Report: Warriors ‘significant’ threat to sign Kevin Durant this summer

HANG TIME BIG CITY — The summer of 2016 has been looked forward to for a while by teams around the NBA. Not only will many teams around the league be flush with spending money thanks to a new television deal, but at least one marquee player will be a free agent: Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant.

While Durant, the 2014 NBA MVP, has stayed mum on his future plans, that hasn’t stopped media speculation. And a new report today from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo’s The Vertical suggests that if Durant does choose to leave Oklahoma City this summer, the leading contender to sign Durant could conceivably create something of a basketball monster.

Writes Wojnarowski

The Golden State Warriors’ plan of pursuit predates their 2015 championship run, a bold plot to declare the futility of resistance. It isn’t only that the NBA champions are determined to recruit Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant. The truth is that they’re the most intriguing destination to him. If Durant leaves the Thunder, the Warriors are the significant frontrunners to sign him, league sources told The Vertical.

The Warriors already have everything and yet they’re threatening to take more now. Steph Curry. Klay Thompson. Draymond Green. Committed ownership. Bob Myers, the executive of the year. Steve Kerr, a championship coach. Yes, Golden State has everything, including the ability to create the salary-cap space and a belief that Durant’s persona could fit seamlessly – even onto a potential two-time defending champion.

Make no mistake: Durant isn’t close to gone in Oklahoma City – no decision, no leaning, sources said – but the real threats on the summer market are beginning to reveal themselves. Durant is determined to win – to be an immediate championship contender at 27 years old – and that keeps bringing him back to the Warriors should he make the decision to leave Oklahoma City.

Outside of a Thunder championship closing down the process before July 1, there’s a strong expectation that Durant will hit the road, tour campuses and become a recruit again.

The big free agents, they’re forever living one of two things in the months leading into summer: searching for reasons to stay, or searching for reasons to leave. Durant has always been looking for reasons to stay. He adores the Oklahoma City community and holds a fondness for the franchise, but Durant is chasing championships, chasing a legacy.


  1. Kurt says:

    I agree, why he want to play second fiddle in GS? What’s with players teaming up anyway. He should go to the Lakers and be the star, bring Westbrook with him for one two combo and bring championships back to LA!

  2. Bill says:

    I hate it. Awful, horrible idea for everyone involved. Fans, the league, even the Warriors too. Why create tidal waves on an historic team? They don’t remotely need him.

  3. bgjfox says:

    K.D. won’t go to another team in the West.He would stay in Okc or go east to uh team like the Heat

  4. bodjee says:

    I don’t think KD is a good fit for the Warriors because he is not a great defender, he hasn’t shown good team offence in his game and the Warriors are not looking for scorers. On the other hand, I think he would fit well with the Kings and make them an immediate contender.

  5. Aakaash Narayanan says:

    I see him coming to golden state, but I see him go to the lakers since kobe will be retired at the end of this year.

  6. D Nix says:

    In regards to Durant going to the Warriors, I believe this would diminish parity in the league. The game and the fans need these two guys to be opponents not teammates.
    D. Nix

  7. durant to houston rockets, imagine it, ty lawson, james hardin, kevin durant, trever ariza, and dwight howard

  8. King Thib says:

    Why would KD go to GSW and be a second scoring option? Curry is a primarily shoot first PG that like to have the ball in his hands most of the time. It’s definitely still a possibility that he goes to GSW, but I personally don’t see it happening. I either see him staying with Russ in OKC or going to Washington where he would be the star of the team. And he would also have a great backcourt (if they stay healthy) with Wall and Beal.

  9. Mal says:

    Much easier path to the finals if KD goes to the Eastern Conference

  10. Sj says:

    If better go to Chicago

  11. GoMavs says:

    This team is further from broken than almost any other team in history. Why try to fix it?

  12. terreq says:

    kevin durant and russell westbrook should go to the heat they would have back to back rings. starting line up westbrook d wade kd chris bosh whitside. domination team just like the heat was in 2013-2014

  13. VS says:

    Durant will not go to a team that is winning championships without him. He wants to be the focal player of a championship team. He needs good supporting cast, ideally another elite scorer but he will look to be by far the brightest star on the team. I think he also likes a challenge, so there is no glory in going to GSW, where he might as well sit on the bench and win a championship anyway. Likely destinations: Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, perhaps even Washington or New York. Or he will stay put at OKC and help recruit reinforcements.

