Report: Silver says changes coming to hack-a-Shaq rule

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Changes are in store for the dreaded Hack-A-Shaq (Dwight or DeAndre or Andre) rule this summer.

Or at leas that is the sentiment from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who addressed the topic on USA Today Sports‘ NBA A-to-Z Podcast.

Like many fans, coaches, players, executives and observers, the Commissioner has grown weary of the often-used strategy, which basically consists of fouling the poorest free throw shooter on an opposing team in an effort to limit said team’s scoring opportunities.

More from USA Today Sports:

“Even for those who had not wanted to make the change, we’re being forced to that position just based on these sophisticated coaches understandably using every tactic available to them,” Silver said. “It’s just not the way we want to see the game played.”

Hack-A-Player is up this year. The number of those intentional fouls through mid-December surpassed the number of times it happened last season (164), and the league is closing in on 300 Hack-A-Player instances before the All-Star break.

Through Tuesday’s games, fouls against Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond and Houston Rockets Dwight Howard have accounted for 69% of Hack-A-Player fouls. Jordan accounts for 34%.

Silver knows the data. But the interaction with fans as he watches a game has made an impact, too.

“Again, as I travel around the league, there’s that one school of thought ‘Guys have got to make their free throws,’ ” Silver said. “But then at the end of the day, we are an entertainment property, and it’s clear that when you’re in the arena, that fans are looking at me, shrugging their shoulders with that look saying, ‘Aren’t you going to do something about this?’ ”



  1. Kc chong says:

    Change rules is good bc that means the game is advancing but u should replace it with better n more efficient rules. For example the free throw are self explanatory so if u miss free throws then point should be deducted. In that way old rules gets change to better the game and the players. Just saying!!

  2. freeze3000 says:

    This will be Adam Silver’s first big error – and it doesn’t make sense from a business perspective either. It’s hard to hold your ground against individual comments – but Adam should look at the numbers and only the numbers to make this decision – the league is growing, it has been for quite some time, so why change this. Hacking is part of what made the game better, faster and ready for a new generation of styles and players in the form of the current MVP – I’m pretty sure no one wants to see a league of slow, lumbering bigs back at the top again – bball is better today than ever before – Nostalgia is a trait usually found on the losing side.

  3. jwt7000 says:

    I agree with a new change because some people (including me) are really getting tired of seeing intentional fouls to players who make poor free throws. The Hack-a-Shaq idea should be a strategy of the past.

  4. Andrey says:

    As someone who pays to watch the NBA in person and watch on t.v., I didn’t pay to watch a free throw competition. Whether or not they shoot free throws well is only part of the game not the game itself. I want to watch teams play a game of skill and talent and if your team is the best, you don’t need this tactic. If you’re the better team, you will win because you are better. A change is needed for the betterment of basketball as someone who has watched since the mid 80’s.

  5. In_The_Spirit_Of_The_Game says:

    In my opinion even IF a change is being made to this rule it should be where the player who’s being fowled can choose one of his team mates from the floor to take the free-throw if he would like to keeping in mind that he (the player being fowled) is a below average or is a poor free-throw shooter, This way I believe the “Hack-a-player” tactic will be used considerably lesser and the game will be played as it goes.

  6. Sean says:

    The reason we’re able to have this inane conversation is because groups of researchers/engineers got certain funds and did their job. They didn’t say “Thanks for all that money but it’s too hard.” If they did, they would get pay cuts or much worse.
    Then again, this is just painful to watch, so I say change the rules. If a player misses a certain number (say 5) free throws in a row, penalize him by removing a point from his team’s total. This would be extra incentive for the players to learn to shoot their free throwers. Like everyone else below, I’m not an expert free throw shooter (despite what they may claim) but like everyone else, I’m pissed off at a couple of rich guys getting away with another rule, so I say punish them. 🙂

  7. cheezy says:

    every quarter, after the 8th foul, every time the team fouls, they loose 1 point… so you send DeAndre to the FT Line… but every time u do it u loose 1 point.

  8. locuno1 says:

    Just change it to where if you intentionally foul while in the bonus then whoever has the ball at the time the foul occurs goes to the line instead of the person who is fouled.

    • Mke says:

      I understand where Silver is coming from, but I think this is going to open a can of worms. How can the referees really know when it’s an intentional foul on the worst free throw shooter, versus just an incidental foul that happened?

      I think if they’re in the act of scoring, one should conclude the foul was not part of some bigger strategy to get to the subpar free throw shooter on the line. Similarly, if the team is over the limit, and the foul occurs during the execution of defense, to me this should not warrant any penalty either.

      The one situation where they may want to make a change would be in a case where a player runs up and blatantly tags the person. Although, this will obviously change more than just situations where they’re going after the lousiest free throw shooter. It should also be evenly applied to end of game situations, where a team that is behind fouls an opposing team, to get them to the line, and save previous seconds on the clock. I don’t see how you could fairly penalize the former and not the latter.

  9. Shane Smith says:

    I’m relieved at this rule change. It’s funny to see so many people bent out of shape that these guys can’t hit their free throws. Howard, Jordan and Drummond are all phenomenal athletes. And poor free throw shooters. Big deal. This has nothing to do with them. It has to do with that this tactic is ruining the experience for the fans. This isn’t just a game. It is a business. Like it or not.

  10. David Bar says:

    What a joke!

    Someone using strategy even though it might be annoying to some doesn’t deserve a rule change.

    What’s next no more double teaming because it’s more difficult for the offender to score?

  11. BasketBAWLZ says:

    I always like basketBAWLZ. It’s a great game but when you hack a shaq, it’s just BAWLZ. You know? I don’t know.

  12. blahblahblah says:

    All you people complaining about the rule change must not watch basketball, because watching players stand around shooting free throws for 2 hours is not entertaining. This rule change is needed to save the game. The problem is only going to get worse every year.

  13. Drew says:

    Make it a Rule that a Player has to shoot at least 60% free throws to enter the NBA.

  14. William says:

    How about a limit on how many times it can be done it should still be a strategy but anytime a player shoots more than 18-20 free throws its one free throw and possession then the players still must learn to shoot and coaches can still use the tactic

  15. Adam Whitney says:

    This possible rule changes is ridiculous. As of right now there are six players that meet the NBA qualifications for free throws that shoot under 60%. I know there are more that shoot under 60%, but they don’t have the attempts. Sadly this rule change will effect the entire league when only about 20 or so players can’t do what a grade schooler can do, make a foul shot. It is unfortunate that some of these terrible foul shooters are prime time players. That’s a major reason why some people want this rule changed. There was no outcry when Chris Dudley was clanking them, non for Dan Gadzuric or Bo Outlaw. Nobody said a word when Adonal Foyle was sent to the line. Changing this foul rule is pathetic and wrong. What kind of message are you sending young basketball players? It’s OK to be bad at the fundamentals as long as we are entertaining and making revenue. Besides somebody else will bail you out, it’s not your fault you can’t make a free throw. What’s next? Seriously, these players are being paid millions of dollars and will be rewarded for poor fundamentals. Please do NOT change the rule Silver.

