, Spurs, and Thunder all better