    • Dan The man says:

      Well said! I was thinking the same thing. This article does not make much sense to me. If you think about it, the GSW would have to make a move to keep KD happy, with Steph being a shoot first guard having the ball in his hands most of the time, and Durant playing basically the same position as Draymond Green, I don’t see this working to the team’s best interest. And if it’s not broken why fix it. Steph is up for a big contract soon and his team is gelling and is already a force to be reckon with a dynasty in the making. Why spend so much money on bringing in Kevin Durant and mess up the Chemistry (in spite of how great of a player KD may be) of the team. There are so much more to consider, Even though it would be scary if it ever happened, I just don’t see it.

  14. Angelo says:

    KD should go to miami just think about it dragic,wade,durant,bosh,whiteside

  15. Nick Meacham says:

    Everyone is talking about him moving to be on a champion caliper team, but he is on one right now. I believe he will stay in OKC. The fans want him there, and the Warriors sure don’t need him. Durant is a great, and he doesn’t need a shadow cast upon him by Curry, Westbrook and KD have adapted to playing with each other, and it seems like its working. They are 3rd in the west, and are not far from becoming second.

  16. Vega says:

    I usually don’t comment on articles, but this would be ridiculous. It will be the dumbest thing ever. A championship team, already unstoppable, why would they change their Chemistry and game? They have a beautiful offensive flow, ALL their players complement each other, have the right chess pieces at the right places making the right moves. Adding KD will disrupt their game. Look at the 2010-2011 Dallas Mavericks, a championship TEAM with only 1 superstar in Dirk Nowitzki and perfectly supporting players. After season ended, some moron decided to trade Tyson Chandler, JJ Barea, and others… team barely reached the playoffs next year. Way to go. I love KDs game, but this would not make any sense. Anyhow, I’m just another fan venting out, our comments will not even reach the air inside an NBA team executive’s office. But this is our love for basketball.

  17. jimmy says:

    kd to spurs good bye tim

  18. Sevin says:

    don’t count Orlando out there a free agent away from being elite with oladipo vucevic Gordon payton and harris. He’s said in a few interview’s he’s a fan of the magic plus hennigan was apart of okc for the longest. Just sayin

  19. pipo says:

    Durant will go to Spurs.

  20. Rule says:

    Chasing championship could be a reason going to warriors but his name will be shadowed by great stars in GsW. Champioship or stardome

  21. AXIONIST says:

    KD will go to chicago….deal with it..

  22. 3 6 K P says:

    c`mon ! He will go to NY City ! To play with a new rising star KP6 !! Its the biggest market. Loud city!

  23. Gwapings says:

    Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka to Lakers! trade Lou Williams, Nick Young, Robert Sacre and Roy Hibbert! KD, WB, SI, DR and JC to compete with Warriors small line up, CURRY,THOMPSON,GREEN,IGIUDALA AND BARNES. makes sense though.. =)

  24. DKeezy says:

    There is one thing that everybody hasn’t figured out yet… KD has had all of the individual accolades that he desired, MVP, Scoring Champ, and ect… He NEEDS a ring so that he don’t feel like Charles Barkley on the Inside the NBA table, he got the same amount of Rings as Ernie. If you did play BBall, where would you like to play? GS looks like the best place to be, they are unselfish(Westbrook) and they are clearly ready to win right now.GS has been plotting to get him for a couple years if this report is correct so he ALREADY fits the team chemistry that they are looking for. GS is made up of primarily good guys who have fun, play the game right, OH yeah and the have FUN doin it…. Im just saying, who would you play for?

  25. Oscar bball IQ man says:

    I know this is a basketball forum and should strictly focus on basketball. I’ll get to that. But one thing everyone is overlooking as to the MAIN reasons why it would make sense for Durant to even consider going to the Warriors isn’t merely about the prospect of winning a championship so much as it is about with whom. Hear me out. Steph Curry AND KD are devoted Christians and their connection goes far deeper the competitive drive each embody whilst year after year chasing after championship lure. It is about representing Jesus in a manner where people can appreciate two great role models living life for a greater cause. The powerful message that life isn’t about hoops and trophies that collect dust, but about the elusive championship within each of us where in which the real prize is having integrity, devotion to family, devotion to friends and community and most importantly, yes, here it comes, how that ultimately represents the God they serve. A living and loving and sacrificial creator. So back to my original disclaimer that I would tie basketball into this, I am simply helping you all gain a deeper perspective as to why ultimately for each of those two guys, they would galvanize a greater reach together and influence for the Kingdom and and I guarantee that for them, the prize of winning a championship is simply the cherry on top. Don’t believe me, follow them around on social media, look up their beliefs and see if I’m lying. Oh and by the way Curry has changed many of those players lives through his faith and integrity and shamelessness in Christ. Iggy, HB, Draymond, even Lee. All better men for it. That’s no coincidence. Neither will a back to back championship.