  16. Eddie Taylor says:

    Typical PC Whoosey mentality……I want every player who is under 6 feet tall to be given a free throw for every inch that an opposing player is taller, at the beginning of each quarter. Plus, for every shooter who cannot hit from behind the arc, be given 1.5 points for every miss behind the arc……simply for the effort.

  17. Abdul says:

    1 free-throw and ball possession back (if it’s a hack-A foul). But when in late game situations (maybe 2minutes & under left in regulation) you can disregard the new rule, since players commit fouls with intention to stop the clock, or get possession or use there foul-to-give. i strongly believe that 2 free-throws and then the possession back is waaaaay too much, that can give a team a chance for a (2+3 = 5)POINT-PLAY, possible even a 6, if the player hits 3point-and-one right after that lol

  18. Bulkers says:

    Change the rule because 4 bilioners in the league cant throw a ball… Nice thing we are showing to the young developing players. Dont try to become good at anything we will fix the rule for you…

  19. Henry says:

    First of all, mad respect to Adam Silver for the way he is doing his job. He has it right, the NBA makes money from being entertaining. Spoiler alert, every episode of the free throw saga is borrrrrinnnnggg. I understand the basketball purists perspective, but it is not as if free throw shooting is being eliminated from the game. I don’t think this is a basketball issue as much as it is an ethical issue for most people. Nobody likes the idea of rewarding bad behavior (poor ft shooting), and some people would rather cut off their own arm than watch these guys get an out.

  20. Chris says:

    Why don’t we just put trampolines on the court at this point. If you have a max contract and can’t shoot free throws…hit the gym. You’re getting paid millions of dollars. Ridiculous.

  21. Biniam says:

    Simple solution, a free point and a single free throw attempt. Guarantees at least 50%

  22. GoLA says:

    If Mr Silver wants to make changes then he should concentrate on the expansion of the NBA.

    Let NBA owners own additional teams, one US base and one outside the US. That would solve the rising salaries of NBA players, since it would benefit additional players.

    They should add two more teams from Canada, one team from South America, one team from Europe and two teams from Asia. That would be a lot to work on, other than changing a rule in fouling.

  23. Richard Tillery says:

    Why should we change the rule? To save players who cant make FTs. Its perfectly ok to draw fouls because……..its no ok. It slows the game down as well. That is a cop out for players who cant shake a good defender. Yet we hear no rule change for that, but we want to stop Hack-A-Player? Im all for exploiting a teams weakness, so the rule shouldnt change. And if thats the case that the rule has to be changed, then teams that are not good at defending the pick-and-roll should have a rule set in place for them………off ball screens………..teams that cant play zone or man defense………..teams that go on a long scoring drought should have a rule in place to help them and teams that cant operate against a good defense. They should all have rules for entertainment purposes. I thought that the NBA was a sport with entertainment value……..key word being sport…… changing the rule will benefit the entertainment value………no one wants to watch blowouts either. If I see a team losing by 20 or more and they have no chance of coming back just by looking at how they are playing, as a fan at the game, I would leave and at home, change the channel. I would rather have fans boo the Hack-A-Player and watch the game then having fans leave or change the channel because they know their team isnt going to catch up

  24. wethenorth12 says:

    If the NBA gets rid of the “hack a shaq” they may as well get rid of the NBA. Sure this can slow a game down and be awful to watch but to change the rule is awarding players that have not mastered a necessary skill in the game of basketball. If you can’t make a free throw you deserve to be fouled and should have to shoot free throws. These players need to get into the gym and practice and develop this skill that should have been developed as a child in the AAU and high school game.

    These shooters that are being fouled should learn or change to an underhand shot which can help those players with large hands. Will it look stupid absolutely but it could get other players to think twice about fouling if the shoot goes in.

  25. dchungxl says:

    I hope the NBA will change this. It’s ridiculous and makes a mockery of the NBA.

    I recommend 1 foul and possession, like the last 2 minutes.

    BTW, check out this compilation of these fouls, some of them are really funny:

  26. Scott says:

    Instead of free throws, How about a one on one with the fowlee. Kinda like a penalty shot in hockey. It would clear intentional fowls on offense and defense.

  27. Raptor4Life says:

    Ever notice how at least 80% of the NBA players 6’10” or taller who come from outside the United States of America are capable foul shooters with decent percentages? From A. Sabonis in the early 90’s right through to the 7’3″ rookie K. Porzingas as the most recent example. Dirk has been consistently good his whole career, tonight D. Gallinari was 18 for 18, Jonas Valanciunas can shoot free throws….

    So why does this foul-shooting difficulty only appear to affect 7′ Americans? I think it may be because it starts with high school coaches in the USA that recruit height and hope they can instill fundamentals. If these tall kids were practicing foul shots for a larger percentage of the time instead of focusing on dunking in the gym, their shot would improve. I think a lot of ‘extra’ tall players are on to the fact that they will get college scholarships simply because “you can’t teach height” and height is a distinct advantage in this game…. and everybody loves to watch the dunk or even better, the alley-oop.

    The players that can’t shoot foul shots should get shooting coaches and put in the practice time. Changing the rules rewards the people who didn’t do the work, and punishes those who did. Don’t get me wrong, I do not like the Hack-A-Whoever…. I find it to be unsportsmanlike conduct that is within the realm of the rules but not the intent.

    • Igor says:

      Three of the five guys you named are Lithuanians. They teach everyone there to shoot from everywhere PLUS to work as hard as possible on their athleticism PLUS D, size being no excuse for lack of any of the basics. That’s how they achieve such a spectacular results out of meagre 3 million base. But, at least in Europe, there are much too many 6’10” guys shooting threes and being scared to death of the paint fight and getting beaten there, Gallinari being good example. Along with advanced team defence schemes, this is ruining our basketball, to the point where nothing but the result matters. Even the soccer is more entertaining than that. If the big chiefs go on adjusting rules the way they recently did, maybe the bigs in the paint are soon going to go out of business. There are amateur basketball leagues exclusively for guys under 2 meters. Why not going pro? The US street baller likes dunking better than anything else, the european one prefers long range shooting, and the good game needs both. The good game needs all sizes from, say 6′, or maybe even less, not just small ball, or some hypothetical big ball that hardly anyone ever tried. The basketball is not rough strength and power play, and it is not bowling either. Any change of the rules should preserve the true nature of this beautiful game. So, yes, you’re right, no one considered changing rules because of Jabbar, Olajuwon or Bill Russell, there was no need, and recent big guys are therefore not to be compared to the true greats.

    • radu says:

      totally agreed. many kids will dunk all day and put zero work into fundamentals. american coaches should take this more seriously.

  28. No Need To Practice those free throw shots says:

    Its all about the money obviously. Not about how players should improve their awful free throw shots. Out of all the Hack a Player, KUDOS to D Howard!!! He obviously did not just sit around and wait for the rule to change. He definitely worked on the line. Great work ethic.

  29. Frank says:

    I’ve played high-school and college basketball, and what the Commissioner is forgetting is that this goes on in college and high school basketball to. If a college or high school team is down, and there’s 2 minutes left in the game, a coach will tell their player to foul a player that can’t shoot free throws. This gives a team to stop the clock and prolonging the game. It is the responsibility of the poorest free throw shooters to do what they must do to get better (Work on their shooting, in practice, and the off season). If the Commissioner changes this rule, it will hurt the game of basketball. You just don’t change the game for someone that can’t shoot. It’s wrong, it’s a part of the game.

  30. Hugo Almeida says:

    Teams mught as well try to hack any players who might want to shoot three pointers and only get two points on the free throw line,
    I really don’t understand how people can’t see this tactic is ruining the game.
    You can’t intentionally foul someone and get rewarded for that!
    That’s the whole point.
    Just give them the ball if they intentionally foul, a free throw plus the ball if they do it again and throw out of the game the next guys who are making a travesty out of the game of basketball.
    Or just give the fouled player two free throws and the possession.
    Make it quick, stop this nonsense for good.

    • Igor says:

      And just how do you estimate the intentionallity of the foul? The more things you leave to the referee’s discretion, the worse the game. Just look at soccer, people don’t even know how long does the game last. Approximately 90 minutes, but not less.

  31. J.G. says:

    There have been many awful free throw shooters in the NBA in the past, some learned how to improve their FT %, others just never did. I don’t think there should be a rule change just to benefit those that can’t improve their FT shooting. The problem I have with poor FT shooters is they refuse to try different methods of shooting. I never understood why they wouldn’t try the Rick Barry style, or using the backboard. Most of them do not shoot the ball to the left or the right, they do have a problem with the distance. It would be easier for them to hit a square that is vertical then it is to judge the distance of a circle that is horizontal. Is it pride? Is it because people will laugh? Trust me they will stop laughing and stop fouling you when you start shooting 70%

  32. Chen says:

    Don’t reward bad free throw shooters. Why would you put in a rule that saves players who lack a fundamental skill in the game of basketball? I will lose some of my love for the game if the rules protect bad free throw shooters, what kind of sport rewards unskilled players?

  33. Roy says:

    It’s a SPORT first, and it’s the sport that is entertaining, if they continue changing the rules it will end up like WWE wrestling where everyone knows the outcome from the start. These guys are 6 and 7 foot tall and if they can’t make a free throw but can dunk from the three point circle that’s up to the team and coach to make it work. Are they going to sat to commit an intentional foul you have to pick a player with a good free throw percentage?

  34. ray says:

    this is stupid. They should eliminate players going to the free throw line when they are playing bad. i am tired of watching James Harden, Wade, Etc shooting poorly and just leaning into the defender go to the line. it’s boring if your going to limit hack a shaq eliminate the blatant foul drawing. make it a foul if they are leaning into the defender. watching wade earlier this season just draw a foul on a game winner made me give up hope on the nba. i get that offense sells tickets but bring back the team work aspect of the game.

  35. PDN says:

    It’s not about rewarding bad foul shooters or having mercy on them. It’s about having mercy on the crowd. The Hack-a-Shaq strategy ruined several games this year and last year, even in the playoffs.

    People are comparing eliminating this rule to eliminating defense. Some people actually enjoy watching good defense. But nobody enjoys watching a free throw contest. Just listen to the crowd at games where this happens. I’ve had to turn off the TV several times because I get sick of seeing it.

    At the end of the day, the NBA is a business. If fans turn off the TV or don’t come to the games because of this, then it’s worth considering a revision.

  36. Ian says:

    It is all this meddling with rules and strategy that leads to an even softer league than the one that already exists. You have people criticizing the league for being soft and you want to make it softer by taking away a strategy just because it is tough on players with bad free throw skills and it slows the game down? That is weak, SIlver. I am done with this league.

  37. GarPax has ruined the Bulls says:

    I am not a fan of changing the rule first and foremost. I believe that if a coach believes that fouling a player that can not make a free basket in basketball would put their team in a position to win the game then it should be done. Rules do change but this is one that should not.

    This would need to be a complicated rule as this is a complicated situation targeted towards a select few players. These fouls occur when teams are over the limit and are off ball fouls resulting in free throws. A simple way to eliminate that problem would be

    “When a player receives their third foul off of the ball and the team is over the limit and shooting free throws; that player will shoot one free throw and retain possession.”

    Even on a miss the team takes the ball near the half court line with a fresh shot clock. Kind of like a tech. The point of the foul is to take the ball out of the good players hands. Put it back in their hands with 1 penalty shot after the threshold has been met. I would like to see how the rules are going to change.

    I do not like that players that can not shoot are being pressured to do so and will receive a benefit for having a flaw. Its kind of like every kid needs a medal. Stop looking to include everyone, this is a sport. If you are not good enough then you shouldn’t be in the NBA. This is only a select few players but my solution is one that allows the game to be relatively unaffected. One quick shot which they will probably miss anyway. Then the ball back. If the other team wants to waste their time and keep giving the team a free throw and a new clock then by all means lose the game.

    Let me know some feedback people!

  38. Juan says:

    Great! Then we must draw another closer 3 point line for those who can’t shoot and lower the ring for those who can’t jump. That would be soooo fun.

  39. Bob says:

    I like the idea of altering the rules of the hack-a-player. Big men have had the rules bent towards more athletic players and left them exposed. I saw get rid of the 3 second rule so we can have true centers back.

  40. two free throws plus ball possesion,, no one will do that again..

  41. Mike says:

    Final seconds of the game up by 3, Intentional foul put the other team on the FT line. What ever changes are made I would hope addresses this as well.

    If any changes are made they should not be made to help bad FT shooters but to help the game as a whole.

    Give the team that is fouled the ball out of bounds if that is they preference. This would be an acceptable change for the good of the sport!

    Giving technical fouls for an intentional foul is a crazy idea unless the intentional foul had intent to injure!

    Simple choice take the FT’s or take the ball out of bounds and reset the shot clock to 14.

  42. Mike says:

    Piston fan here and even I think the rule should not be changed. I think General Managers should take a players weaknesses into account when they sign players. I think it will be a joke when these rules change, Drummond is going to be worth 30 million a year yet he cant even make 50% FT’s. Some what Laughable but go ahead change the rules and this is the outcome we will have to look forward too. Future MVP Drummond!

  43. carlssteve says:

    Here is the solution: If a player is deemed intentionally fouled off the ball it is a technical foul. Two free throws and possession of the ball.

  44. Kello says:

    Hack-a-player has always been around the world of basketball. There´s a lot to say about it, but is very bad to see basketball turnning into american football – the last 2 minutes always turn into a quarter by it self!!! MAKE IT GO AWAY; 1) Give the teams a huge fine EVERY TIME they inforce this!!! – 2) Rule these fauls as TECHNICAL fouls!!! – 3) Fine the individual player after each game!!! THIS IS THE ONLY WAY, I think.

  45. Bill in Houston says:

    You wanna cut down on fouls-award a player 4 free throws instead of 2.

  46. Troy says:

    firstly, to anyone saying ‘well i can hit free throws!’ – please. there’s a reason youre not playing in the nba.

    and secondly – to anyone saying ‘its part of the game, learn your free throws, don’t ruin the sport,’ etc etc. come on. we are talking about arguably the MOST BORING part of the game. no one watches basketball for the free throws! the game exists for our entertainment. this is NOT ENTERTAINING, this free throw parade bullsh&t. we act like the game never changes – there was no 3 point line before 1980! handchecking. ripthrough foul. zone defense. kick rule. replay calls. horry aka 0.4 second rule. even 3 shots for a foul on a trey was in 1995. clear path foul. block/charge. on and on.
    the rules are constantly being refined and updated and perfected. this is part of that ongoing PROCESS. you’ll thank adam for this.