  26. Durant to Sac. Can you picture Rondo, Cousins, Durant, and Gay? Pretty nice……

  27. smokinpro says:

    LeBron could forget about winning anything after that, Warriors signing Durant…that has dynasty written all over it!!

  28. vintage says:

    durant in detroit pistons. just imagine that. he and reggie jackson can make big duo believe me

    • Kasper says:

      Why in the world would he leave Westbrook for Jackson? – You are clearly a Pistons-fan, but it’s not going to happen in a million years. Drummond FT-shooting would also make him nuts, if you read what Durant’s opinion on poor FT-shooting is.

  29. MT says:

    Why would Durant go to a team where he’d be the 2nd option? Makes no sense. Unless OKC wins the championship this year (not happening), KD will be a Laker.

    • NMQ22 says:

      I’m kinda hoping that KD goes to the Lakers.

      C – Hibbert (if retained)
      PF – Randle
      SF – Durant
      SG – Clarkson
      PG – Russell

      Looks intriguing. Of course I’m hoping for the Lakers to get the 1st pick to draft Simmons and it’ll be a different picture altogether. If not, Durant stays put in OKC.

    • Awzo says:

      Yea true

  30. esboa says:

    Harden back to OKC AND step up defence

    not gonna happen (not both at same time anyway)

  31. BK says:

    Warriors can clear deck for KD. Barnes will be free agent.

  32. Ian says:

    Durant to the celtics ! Lol

  33. JCP says:

    KD to LA Lakers!!!

  34. Lakers@Manila says:

    KD and RW will be a LAKER and that’s 100%..

  35. Lakers@Manila says:

    It’s definite that KD and RW will go to high marker LAKERS.. No ifs, no butts.. Period..

  36. maran747 says:

    The Decision Part II

  37. Ronnie says:

    Warrior already championship caliber team and on their way of a highly chance final repeat. I don’t understand why would they recruit kd and have a change in roster line up which sometimes loaded of individual talents is a bad thing. Just recall LA elite team lost to pistons with shag,bryant,george,malone,and peyton.

  38. 6rise says:

    If he wants to win he should choose Raptors/Toronto… Lowry 1 Derozen 2 Durant 3 will put those three and whoever else is along for the ride in similar contention as the Warriors, Spurs and Cavs… If a chance to win is what he’s after… If he goes to Golden State… boring… at least help out buddy LeBron in Cleveland or go home to Washington or just stay in OKC… Riding the back of the Warriors’ three all stars (not to mention Iggy) is looking for an easy championship, not just an easier path..

  39. Could not imagine KD coming off the bench as sixth man for the Warriors. That would be insanity for the rest of the league. The Warriors should have a perfect record winning by an average margin of 50 points per game. I would be surprised if the NBA commissioner would allow this trade.

    • failedsaints says:

      No chance in hell he would be coming off the bench. They would unload Harrison Barnes. He would be going as a free agent. It’s not in the commissioner’s power to override anything as long as it’s legal within the collective bargaining agreement between the owners and players unions.

  40. Jeff says:

    This report IS A NON REPORT. All speculation, no truth, no one has talked to KD, and KD hasn’t made an public speculation (be stupid if he did). It’s all a load of you know what!

  41. slantish says:

    Durant to the Raptors! 100% baby!

  42. slantish says:

    Durant is going to the Raptors.

  43. Gregory says:

    I think KD will consider the Warriors as an option, he’d be foolish not to listen to a Warriors pitch during free agency. Durant will most certainly test the market, not only to gauge his worth but also to look for the best fit for his talents on a team that will contend for a Championship. There will be lot of player movement this coming off season due to the rise in the salary cap. That could create situations on a few teams who aren’t contenders this season. The Heat, Hawks and Kings may all be interesting teams with the addition of Durant.