    • Ron says:

      Illegal Defense Rule was changed because How dominant Oneal was. Now they will make Hack A rule because how poorly Deandre Jordon shoot at the ft… doesn’t make sense at all.

  47. Andy F says:

    Entertainment value aside, which is valid, the complaints usually fall along the lines of either (A) “Don’t reward guys who can’t shoot” and (B) Don’t reward guys who can’t defend and/or Don’t reward guys who commit an infraction of the rules

    One could argue that either is a valid and do so repeatedly. It gets old. Either way, a guy who can’t shoot is still a liability in a close-game situation. Good on-the-ball defense still results in the occasional fall and force the player to shoot at the line. In this case, it’s tough defense and it has to be a play on the ball to avoid getting a flagrant 1 or 2.

    Intentional off-ball fouls really serve no purpose except to send the guy to the line. This is why people get annoyed. It is not a play within the context of the game. It rewards the team creating the infraction by finding a loophole in the rule. It is boring and slows down the game as a result of overall poor play.

    If I had my way, I’d offer the following solutions

    (A) An intentional off ball foul is treated like a technical, in that the team sends its preferred shooter to the line for 1 shot. This is somewhat balanced in that neither team really gains, but it’s more a matter of chance, and it’s doubtful it would be used repeatedly. It’s one of those where “IF” it works, a team can have a small chance at gain, but not excessive reward.

    (B) Enforce the existing rules which are supposed to penalize an intentional foul: unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent. The opposing team is awarded two (2) free throws and possession. This would eliminate it all together. Currently a Flag1 is defined as “unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent. The opposing team is awarded two (2) free throws and possession.” No need for new rules, just enforce existing.

  48. hoopziq says:

    Its sad they cant hit their free throws, but at the end of the day the nba is for enterrtainment purposes. I dont want to spend my hard earned cash and go to a game and see Dummond get fouled 25 times. Its kills the game for me and is not entertaining. THIS IS THE RIGHT MOVE. GET OVER IT.

  49. David Amaro says:

    I say you concentrate more on calling better fouls and setting up replays for bad calls . If you do something about the hack of shaq rule then you’ll only be dumbing down the nba. The equation should be simple, if a player has a problem with being purpurposely fouled, make your damn free throws. Go to the gym all day like larry bird, steve kerr, steve nash,kobe ,jordan and ill use the Yao ming example especially because he was bigger and heavier then all the above named centers and he didnt make EXCUSES. Quit complaining and set a good hard work ethic example.

    • Igor says:

      Yao was too big for his skill set, and that’s why his career didn’t last. Hard work probably made thing worse. Another good example was Sabonis. What you guys saw in NBA was mere shadow of what player he could have been, have Gomelsky not forced him play Olympics injured and destroyed his tendons early in the career. On the other side, Mugsy Bogues played big basketball being way too small, so he had his body overdone and that shortened his career too. There is a whole range of different bodies, different talents, and no simple solution of how to successfully employ all of it. Andre Drummond might not be future hall of famer, but is not role player either. You don’t throw double doubles and clean paint over board just like that. If the free throw shooting can override this skill set, than maybe the game should switch to shooting contest.

  50. Bakunin says:

    The NBA should consider the potential consequences of restring Hack-A-(bad FT player here) strategies. It is not difficult to fathom new strategies that would develop. For example, teams with exceptionally tall basket players (who are not good at FT) may greatly benefit from such a restriction.

    From another point of view, one must wonder why there’s not a restriction on how much taller can a defender be over a player of an opposite team. Any 7’0 player guarding a 6’4 player shall receive a technical foul. It can be argued that such a rule would make more sense than a restriction on a Hack-A-* strategy. A height disadvantage is less about ability to play basketball than a FT making disadvantage.

    In the end, most likely a Hack-A-* restriction would bring other problems such that the entertainment concern will still remain.

  51. bangkokmaco says:

    what about players “drawing a foul”? – that’s far more disruptive than hack-a- fouls. yes, keeping the free throws down helps the game flow. so address this on both sides.

    for example, Pop was playing hack-a-andre on clippers, but clippers are among best in the league (esp Paul) at drawing fouls. which slows the game down more? which is more disgusting? to me, Paul.

  52. neilthaheel says:

    what I wonder is what kind of STUPID logic was instrumental in deciding to make such an insane rule in the first place

  53. todd says:

    This notion that everybody should be able to make free throws is stupid. By the same logic, everybody should be able to make three pointers, dunk, block shots, crossover dribble, etc. etc.

  54. fans says:

    I think legal foul is fair and square!
    God bless NBA!

  55. Scott Karsten says:

    Instead of a rule change why don’t these highly paid “professionals” just learn to shoot free throw shots?

  56. gedz says:

    Player who cant make free throws send them to the D-League… Why give special treatment to those men, they play in NBA the premier basketball organization so why the NBA adjust? those lazy players should practice it every day, make a hundred or a thousand shots a day… Don’t rely on your height, good example is Dirk he practice his shots a thousand times and look became one of the greatest shooter in NBA.

  57. Mark says:

    This is completely ridiculous, you are changing the rule for 3 guys who can’t make a free throw? Stop protecting them, make them learn how to shoot a free throw. Everyone is right, if they were even making 70% then it would stop, so they need to man up and practice and then this won’t be an issue.

  58. David says:

    One main reason for hacking for the the defensive team to save time. Start with the rule that you can not file a player away from the ball until he is in the front court. Or you could say they have to be in the paint. Since all these players are front line players – NO GUARDS. That should be considered after we learn that the first idea was not effective.
    Silver should be deliberate in his decision,

  59. John Nogales says:

    Keep rule as is but only permit intention fouls within 3 point area of court on offensive ends. Free throw and ball out of bounds on intention fouls outside three point areas.

  60. Curtez says:

    Sure it’s not the most exciting to watch but if a team has a weakness then its the oppositions right to attack that weakness.
    The NBA should not change this rule because a handful of guys don’t have the fundamentals. If we change this rule we should also look at changing the rules in regards to mis-matches. If defensive switches would occur and a point guard gets left on an island defending a Forward who’s backing down then we might as well blow the whistle and hand the ball over because teams are always working to take advantages of weakness on the court.

  61. CPJ says:

    Play defense and you wouldn’t have to result in fouling a poor free throw shooter. A lot of you trolls don’t understand the disadvantages of someone with larger hands than a normal person. The feel is different, the trajectory needs to be adjusted because of their height. And they are damn near looking eye level at the rim. “They need to practice their craft because they’re professionals”. They DO DUMB DUMBS! These guys have been reported seen at the gyms earlier and later than everyone else on their respective teams working on their free-throws. Incentive plans to make a better percentage, and other motivating tools to help that person make those shots. Why wouldn’t a pro work on something they have a weakness at? Ask yourself that before you start spewing out beginner basketball ideologies. I can almost guarantee you if you measured the hands of big men that can shoot and compare them to the ones that struggle, you’ll see a significant difference. But seriously PLAY DEFENSE and stop playing “weak-street” ball and then we’ll be able to see some decent basketball once again! And please step y’all b-ball knowledge game up. A lot of you all sound really elementary with your comments.

    • Mike says:

      CPJ : Yet there are other tall centers and power forwards who are able to shoot free throws fine. You can’t tell me only those three players that normally get hacked are the only ones unfortunate enough to have big hands, can you?

      Point in case : Dirk Nowitzki is 7’0 tall center, who also happens to be the third best FT shooter in the league, hitting 90% of the ones he takes.

      To put thing in perspective, a fellow like Drummond isn’t just a poor free throw shooter compared to shorter/’smaller-handed’ guards and forwards. He’s the absolutely worst free throw shooter in the league, period. While he may never get to the level of a Dirk Nowitzki shooting FT’s, I do think there is room for him to approve.

  62. yurege says:

    its NBA, the best basketball organization in planet with the best players, how come that they cannot make free throws?? Free throws is part of the game, every player should practice making free throws.

    • Firebrand says:

      You know, defense is a part of the game as well. Coaches using Hack-A-? believe their players can’t play defense. The argument goes both ways.

    • afici says:

      All the ‘shoulds’ in the world aren’t going to cut it though. The reality of it is that some players CAN’T make the free throws, much as some can’t block, make 3-pointers, slamdunk or steal the ball. The big problem is that the rules aren’t working any more. Coaches have found a loophole to exploit them in a way that was never intended. What’s wrong with updating the rules to get back to the way they were originally intended?

  63. Jocko says:

    Leave the rule like it now is….to a point. After all it disrupts the rhythm of the team being fouled. Personal fouls have a limit of 6. So set a limit of 6 intentionals on the player getting fouled. After then, he gets 2 shots + possession or 3 for 2.

    • i had the same thought the problem is athletic players who are aggressive enough will get fouled >6 times per game. So you would be changing the game with a rule like that….
      It’s also very tricky to say 6 “intentional” fouls per game because this is subjective and players will find ways to get around a foul looking like it’s “intentional”.

      But i agree with you that ultimately I hope they find a solution that still allows coaches to use this tactic but only to a certain limit.

  64. Tn says:

    It should not be eliminated , just learn to make your free throws

    What if dwight or deandre suddenly can shoot 80% free throws what can you say then?

    It wouldn’t be fair so poor free throw shooters just need to learn how to shoot or other teams have the right to take advantage

  65. Ignacio says:

    It appears that the new fad is to go against a tactic that has increased and look like a genius in the process. The real cause of the hack-a-player tactic comes from the players that are not practicing the fundamentals of free throws. How hard is to make a free thrown? I make 60% and I go to the court once in two weeks. Would you hack a player with 85%?. They are being paid millions. don’t reward players for lacking fundamentals. As being said above “Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond and Houston Rockets Dwight Howard have accounted for 69% of Hack-A-Player fouls. Jordan accounts for 34%. That is 100% No need to change the rule. Make them practice. I have read that someone said “Make it an intentional foul”. How can that be possible, while allowing to all other kind of contacts a regular foul (only if seen by the umpire ?. I do not understand the logic. These guys are professionals and get paid the big bucks. If you have trouble making free throws, then practice, practice and more practice. An Idea: $5,000 fine per game to any player that missed more than 50% of free throws.

    • TR says:

      “Practice? Somebody just said practice? We’re talking about practice here… Ca’mon man, we talking about practice. Practice… Are you serious?…” LOL I had to 🙂

    • Jim says:

      The 3 combined were 69%, and 69 plus 34 would be greater than 100%. That alone should have given you pause to writing the comment without rereading that part of the article.

      Typically throughout the history of the league taller players shoot worse percentages of jumpers, with few exceptions like Bird and many modern “bigs” but these bigs are often just lanky guys like Dirk or Bosh. I agree that many of them shouldn’t be as bad as they are, but men built like shaq, Howard, deandre, etc have never been good shooters outside half a dozen feet. A good jump shooting true big is like a unicorn. Maybe they could put in more work, or maybe they already do, but nobody wants to talk about practice(yes that is an AI reference)

  66. joecomicpage says:

    I think it should be limited not eliminated. A player should only be able to commit 3 intentional fouls game and then each subsequent foul would be an additional technical foul. Think about it. It’d work. Good luck Adam.

  67. Charlie says:

    I got Isaiah to win in da skills
    Zack Lavine will win the dunk
    Curry wins three point contest
    West beats east I’m the all star game
    And USA beats the world In rising stars

  68. Ben says:

    The idea that this is ‘exploiting someones weakness’ is daft. Exploiting their weakness is fouling them when they go to shoot. Fouling them off the ball is exploiting the fact that the rules have a weakness, a weakness that needs to be fixed.

    One poster here said would you say you can’t block someone if they are short. No it’s not… it’s like saying the shot of the tall person that actually has the ball shouldn’t count because, if the short guy who didn’t have the ball was shooting, you would have blocked it.

  69. CP says:

    I agree with Stev. These guys are professionals and get paid the big bucks. If you have trouble making free throws, then practice. Free throws are a part of the game.

    • Igor says:

      Two free throws are among the oldest rules of basketball, invented when 6’7″ guy was not an athlete but a freak. Boys playing at that time were all round athletes good at just about any game, with bodies and skill sets very much alike, just like average street dog of a mixed, or rather no race. And they were not professionals. Now you have highly specialized pros with differing skill sets tailored to the advantages their particular bodies bring. This was not initially intended. Sport was supposed to prepare male persons of average stamina to effective army service in war, and was argued to improve one’s health. Now that we have what we have, is it any good? Is the (uncontested) mid to long range shooting that important for the game’s appeal? Because, obviously it is an old rule that the team which makes its free throws wins the game.

  70. Greg says:

    It is unfortunate that the commissioner deems it necessary to prohibit a team from exploiting the weakness of the other team. Should a similar rule be enacted that prohibits blocking the shot of a poor leaper, or someone short? Should a rule be set up to prohibit posting up bad defensive players? If the guy can’t make the free throw, then take him out of the game, and insert someone who can.

  71. kfoyo808 says:

    has nothing to do with being a good free throw shooter (though that would certainly help). It’s an intention foul, by letter of the rule and by common sense. Should be two shots and the ball.

    That’ll take care of Hack-A.

  72. I just don’t like when players just jump on another players back, just to slow the game down and watch no free throws happen, stupid.

  73. Peja says:

    You guys act like things don’t ever change. And usually for the better. Remember when they added the shot clock because it was a “strategy” for some of the best coach (Dean) to hold the ball? It was changed because it was slowing the game down and blah blah blah just like now. It was changed and at first the people who supported that stupid tactic were all upset. Now we can’t imagine a game without a shot clock.

    This is going to change and it will be for the better. There is no reason for this tactic besides to win. Which is fine. But this is also entertainment. We pay what we do for tickets and everything to see professionals and entertain us. At this point high scoring, faster paced games are what we look for. Silver even said this is entertainment as well. I am someone who has played and watched bball forever so I understand the sport part of all this. But this rule is old school and something of the past. Should have been taken out a long time ago. The fact that the team who intentionally fouls someone is not punished just shows how stupid this rule is anyway.