  44. Jon says:

    I agree with the sentiments below. I hope the Warriors don’t pursue KD. Show faith in the current roster. They are 44 and 4 playing pretty average basketball at times, while navigating injuries (albeit relatively minor). Harrison Barnes is on the verge of emerging into a star – he’s in a similar position to Klay and Draymond 2 years back. Andrew Bogut has been one of their most important players for a number of years, and is still a catalyst in key moments and criminally underrated by most pundits. The current fixation with “small ball” basketball is overemphasized. The warriors have had the strongest starting 5 in the league for some time, even under Jackson. While their bench is deep, they aren’t quite as seamless as a team like the Spurs. Maybe KD could change that, but he is not a bench player.

    I don’t mean to insult KD. The man will be a first ballot HOFr and will be pushing Kareem in points scored when his career is all said and done. I think he’d be better off staying in OKC. They are so close to being a legitimate powerhouse it’s not funny. Iblockya, WB and spiderman are one of the best 3-man tandems in the comp. They have a solid rotation. No one can beat the Warriors by trying to imitate them. Just do you better. Maybe OKC need to make some ballsy changes elsewhere – like poaching a better coach. Maybe KD should take a pay cut so they can go after Harden again. Still need to sure up the defensive end somehow though.

    • Hugo Salvado says:

      Best comment and insights.

      I would add one thing: could a team live up to the expectation of being a 2-time champion (with a stable roster personality) and adding an All-Star starter to the mix?
      IMHO, the wisdom that Steve Kerr (and the whole franchise) has demonstrated points elsewhere, namely to developing Harrison Barnes into his full potential.

      Thank you, once again.

      P.S.: with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli close to retirement (and creating salary cap), wouldn’t you see Kevin Durant joining Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge on the Spurs, under Pop’s guidance? I, for one, would love to see that happen.

  45. I think both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will end up being in Lakerland and Scotty Brooks will be the new coach. Wala!

  46. NBA2231 says:

    Honestly I’d rather see KD In Washington.. Warriors obviously doesn’t need annother superstar

  47. trueHEATfan says:

    I love to see how many bandwagon Curry/Warriors fans there are nowadays. It reminds me of how the Heat get LeBron and and his fans then when he leaves Miami, the fans left with him. Let me ask you this. Where were you Warriors fans back when Stephen stayed injured and Monta Ellis was having to carry the squad night in and night out? Yeah exactly you were not a fan then, because they were a 30 win team .

    In my opinion, as tempting as it sounds to pick up a dynamic scorer like KD, The Warriors risk Messing with the chemistry one of the best teams ever.
    Anyways , in Pat we trust and I hate to break it to ya’ll but KD is much more likely to bring his talents to South Beach as LeBron once did. He won’t be play second fiddle over here. Unlike Kobe, Wade and Bosh understand that Winning takes sacrifice.

    • askalako says:

      Wrong. You obviously do not watch GSW games, otherwise you would have seen that fans have been attending games at the Oakland Coliseum whether they were a 30 win team or a 50 win team. For 10 years they’ve been averaging more than 90% attendance at the arena. Sure, tickets have quadrupled since they started winning but the fans have always been there. Even during the early days of Antawn Jamison, Gilbert Arenas, and Jason Richardson, you could expect the arena to be at least 85% full.

      I’ve been watching in Oakland arena since the late 90’s so I can personally attest to this, but you can easily find attendance reports online instead of being lazy and making up stuff. Besides the Bulls and the Lakers, they are one of the teams which have a very loyal fan base.

  48. Mr. Clutch says:

    It’s really funny to read some people saying Durant might go to portland… Are you serious? he’s only leaving OKC for someplace with a stronger possibility of winning the ring, or at least a big franchise with a big market like New York or L.A

  49. Antwan says:

    Man y’all believe this bs he is not going to no golden state warriors I put my soul on that first of he is a scorer that wants to be the greatest of all time . That why he wants to leave Duh and go play with John wall or a rondo or something he’s not going to play with no three other stars no

  50. tigerblood says:

    I feel bad for all the okc fans and the warriors fans, If you so called nba fans know anything about the league and the players in it you would understand there is a common trend going on. This trend involves going home. If he is planing on going anywhere its going to be DC boy. so for all the comments above just ignore them if possible and try to understand the politics behind the individual player and not the teams who can potentially afford him. If he wants to go home, DC will make it happen, don’t forget you heard it first here on comments thank you!

    yours truly,

    • Are you out of your mind? Where is the evidence for this “Going Home” trend you speak of? Lebron heading back to Cleveland?

      He was never going to stay with the Heat, for every ring he won with the Heat D. Wade would always be one up on him (and Lebron had to know that the Heat were loyal to Wade – granted I’m surprised Lebron was even capable of recognizing loyalty when faced with it). He got what he wanted, and left town.