  74. MikeG says:

    Make it so you can’t intentionally foul until the team is in the bonus and then when they get to 8 or 10 fouls, give them 2 or 3 shots and the ball. This would make it not go on forever and not slow the game down too much, yet it could still be utilized as a legitimate tactic.

    • Igor says:

      There is a grain of salt in this suggestion. Why having only one step in bonus grading? Let’s make the sanctions toughen after each subsequent 3-4 fouls, to favour skill over strength, good over “physical” playing.

  75. bodjee says:

    What about the good-no-foul?

  76. unposted says:

    “We are an entertainment property”… So pretty much to heck with real adaptive strategy in a sport. Adam Silver you are scum just like the scum commissioner that came before you. Make money, to heck with the actual game of basketball. The thousands of players who didn’t make the NBA who can shoot free throws? Not making that paper for the big-wigs, not worth the discussion. Let’s change the rules of the ENTIRE GAME because 5 players stink at the charity stripe- what a joke I’m done with the NBA with Kobe- after this season. Let’s see what kind of bs the NBA cooks up in his absence to get viewer interest.

  77. Stev says:

    Gimme a break…..part of basketball is shooting a free throw. If they’re “physically unable” because of their size then I guess they arent qualified to play in the NBA, plain and simple. The NBA is supposed to be a skill game so sorry if i have little sympathy for these guys who really have no skills, theyre just huge and can dunk a lot…..that isnt skill, its called just being physically huge.

    • zxcv says:

      So they should have unathletic midgets who can shoot free throws like you on the team instead and lose 82 games a season?

  78. Mike says:

    So many ignorant people saying “learn to shoot a free throw” don’t you think at this point in their careers they wouldn’t have already tried if they were able to? Big guys are sometimes at a disadvantage with shooting, it’s in their makeup.look how hard Shaw tried all his career and still couldn’t do it, you don’t think he put effort to learn to shoot a free throw?? Common sense noobs.

    • Travis says:

      Big guys can make free throws. Marc Gasol? Karl-Anthony Towns? The problem I think with Jordan, Howard, and Drummond is that they might just be too buff to have a good stroke. Still though is that everyone elses problem? If you want to make free throws then maybe stop juicing so much and you’ll be able to do it. Plenty of bigs can shoot free throws.

  79. dlapoziomki says:

    any player that has average below 60% should be fined $1000 for each missed freethrow.
    if doc rivers can’t motivate DJ to learn making freethrows maybe paycheck will motivate him

  80. Toby Burgess says:

    Why does everyone ignore the key part of this? An intentional foul on a player who does not have the ball SHOULD be punished more harshly then fouling a player who has the ball. It’s as simple as that, there is nothing anyone can say to refute that point. It is inarguable.

  81. tsung says:

    Hack a bad FT player is hard to watch, but so is scoring drought from good defense and end game fouls to prolong the game. Ultimately, its about probability of the person making the FTs and I dont think it should be taken away from the game. However, making the freethrow line closer and closer to the hoop after a number of hack a dude, could certainly make it more interesting to watch, haha.

  82. Joost says:

    I see it differently than most people. A lot of people say it’s unfair to have special rules for people who can’t shoot free throws. And i fully agree. So why is it that when a player hits Steph Curry intentionally it’s a flagrant foul, and when they hit DeAndre Jordan it’s just a foul. Committing a foul on purpose is a flagrant foul. Period.

  83. LWS says:

    Far too many people completely miss the point about changing the rules. The problem is not players being poor free throw shooters, its that team are gaining an advantage when they should be being penalised. Fouls are an infringement of the game rules, they aren’t permitted and their occurence during a game is punished. Tactically utilising the ‘punishment’ to make gains for your team is unethical and the rules should be changed to prevent this.

    I realise basketball isn’t the only sport that involves tactical/intentional fouls, but that doesn’t make it right.

    • Mal says:

      Agree 100%, why do we r ward teams for fouling?? This is the only instance in BB in which this takes place. Plus it is a momentum killer fans and everyone else hate it.

  84. Peter says:

    This is ridiculous. 69% of “hack-a-player” fouls are on 3 guys and the solution is to change the whole game???? The blame should be on those 3 guys who lack fundamentals. If they have percentages above 60 or 70%, I can guarantee that “hack-a-player” will diminish significantly, OR, if coaches don’t want to see other teams hack Drummond, Howard or Jordan, it’s simple, replace them. The way things are going, one day they will place a quota on the number of 3 point attempts the Warriors can shoot per game in order to have more balanced matches. I will never accept structural changes because of one outlier…

  85. Alibabba says:

    I am a Huge! NBA fan. My team is the Atlanta Hawks. I absolutely despise changing that hack-a-shaq rule. I pay money and tune in on tv to be entertained by professionals. I coach at the middle school and high school levels. Those levels are Ameture levels where I understand certain mercies. I absolutely do not want mercy to be giving to any professional making an exceptional amount of money, who doesn’t care enough as a professional to get better at his craft. If the rule changes what incentive would a professional have to continue working at his craft? Please as an 25+ NBA fanatic, please do NOT CHANGE THE RULE!

    • Dan says:

      damn right about it… is a professional basketball league game where professional player plays in NBA! They are paid high value cos of their good defense.. the other high payer for good offense..The greatest defends cant shoot and the greatest shooter cant rebuild. mostly greatest shooter are shoot and defenders and much taller… hack a shot by using his heights protecting the rim! So the offensives players have to work hard to get in the rim don’t they?? mostly hurt them self. And as for Defender cant shoot… so they used hack a player tactic… I don’t see is unfair… if u removed hacka player.. u might as well removed the tall guy raising his hands up

  86. KingTugg says:

    The rule has always been there, why change it now. Is it because it is happening more frequently? It’s a coaches strategy! I guess we need to take intentional walking out of baseball and downing the football to run out the clock! STOP WINING SPORTS ROOKIES!

  87. Mz. Cool Azz says:


  88. Sometimes you guys should broaden your horizons and look at international basketball. In Europe, if you intentionally foul someone, without going for the ball, that player gets two free throws and then the team gets the ball back. Even with one free throw, this would immediately stop the Hack-A-Shaq strategy, as teams using this strategy wouldn’t get the ball after the free throw.
    It’s not a technical foul, just a common foul.
    And it’s not the same as a flagrant foul (which gets you to shoot free throws and you get the ball back).
    In Europe there are intentional fouls and flagrant fouls. (An intentional foul doesn’t have to be hard or mean, a flagrant foul usually is.)

    • Farewell for KB24 says:

      thanks, I never pay attention on Euro Basketball, that sound fairly and more entertain if just give 1 free throw and get the ball back.
      We still can see the pressure from half court defense, when the start throw the ball in again.

  89. Eddie says:

    You people saying change the rule are the kids that was terrible on sports teams in school, and now have it so every kid gets the same trophy. “Participant” Terrible idea the kids are not going to focus on free throws because they won’t need to worry about going to the line. Keep the rule and bench your sorry big man who can not make a damn free throw!!!

  90. JV says:

    Changing rules because 5 players cant hit FT. thats so stupid !

  91. Lester says:

    Make it like clear path foul. Two free-throws and the ball back. The hack a player technique will slow down dramatically

  92. Jean-Philippe says:

    I think the NBA doing something about it is insane. Even though nobody likes to see this during a game, shooting free throw is a skill. If this guys don’t want to be fouled, they should improve their free-throw shooting.

    I don’t like Harden (or put the name you like) getting so many calls and having him shooting that many free-throws. Should the NBA forbid him to attack the basket to avoid that?

    Rudy Gobert’s arms are too long and he’s altering too many shots causing low scores in games. Should the NBA tell him to let his opponent shoot more easy shots?

  93. Jeremy says:

    “This is entertainment”. No, this is a sport that fans of the sport like to watch. These players we watch are pros. Don’t change the game for 3 “pros” that refuse to work on their game. Instead, during all star weekend, have the top 5 worst FT shooters sit in the middle of the court and shoo till they make 10 Ina row. Shane them don’t reward them.

  94. Learn to shoot free throws!!!!
    Or you pay!!!

  95. ray says:

    Free throw shooting is a skill players should develop, especially when they are paid millions. I don’t really feel bad or bored watching a game with teams imploring the hacking strategy. It’s part of how the game should be played. It gives weak teams a chance to carve a way to win by taking advantage of a team’s weak link.
    But say if you want to make it less boring, why not,
    during penalty situations,
    when you foul someone without the ball, “intentionally”,
    that player should be awarded 3 free throws.. instead of two..
    that I guess would give the fouling team something to think before fouling,.
    thus giving the poor free throw shooter more chances to make his shots…
    teams would then be putting more effort to work with their bigs in capitalizing on that penalty..
    3 shots or more would really make a big difference in tight situations,..
    that I guess is a win-win solution..
    coz if we complain coz they’re not making free throws, stopping the game and making it boring..
    then in the future, we’d be making rules of limiting everyone from camping out on the 3 pt line and hauling threes all game.. which I think is also becoming boring.. there’s no more contact and physicality.. and fouls these days.. jeez.. why not line up both teams in front of the hoop and take turns on shooting the ball.. who makes the most wins.. it would save the refs and players energy and chance at injury..
    they’re making it almost an All-Star game every game.. you cant play anymore D..

  96. RC says:

    one way to remove the hack-a-shaq strategy of being used is to issue the person fouling a technical foul. At $2k a pop fine for each technical, it will add up. and 2 techs per game, player ejected. problem solved. unlikely to be implemented, but will work.

  97. Marek says:

    Let’s forbid tall players play back to the basket against small players. Silver wants game to be entertaining let’s forbid defense. There will be al lot of dunks which “fans” love. Learn to shoot free throws !!!!!!!!

  98. Andre says:

    If we must make rules to help out terrible free throw shooters and their stubborn coaches perhaps we should protect them from themselves. Suspend without pay free throw shooters at the end of each month who don’t shoot a season average of at least 55% for the first 3 road games of the month. That way they can stay home and work on free throw shooting. The suspension can reset their percentage so the next month will be considered the season average for them so gains can be made quickly.
    Better fundamental basketball for all of us to enjoy. And maybe the bad FT shooters will progress with a little direct financial incentive to help.

  99. When they changed the Rules and make low shooter benefit on it, Trust me there are going to be more and more flops happening and it will make the game even more boring. Everybody is going to flop each position so the Shooters can take Freethrows all day .

  100. Chris says:

    If the player does not have the ball and he is fouled .. then any player should be eligible to shoot the free throw …

    So if DeAndre Jordan just gets wrapped up out of nowhere. … he does not have to shoot it ….let it be like a team foul …so anyone can shoot it

    However if the ball is in his hands and he gets fouled … he should shoot …

    Almost like a foul away from the ball type thing

    • Alerao says:

      That sounds good to me. Would make more sense.

    • Scratch says:

      Like your idea a lot simple answer to solving issue

    • Fake lbj says:

      Changing the nba rules to protect deandre Jordan from free throws will not help him win a championship, he needs to come to Cleveland and play with our King Lebron and win his first ring while our king wins his third, we’d be willing to trade Carmelo Anthony, mo Williams and Anderson veranjo along with a second round draft pick so that he may come to a real team!

    • ra-v says:

      Im a big fan of just learning to shoot FTs by a pro players, but it may be a solution, really sounds fair.

  101. Tom lee says:

    Honestly, commissioner.
    I don’t think you need to accommodate every request add by the public.
    These are professional athletes that are paid in high dollars that can’t make free points given to them.
    Fans are important to the league because it’s the main source of the leagues profit, but hack-a-shaq wouldn’t cause much loss in terms of profit because hack a shaq isn’t frequently used, only in crunch times like the playoffs.
    If you get at least a veteran minumum or a rookie contract equivalent of payment as an athlete then you should be able to make the basket from the free throw line.

  102. Ben says:

    They better learn how to shoot a free throw. I mean they are paid like 20 million freaking dollars a year. 20 f*cking million. People are grinding for 100 thousand and still put more effort into their jobs. These guys’ salaries are fking incredibly stupid

  103. jeff says:

    it is not whether it is hack any player. it is quite simple. you do not have to change the rules. it is simply an intentional foul on a player off the ball. one shot plus possession.

  104. Travis says:

    I remember a 1st round playoff series between the Suns and the Spurs. The Spurs performed hack-a-shaq (on Shaq himself) in the beginning of the 1st quarter during game one, and pretty much anytime Shaq came on the court for the 4 games that followed.

    It wasn’t basketball. It was horrible. The rule should have been changed a decade ago, better to fix it now than never.

  105. GoLA says:

    The NBA should start with the draft. Any player who is not a ninety percent free throw shooter can’t join the NBA.

    All athlete develop certain aspect of there play, if one is weak in defense then they should improve there defense. If they are weak in shooting, then they should improve there shooting. It is an option to improve, if they don’t want to improve after 5 years in the league then they should not be granted special treatment. If hack a shaq is change in favor for any team, then the NBA is promoting a person to not shoot good free throws. Might as well remove any free throws and give the point to any fouled player.

    If every player shoots at 100 % then you don’t need basketball.

  106. VAL says:


  107. Jdub455 says:

    I agree it made the game slower but hopefully the propose change would not be so one sided that it protects those bums who dont want to practice on how to shoot freethrows.. jst sayin.. 😁

  108. Nick says:

    The Hacking strategy is not, “fouling the poorest free throw shooter” on a team. There are teams where everyone is a true basketball player and the “poorest” free throw shooter still shoots 70%. No one hacks anyone on those teams. It is used against the teams who have players despite supposedly be “pro basketball players” can’t make a darn free throw! Changing the rules gives a benefit to the team with the poor player. That’s BS. Coaches have the option to take out the player, don’t they? What are we going to do next give a trophy to everyone like little league?
    I’m with KD, “Learn how to make your damned free throws”. It’s sickening that these guys get paid millions and can’t make a foul shot! If an owner buys someone like that, so be it. THEY are the ones causing the Hack-a-Shaq problems, not the coaches who take advantage of poor skills!