      Is it Deron Williams you speak of? Because while his time “going home” to Dallas has been far better than the time he spent in Crooklyn (lol – typo, but I think it’s fitting), it’s not like he signed there to get a ring, or even to “go home”.

      The league is inundated with foreign-born players, do you see them leaving to “go home”? Obviously not. You’re delusional if you think there’s a trend towards players leaving viable situations to go play in, or near, their hometowns.

  51. Mike W says:

    Yeah the warriors have the best team chemistry in the NBA (look at their record), but who wouldn’t want KD on their team? but also to argue against it, KD needs to go to a team like the Blazers or Kings, even the Lakers where they have rookies and sophomoreswho will be great players in the future. The warriors have enough scorers and Harrison barnes plays better defense than Durant. No sense in having 3 all star scorers on 1 team. then players get unhappy with their decreased usage and leave to go to another team where they are the #1 scoring option anyways. so the warriors need to keep their core players they have now because they’ve done just fine with them.

  52. Alan Hollway says:

    Well just imagine this scenario. West joined the Spurs this year on less salary in order to win a championship, now imagine this. Duncan, Ginobli and Parker all retire this year which for Duncan and Ginobli is a foregone conclusion, Parker with one year left on a contract could conceivably go as well and if West joined the Spurs to win a championship why not Durant., It would mean that the spurs big three would be Durant, Aldridge and Leonard – certain championship there. Let Leonard play as a big point guard mixing it with Mills, now that makes a team of champions.

  53. Agosti says:

    That would be a very stupid thing to do …
    why do u want to mess with the great chemistry that exists in a complete team …

    GS is the best team and can continue to win championships with DURANT for a very long time ….

    That would be a horrible mistake …!!!

  54. Dcon says:

    Durant to the jazz would be so amazing…it wont happen, but a lineup of Exum, Hayward, Durant, Favors, Gobert is phenomenal. Add in Hood, Burks and Lyles off the bench and that is a tough out for any team. It won’t ever happen, however I think the Jazz, Minnesota, and maybe Orlando make the best long-term sense for Durant if he were to leave. They already have pieces in place to compete right away and they’re young enough to be viable in the future. The Warriors, Spurs and Cavs are too ingrained in their current roster and they shouldn’t alter it right now because they’re all contenders. Though help us if Durant joins one of those three teams. OKC makes sense for Durant to stay, however if Westbrook is going to leave, why would Durant stay?

    Having said that, any team Durant goes to becomes a contender. He is just that good. I personally hope he stays in OKC because I am old-school in that I like franchise players to stay on the team they were drafted by. All in all it should be a wild summer!

  55. Ben says:

    He should go to the Heat. Twin Towers of KD and Bosh would be nasty and the other pieces are in place.

    P.S. I’m a Timberwolves fan, so I don’t have a horse in the race. That’s just what I’d like to see.

  56. Thomas Webber says:

    The stupidest thing I’ve heard all day! No way

  57. Nico Gonzales says:

    Go to Dallas KD! hahaha

  58. CT says:

    What BO said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  59. peckmedia says:

    Why would GSW want to trade for KD when they’re already a championship team and currently travelling along nicely at 44-4? It makes no sense at all!!!

    I’d like to see KD move to Boston along with Ben Simmons in this years draft. Go Celts.

  60. Well, he can forget his gaudy stats and status as The Man if he goes to GSW, plus the commish could block the move in the interest of competitive balance just as David Stern did when Chris Paul was being shopped to a then-strong Lakers team years ago.

  61. tdawg says:

    He has no reason to leave he has westbrook. A team if in a year or two could possibly be better than golden state given if they can get the chemistry down but the thunder are just as stacked as the warriors just don’t have the team chemistry the warriors have. He has it all in Okc no reason to leave.

    • J says:

      Sounds like the Thunder have been saying we just need to get our Chemistry down for the past five years, facts are facts their time is up if they don’t win this year.

    • rp says:

      I think Westbrook will leave next year to go to the Lakers so he can be home AND the main star attraction. Wouldn’t bother me a bit for Durant to stay in OKC without him…they would be better off in the long run if they could find a replacement less worried about individual stats and more concerned with winning a championship. Though their chemistry seems to be working on the surface it’s not getting them anywhere and Durant is too good a player to never win a championship. Wherever he goes I will be a fan. He’s the only reason I watch the NBA…so all you people who talk about “bandwagon” fans of a team need to understand that there are a lot of fans of individual players. Wherever they go.

  62. Mike says:

    Warriors don’t need KD. I think he’ll just slow them down. Plus Harrison Barnes is younger and getting better every year, Barnes defense better too. I’m a Warriors fan and what I prefer them to do is keep there core players maybe add a couple more significant role players (not saying they don’t have them already) but most definitely get a big man in there middle to defend the paint, rebound and of course run the floor.

    • Blaine says:

      Did you really start off by saying that Kevin durant would slow them down? Have you no knowledge of the NBA? Kevin Durant? Have you mistaken him for somebody else? My goodness the foolishness in your post literally made me make my first comment ever.

  63. iplayer says:

    I think he will be a blazers next year. Portland has a lot of money and young proven talent.

  64. Angel 507 says:

    As a Warriors fan, I don’t want KD. Harrison Barnes has been an amazing player, I think he (HB) defends better than KD. Besides HB is younger, if golden state gets KD, he would be an all star level for maybe 3-4 years, however HB is getting better each year and he is just 23-24. I think he could have been an all star this year if he didn’t sprained ankle, because he had an amazing starting season. And obviously chemistry, they have been playing for many years and they like to play with each other.

  65. Alex Rud says:

    Two time defending champions ? Are you from the future or something.

  66. Mike Logan says:

    I do think the Warriors might be at the top of his list BUT it would not work. They are face paced and guard orientated and they already have well developed *young* players. I think the team everyone is over looking and the team that will have the money to lure him might be the Blazers. He would be a perfect fit for a team that runs a half court offense and has an already established strong back court (Lillard, McCollum and Crabbe). The Blazers have also developed nicely this year…way better then what everybody thought and add Durant to the mix and you would have a top contender back in Portland. The Blazers bench has been fantastic this year and the guard play phenemonal. Plumlee at Center has done a very good job but the Blazers are very weak at forward/power forward position. This would fill it out nicely. Food for thought my friends…nobody thought Pippen would go to Portland!!!!

  67. Johnny Manziel says:

    You little girls are crying over what? that Durant can go to GSW? So youre pissed off because this is the first time yall seen this? Hello? Look at Lamarcus Aldridge to Spurs? LeBron and Bosh to Miami? KG & Ray Allen to Boston? Keep on hating.

  68. Chuck says:

    Where is this speculation coming from? Why would the only person who might know not saying anything while his team is still a real threat to win it all? What if Curry or Green get injured? What if KD and Russell agree to join Porzingis who might be the best player in the league in two yearS? What if KD decides after the Celtics get Ben Simmons to go to Beantown?

    • Laker man says:

      As a Laker fan, i would love him to come to L.A. but i feel the GSW have a better team than we had when they blocked CP3 from coming so how the Hell would it be fair to allow KD AND STEPH CURRY to be on the same team when they wouldn’t let CP3 play with Kobe! I for one think somebody else should get him out of fairness! They hated on us cause we had 16 rings so hate on GS and don’t allow that trade

  69. dd def says:

    if that were to happen, the league would be broken, and there would be absolutely no reason to watch the sport at the professional level. if that happens, i vote the league just become four teams, 2 in the west 2 in the east, each team being more or less an allstar team and then drop the pretense.

  70. blake says:

    If durant goes to the warriors this summer then basketball will be unfair… basically 3 super stars on one team come on now… thats bs

    • Laker man says:

      As a Laker fan, i would love him to come to L.A. but i feel the GSW have a better team than we had when they blocked CP3 from coming so how the Hell would it be fair to allow KD AND STEPH CURRY to be on the same team when they wouldn’t let CP3 play with Kobe! I for one think somebody else should get him out of fairness! They hated on us cause we had 16 rings so hate on GS and don’t allow that trade

  71. TK says:

    Ugh. As a Warriors fan, I don’t want KD. Free-flowing, high paced offence is what makes the Warriors thrive, we don’t need a guy going iso every possession to slow things down.

    • rp says:

      Obviously you don’t watch the Thunder and Durant play very often. Sounds like you’re afraid Curry wouldn’t get to shine as brightly.

  72. Bo says:

    No way that would work. Two words INTGANIBLES &CHEMISTRY. That team was already in the making before they won last year. By the way, when none of the so called experts thought they would win it last year. They have something beyond big names. Something we don’t see. Besides Durant is fragile. If they give those role players away and he gets hurt they would fall back to earth. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.