    • Jimmy P says:

      Spot on, this is giving those who have chosen not to fix an important part of their game is rewarding them for their lack of effort to improve.

  109. dtp says:

    It’s a pity the rules of the game have to be changed to accommodate players who are too lazy to develop a very basic skill.

  110. dave says:

    Just change up the position of the rebounders for a hack-a-whoever foul. Give the advantage to the offense to get the rebound if the 2nd shot misses.

  111. Mike says:

    What I don’t see addressed here is the effect this will have on non-hack-a fouls. What about the off ball screen foul? or the fighting for position under the basket foul? Are we going to turn all of these into 2 automatic points for the 86 percent FT shooter on the team?

  112. Allow the team that is fouled the option of taking one point (allotted to the fouled player) or sending their player to the foul line. (When you think about it, most of the players who are deliberately hacked have free throw averages in the rough vicinity of 50%, which is the rationale for this proposal). This would solve most (not all) of the problems with the current rule:
    1) It would significantly reduce the amount of time wasted watching poor shooters line up their clunkers, which is the chief problem at present
    2) It would penalize the fouling team, appropriately, by ensuring they pay a price for disrupting the game in this way.
    3) It would still penalize, however, a team that has a poor free throw shooter on the floor by disrupting the flow of their offense and preventing them from getting the 2, 3, or 4 points that they might otherwise be seeking. in that way, it achieves a rough balance between the legitimate interests of the two teams.
    4) Yes, it will divide player and coach at times, as the coach decides to take the point rather than let the player shoot. Some shooters will feel humiliated by this, but after all, is it much worse than the humiliation he now feels when he throws two bricks?
    5) It would introduce a welcome element of strategy into the game—not unlike a baseball manager deciding whether to pinch hit for a weak-hitting player—whereas one of the frustrations of the current rule is the sheer helplessness that all involved feel when Hack a Player happens.

  113. james says:

    I think this is simple. the hack-a-shaq should only be allowed when the player has possession of the ball. if foul before he gets the ball, it shouldbe similar to fouling before the ball is inbound.. (2free-throw and possession). That way is a win-win. So if your center can’t shoot, he can stay on the floor and play defense but as soon as he gets the ball on offense, Hack-At-….

  114. Ron says:

    Changing the hacking rules is not “rewarding the poor free throw shooter”. It’s really just having mercy on the poor fans who have to watch the dreadful, stupid product they give you instead of basketball. I don’t tune to basketball to watch two hours of yawn inducing poor free throw shooting. Rewarding the poor free throw shooter is something entirely different. If after a legitimate, non-intentional foul on a bad free thrower with the ball you allowed someone else take the FTs then that’s rewarding them. Good players go to the line 5-10 times a game on average and even that is not that much fun to watch. The other day they sent DJ’s bad free throwing buddy to the line 34 times, not because he had attempted 34 shots, or 17 shots, but because they wanted to change the game to the equivalent of playing H.O.R.S.E. Would you want to watch that garbage? I don’t.

    • Jon says:

      This happens with 3 teams out of 30 in the league and they don’t even do it in every rockets or clippers or pistons game. Don’t act like this happens with every game all the time. It’s ridiculous how dramatic everyone is about this

    • Tucker says:

      69% of all Hack-A fouls are from three guys. Wow. Such an epidemic. When most of the Hack-A fouls are from three guys then it’s pretty obvious that most of the centers in the league hit their free throws just fine. So change the rule for three guys? Why? Make them learn to shoot free throws or they can stay on the bench. It’s a legitimate strategy and only stupid casual fans want to see the rule changed. What are they gonna do next? Make the rim wider so teams score more? I mean if this is all about sacrificing the integrity of the game for the sake of entertainment then what’s next?

  115. Ron says:

    If it is a foul away from the ball, let any player on the fouled team take the free throws. Foul on the ball handler, then the one fouled has to shoot. This will stop the ridiculous ones. If it is on the ball handler, then the team has to accept responsibility for the putting the ball in that players hands. And, they can choose when it is worth it – i.e. under the basket for a dunk or no one else is open. But, when you foul a player that is away from the ball and not involved in the play, then that is just a play stoppage and the fouling team should be punished for the cheap strategy by letting the best shooters on the fouled team shoot the free throws.
    I think that is the easiest, simplest and most effective means to combat the practice.

  116. TRUtoAtlanta says:

    Oh yeah, I remember this philosophy.
    It’s like back in the day when I would play someone who lacked the skills I did, so I would spot them points to keep it fair.
    Yeah THAT’S professional.

    • Tar says:

      Vise versa the team’s hacking lack the defensive skills to stop these teams/players that are getting hacked. Step ur defense up perhaps. Most of the hacking occurs with these 2nd units that don’t have a real player to guard a dj, Howard, Drummond.

  117. Jared says:

    I don’t think its right to change that rule..I’m just an NBA fan….stats are going to be affected…and its not fair for the old generation such as shaq and big ben.

    • Tar says:

      All this old generation stuff. And not fair

      Your the same people saying the game is soft now and doesn’t compare to what you saw as a kid ect. So it really dosnt matter, your gonna complain anyways.

  118. yd says:

    Well I would highly recommend the two options for eliminating hack-a shaq:

    1) Two free throws and possession
    2) Teams are able to select any free throw shooter

  119. ss4_goku says:

    two free throws and possession? So like a fragrant foul, but not as serious…

    Then that can give the team a 4 point turnover, or nothing…it can deter the other team from hacking, but also a risk that they may take…

    Anything more serious may turn the favour too much to the “victim” side as they won’t need to practice free-throws at all and still get rewarded…

  120. Oz says:

    Make it an intentional foul

  121. fernando says:

    there is no conceivable method that would both preserve the intensity and excitement of the game and punish poor shooters
    just leave it as is please
    don’t reward players for lacking fundamentals
    good basketball =/= globetrotter shenanigans

  122. Glen says:

    It should be interesting to see how the league adjusts to this. By caving into the pressures the league will be condoning players can forego learning one of the fundamentals of the game. The only way I can see a change going is by giving intentionally fouled free-throwers 3 attempts versus 2.

    • 40%from3 says:

      Really that’s the only change? That’s the dumbest one I’ve heard so far. Technicals or designated free throw shooters have been recommended for a long time and are clearly more logical.

      Like Doc said, you shouldn’t change the rule for one guy, but they always do (Barkley, Shaq, and Chamberlain come to mind). But instead of hacking, why don’t teams play like men and win with good ol fashioned defense?

    • LK says:

      They could change it to be the same as a clear path foul where they get 2 free throws and the ball back

      • Steve-o says:

        Please whatever you do, don’t change the rule. Steph Curry shoots long distance because he does not want his shots to be blocked by the Howards, Jordans, and Drummonds.. He practiced and honed his skills to be better at shooting from all angles on the court. But NBA does not give a short guy free throws when his shot is blocked. The big tall men should learn how to shoot free throws. it is as simple as that. NBA should not reward bad work ethics. It is entertainment when big tall guys block shots but it is not when he is missing free throws.Give us a break Mr. Silver. NO RULE CHANGE.